Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Sorry....Another bathroom picture. I swear I'm gonna find someone here this early to help me out.


I love this little dress and when it wears out, I'm gonna be reeeeeeally sad.

I got it for $30 at the Southern Women's Show about 2 years ago. The girl that was wearing it in the booth had paired it with leggings and black cowboy boots.

I can't find my black cowboy boots. =(

So I paired it with tights and these great high heeled boots I scored at Cato (because, they carry the dreated SIZE 11) and two great necklaces that my boss has given me over the course of 2 holidays.

Kinda eclectic and fun and makes me feel hip. The white design down the middle draws the attention forward and the black space creates the illusion that I may have a waist.

Definately a wardrobe favorite.

Happy Wednesday y'all!


pleated poppy

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