Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday= Cheater's Editon

Okay, so this week I've cheated.
This is actually a photo of the cool little tee shirt/ sweater combo that I wore last Thursday.
Today, I'm wearing one of my "uniform" outfits because I had to be a work at 7:00 a.m. On those days it is best not to try to use my brain that early in the morning and just put on what ever is nearby, clean and matching. So I am falling back on a pic of a cute outfit that I took for occasions such as this. Sue me.
I got this great little sweater at Old Navy sometime last year. It was embellished with these cute little ribbon rosettes.  When I went to pull it out of the drawer on Thursday, it was caught on one of the rosettes, so as I pulled, it wound up snatching one of my rosettes clean off! 
Not only did it rip off the rosette, it left a gaping HOLE in it's place! So much for doing without it. (frown) I did not have time to fish the stupid thing out from under the dresser (because that is where things go that spill over the back of the damned drawers) or to sew it back on. 
But some quick thinking, and a matching tee shirt made this broach the perfect accessory!

I threw on my good ol' standbyes (read "black pants") and I was out the door with minimal hassle.
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