Friday, February 20, 2015

Will Wonders Never Cease

I can't believe that I am going to admit this, but I am looking forward to seeing the "Aquaman" movie.

Being a comic book junkie from way back, I have eagerly anticipated all superhero movies (and in some cases been sorely disappointed ...i.e. The Hulk)  but Aquaman was never on my radar.

Until NOW.

I will definitely be seeing THIS one!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

On This Date In History....

24 years ago today I started the job that would become my career.

This was taken my first day for our company photo gallery.  23 years old. Fresh faced and eager.
And 120 pounds.

A lot has changed in this 24 years. Now I am older, wiser ( a little jaded) and I am definitely not 120 pounds.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snowmageddon 2015.....NOT

Well we prepared for yet another "Snowmageddon 2015"  but thankfully, it was not to be.

There IS power in prayer!


Monday, February 16, 2015

Taking This One Off My Bucket List

I told you back in, what, 2008 maybe, that I was developing a Bucket List.  I also mentioned that it would be an evolving list.

Well, here is one item that I will be removing.

Running With The Bulls

It seems that a 20 year old Georgia college student has made international news after being gored by a bull he was running with in Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain.

The pictures (that you can see here)  tell the story, so much more adeptly than I can.  WARNING! EXTREMELY GRAPHIC

As the mother of three 20-somthings now, I can only hope that my own children are either A) smarter or B) more athletically inclined.

Sending up prayers for this young man, as he has a very long road to recovery.


Saturday, February 14, 2015

It's Valentine's Day...woo hoo...

Okay, so today was Valentine's Day. Woo Hoo

As several of my other single friends have pointed out, today is also Single Awareness Day, because nothing shines a spotlight more on being uncoupled than Valentine's Day.

In celebration of Single Awareness Day, I had brunch with my favorite fellow uncoupled male friend W.  I wanted Waffle House, which he thought was funny, but he was game, so we went. I am economically minded and practical, which I am sure that he appreciated.

I had my usual Hashbrowns-All-the-Way while he had an omelet.

We had a great meal, and even better conversation. Every now and then, we just need a good gripe session. Given my profession, I have proved to be a pretty good listener. We have similar points fo view.  He lamented over how stressful his job had suddenly become, and how he was being stretched too thin. He gave me the low down on the new "American Sniper" movie he had seen recently.  Everything was great with the notable exception of the waitress pestering us constantly.

In the interest of pampering my favorite person (ME) on Valentine's Day  got myself some (inexpensive) flowers and a box of chocolates.

And then the mail lady delivered the last of my Valentine gifts to myself, this awesome and descriptive t-shirt.

Hey...I'm a Southern girl, armed and fabulous, judgments okay?
I spent the rest of the day watching my newest cache of DVD's with the main male in my life, JB.  He  lounged happily by my side for the whole day as I watched movies and washed clothes.
All and all, I'd say it was a pretty good holiday.
After all, I spent it with the most important person in my life
~I hope everyone else En JOY ed theirs

Friday, February 13, 2015

It's All About That Bass

So I made good on my promise to buy Meghan Trainor's new cd (though not on the day it dropped. ) I wound up making it a Valentine's present to myself. .

It is pretty good and exactly what was expected, A lot of positive, feel goodisms about self-esteem, respect and being worthy of more than a liar and cheat, a few colorful words, some pretty good double entendres, all wrapped up in some catchy doo-wop tunes.

The surprising thing is that all the songs are as good, and equally as catchy as All About That Bass. Ms Trainor's heliumesque rap style mixed with classic doo-wop melodies is a fresh and easy to follow.  And surprisingly each song is different from the  one before it.

A particular favorite is "Dear Future Husband," "Title" and "What if I"

Credits on the label credit Trainor and various other writers.

Definitely a toe-tapper with a solid message.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Only Two More Shopping Days Until Valentine's Day

On my way home last night, I had to stop into a local Wallyworld to pick up some last minute items. The whole place was awash in pinks and red. Flowers bouquets, candy hearts and a stuffed menagerie that would make Barnum and Baily jealous.

The store was rather calm, but I know that in a mere 24 hours the place will be a mad house.

I have carefully shopped over the last day or so in order to avoid being in any store on the final 48 hours until Valentine's Day.

I used to love Valentine's Day with it's sugary sweet confections and flowers and fluff. And for all his shortcomings,  D/H  always made a big deal of it too. I was always guaranteed a gitf on Valentine's Day.  My very first gift the year we started dating was a gold necklace and bracelet set with "I (heart) YOU" stamped along the chain. I only had been seing him, maybe three weeks, After our second year of marriage, the gifts suddently stopped, so eventually Valentine's was the ONLY gift that I got each year (not even one on our anniversary) so I came to look forward to it.  Simply because that one day it seemed like he cared for someone other than himself.

