Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tigger 's First Date

Tonight is a milestone. My son has his very first date!

Both of us are very nervous (Mom nerves, who knew?!), despite the date being with one of his long time friends.

I had the chance to speak to him at length about how he sould behave on the date. Since he and the girl have been friends since they were little, the whole awkward, getting-to-know-you phase is long over. They share many common interests, and are comfortable talking, or just hanging out, sketching and saying nothing, But his desire to make a good impression on this date, has him overthinking it. I told him to be himself, but add a little chivalry, like opening doors and pulling back her chair.

We are currently coordinating parent schedules and movie times. I, of course, get to be the driver, as both are just a few months shy of getting their own driver's licenses.

This experience has been very different for me from when my girls started dating. I was a little more prepared for the day Julz asked to go to a school dance with the boy up the street. I'll never forget how he introduced himself, extending his hand for a shake. I was a little less prepared for the announcement a few months back that Kit-Kat, now 15, had met a boy at a skating party. But after meeting his parents, who share the chaufering duties with us, I breathe a little easier.

But my son seems to have hold of a different heart string. Boys are supposed to be tough and not let things get to them, But I know my son is tender-hearted and I'm a little worried.

More to follow...