Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding

After month's of planning, we finally pulled it off. My best friend's wedding.

Finding the perfect dress...

picking the flowers, the favors, and the cake!

It was absolutely beautiful, despite the torential rain storm 20 minutes before the ceremony, and the bride-to-be/partner in crime/voice of reason/best friend was nothing short of breath-taking. As Honor Attendant Numero Uno (I despise "matron" of honor...makes me sound really old, this title sounds much more fun, doncha think?) I didn't look so bad myself.

The resourceful bride planned and executed the whole event herself, with a little help from me and her mom, and saved some money buy making use of her creative, artistic talents.

I would have to say the most ingenius of our planning was turning this $5 thift store find (formerly a ladies size 16 tea length frock)

into a perfect ankle length flower girl dress,complete with straps made from the surplus fabric.

Mom was in charge of the flower arranging, with the exception of the bouquets, and the rented arch behind us, that the bride had purchased the lights, flowers and greenery to cover herself. There were some heated discussions as to who's vision of wedding decour should be followed ( I thought I was going to need a striped shirt before it was over!) but I am happy to say that the resulting arrangements were quite lovely.

We spent most of Friday and Saturday decorating and fetching and complaining (and shedding a tear or two). The arch had consumed most of our decorating time, causing the bride to have a minor meltdown, when it was discovered that dear old mom had used the greenery we had purchased to cover it in the other arrangements.

I am a list maker. I like to make lists of things to be done, and then check them off as I do them so that there is no question what is done and what is left. Usually, the bride is too. Why we deviated from our usual list-making practice, I do not know. All I know, had it not been for a wedding cake illustration on the balloons I tied to the sign post marking the turn to the church, we'd had all almost forgotten to pick up the bride's cake!

Tigger got to get in date number two with the lovely Miss Mary Mac (aka Honor Attendant #2). Both were more than pleased to pose for this picture.

Everyone looked lovely!

It had been a very popular Saturday to get married. At the same time, my cousin was getting married in a posh affair (12 bridesmaids...no kidding!) that ended in a swanky country club reception. My grandmother provided me with snapshots and details of what I had missed. She breathlessly estimated what the bride's family must surely have spent. I have to say, while it sounded impressive, I was much more impressed with the simple, elegant affair I had helped to arrange.
When it boils down to it, both couples are just as "married" as the other.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Tigger made it through his first date. Whew! Glad that's over.

His date, I will call "Miss Mary Mac," a young lady I've known since she was just a twinkle in her father's eye. She and Tigger met when they were very young and they've been friends for many years now. As I mentioned in my previous post, they share many common interests and have a very close bond. This date is a recent plot twist in their friendship.

Having know me all of her life, Miss Mary Mac was not at all surprised when I asked for a photo to document this momentous occasion. It looks pretty much like all other photos I've taken of them over the years.

Despite having me tagging along to chaperone (or course, someone did have to drive), we had a great time last night watching "Despicable Me."

3D entertainment has come a long way. Aside from "Avatar," the last 3D movie I saw was "Friday the Thirteenth 3D." It also costs much more. If I'd known they were going to charge $4 more, I'd have kept the little glasses.

The bad thing about movie theatres is they reeeeeaaaaalllllllllllly like their popcorn and sodas. On the other hand, the good thing about movie theatres is that their idea of "medium" is a 44 oz soda.

Tigger is definately going to need to find himself a job if he wants to continue dating. I think we are going to try for a matinee next time.

The movie was really cute. A real family friendly story, emphasizing everyone's need for family acceptance and togetherness. Steve Carrell has a great Russian accent and the unmistakable voice of Russel Brand provides some really funny moments. After seeing Russell's comedy act, and more of him than I ever cared to see in "Forgettng Sarah Marshall," I'm really surprised to see he's involved in more wholesome pursuits.
The movie, surprisingly enough, starts out with "Sweet Home Alabama," something that is ALWAYS sure to get a whoop out of any crowd in Alabama (it is, after all, our "oh-ficial anthem.") I don't want to spoil the plot, so I will let you see the rest for yourself.
It is a definate "buy" when it comes out on dvd.

After the movie, we found ourselves in a familar place, on Miss Mary Mac's couch, watching "Mythbusters."

Nice to see things are back to normal.