We were disccusing Valentine flowers just yesterday when the Boss said that she wanted something "useful" instead.  That got me thinking about why I enjoyed the flowers so much.

Yes, I know, they were temporary. But what grander gesture is there than to spend money on a fleeting bit of splendor, just for the one that you love.

Okay, okay, I know....that is not very practical. I enjoy a good practical gift too.  But practical gifts are for Christmas and your birthday. Or maybe Mother's Day.

Like I said, I had grown accustomed to D/H sending me flowers on Valentine's Day. But as I looked over the sea of roses in this Wallyworld's produce department, it dawned on me, He never had to spend a great deal of money and have FTD deliver them. He could have just as easily picked up one of these $5 bouquets and BROUGHT them to my office, a mere 10 minutes away from his. I would have much rather had that.  But as my BFF Cyn pointed out, he was always more about making himself look good than actually making the effort to be good.  Indeed.

Ladies here in my office are excitedly talking about the  "50 Shades" movie, All those who read it are excitedly making plans to go see it this weekend, I have not heard this type of excitement since "Magic Mike" That will drive up box office sales of  what is at best, a mediocre movie.

I will be happy with my comfy couch and the ever growing DVD collection. W has already suggested crashing my little shindig, since he doesn't have his children.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

It's Gotta Get Better From Here...

Today has started out as one of "those days"

I woke up 30 minutes late

I am wearing my last clean pair of underwear, the one where the elastic does not quite remember what it's job is, that I save for those emergencies like forgetting to do whites on Saturday.

I poked myself in the eye with my necklace (don't ask)

I did't have enough time to get gas on the way in

The new "curl enhancing" styling spray has made my hair look like an homage to the Geri Curl, only crunchier.

The kick-off hour of the Rick and Bubba Show had technical difficulties, therefore I was subjected to music.  Now I am depressed in that "there's a tear in my beer" kinda way. That, in and of itself. is enough to throw my whole day out of whack.

I spend ten minutes trying to unlock my office door, only to discover that it was already unlocked to begin with.

And it is only Wednesay of what seems to be the longest week ever.

Really, it's gotta get better from here...

"Mr. Blue Sky" - Electric Light Orchestra 1978
Out of the Blue - Jet Records
(It's one of my favorite "feel good" judgements okay?~)


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week Of Love...Well That Is What Rick and Bubba Are Calling It

So this is the "week of love." Or at least that is what Rick and Bubba call the week in which Valentine's Day falls.  That is THIS SATURDAY for all you procrastinators.

Usually this week is spent on rating the top love songs of all times, gleaning ideas for creative Valentine's Day gifts for their wives, and playing match-maker, usually between the college-aged interns.

And, on occasion, they will discuss ways that listeners can enrich their own marital lives.

Today, this article on Facebook caught my eye.  It is a list of 10 Ugly Things AWFUL HUSBANDS Do To Their Wives.

 It is no secret, I had an AWFUL HUSBAND and it comes as no surprise that he was guilty of EVERY SINGLE ITEM  on this list.  And given my discussion with Ex Wife Number One, he was guilty of all of them in their marriage too.  Sadly, this is an established habit that will continue to repeat itself.  Though not exactly a Proverbs 31 wife, I had come closer than EWNO, and for nearly three times as long. But I was probably most hurt. I was working to build a life with someone who didn't appreciate anything that I did.

 I could not overcome his issues that were surely formed at a very young age. Just like Tigger and Kit-Kat, D/H's biological mother walked out on him when he was five.  She then went on to a string of short-term marriages (6 now at last count), some of which were abusive. Rather than learning that one must work on thier relationships, she chose the less fulfilling hedonistic part of relationships, and walked when it no longer "felt good." On to the next one.

 John Croyle, a well respected child advocate there in my state, says that a child learns where they stand with a parent by the time they are six.  So despite being raised most of his life with a loving, Christian step-mother, the damage was already done and it manifested itself if the way he treated the women in his life. They were good for the "honeymoon" stage, where it is all sunshine and rainbows.  but when it came time to work, he was ready to move on. Until he learns that ALL relationships eventually require work, namely compromise and sacrifice, he will wind up just like her, bouncing from relationship to relationship.

So, in the interest of nuturing relatonships, please remember, it is not always going to be sunshine and roses. There will be times when you must carry one another. Sometimes you must both crawl. But the point is to get where you are going together.

Read Nurturing Marriage HERE