Saturday, January 31, 2009

Who'd have thunk it...?!

Well I may finally get published in a major national magazine...but not for my, I will be published in a section none of my family or freinds will be able to believe.

I will be published for something I cook.

More specifically, one of my "lazy day" recipes, a throw-it-together pasta bake that me and my kids make.

I once was an avid reader. Now, my life is so busy and complicated, that all I have time for is an ocassional magazine.

I grew up reading everything I could get my hands on, which included whatever magazines were laying around the house. My mother routinely purchased "Reader's Digest," "Family Circle," and "Woman's Day," so naturally, those are among my favorites. In college I became a fan of a magazine called "First for Women" and most recently, a new magazine called "All You."

Now that everyone has a website (even R.D.!) , naturally I decided to check them out, where I learned about what's known as a "reader's panel." Each magazine wants to learn about it's readers, so they invite them to join the reader's panel, where they periodically answer surveys, share opinions and ocassionally get free samples (score!) They typically keep in contact by email.

I read the emails, but rarely feel I have something to contribute....until an email last week from "All You" had a question for which I actually had an answer!

What's your favorite "emergency" no-shop weeknight dinner -- the one you make with ingredients from your pantry/freezer?

So I clicked the corresponding link and wrote about our pasta bake, made from staples I keep in my pantry...pasta, spaghetti sauce from a jar, shredded cheese and whatever meat I may have on hand. It's quick and easy, I don't have to think about it, and my family loves it. We eat it at least once a week.

Two days later, I recieve an email that they loved the recipe and are considering it for publication! They even asked for a headshot to publish with it!

Who'd have thunk it..?!