Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday: After Christmas Edition

You know that I hate "bathroom" pictures, but I had to snap one to get this outfit in today.

It's a simple black and grey number that is a slight variation to "the uniform."

The shrug sweater was an end-of-season find at, where else, Cato for just $8.99

The tiered snow-leopard tank was clearance at New York and Company for $9.99

Paired with my favorite black pants and black clogs, it's a simple throw-on-and-be-comfortable outfit for the day after Christmas at work. a very rare move, I have abandoned my hairdo de jour (the low pony tail) and left it down. It's kinda making me crazy, so I hope I have a ponytail holder somewhere in my bag.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Welcome New Reader Hanna!

I always get excited to see when I have new readers!  So I give them a little shout-out.

WELCOME HANNA!!  Check out her blog at !

If I ever get "too big for my britches" (as Southern coloquialism for "snooty") and don't welcome my new readers, somebody please call me on it.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday 12/12/12

Wow! I haven't posted in a while! We've just been so busy here at work.

But I thought I would take time to post a What I Wore Wednesday because I feel like I look pretty good today!

This is my Banana Republic Outlet last-one-on-sale-just-happens-to-be-in-my-size-and-bonus-it's-only-$20-dress and my new boots.

One of my friends has told me these are actually "fat calf" boots, a problem that I don't seem to have. I do have gargantuan feet, so I guess the manufacterer thought I might need both. Whatever. Hopefully a good shoe shop can help me out with the wide legs.

Not sure when I will get to post again, so just in case....Merry Christmas y'all!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote 2012

 Proof that I fulfilled my civic duty!

The Line at 20 minutes to 7:00! We thought we were being smart by going early

Tigger, in line to vote for the very first time! (Darling Hubby ahead of him, not as cooperative)

Still in line at 7:20 a.m.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Happiness Is....

discovering a bowl of sugar free strawberry ice cream, that you brought from home a few weeks ago but forgot to eat, in the freezer at work.


Friday, November 2, 2012

More Random Questions: Halloween Edition

I am going to have to check out this Sunday Social thing! (If I can ever get Tigger off the computer)  What great questions!

Halloween Edition

1.) What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?

Apparently it was a store-bought "Wile E. Coyote" costume, because I wore it from the time I could walk until it was too small. Then I got a C3PO costume. Since I was 7 when Star Wars came out, I know I was around 7 the year I wore that. I don't recall any others, but I was fondly thinking of a homemade throw-together costume I had when I was 12 (yes....when you have a little brother, you trick-or-treat far longer than you should). I was a princess. I wore my favorite velour bathrobe, a gold sheet and a tinfoil crown. My brother was a cowboy that year. All I remember is him pitching a fit. I think it took 20 minutes for them to come up with something for him to wear. 

2.) If you could go back and dress up as something, what would it be?

Lady the egg


3.) Favorite costume as an adult?

Ooooo....that's tough! From my teens/20's I have a kickin' witch/vampira outfit and an equally impressive flaming demoness outfit, with the standup collar. And there's always the Playboy bunny outfit I made from an old majorette uniform.
Now that I'm fat, it will have to be Maleficent, because it covers everything

4.) Favorite Halloween candy?

Call me weird, but I LOVE the orange and black wrapped peanut butter kisses. You can ONLY get those at Halloween, kinda like Cadbury eggs.

5.) Favorite Halloween memory?

I guess it would have to be the year I was 12, because it's a fond memory...well, aside from my brother's little tantrum.

Which actually, I remember being really funny...

6.) What’s your favorite scary movie?

Horror movies are more Darling Hubby's thing, but I did grow up in the perfect era for scary movies. Special effects were getting better and better, so every one that I saw (and believe you me, there wasn't one that I missed) were great. It's between the "Friday the 13th" franchise or the original "Nightmare on Elm Street."  Of course, I did grow up with a brother named Jason and an uncle named Fred...

But the movie that scared the bejeessus out of me, I'm told is actually not really all that scary, neither the original that made such a mark on my existence, or the recent remake.  It was a 1973 thriller called "Don't Be Afraid of The Dark." I remember watching it and being terrified of the floor furnace until we moved to the Leeds house.  I will also never forget the cold chill that ran up my spine last year when I watched the trailer for the remake and all that old fear came flooding back.

That's what a scary movie is all about.

Well, that is all the time I have today.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

More Getting to Know Me

A blog friend answered these questions on her blog yesterday. Since it lends to knowing me, your OP, I figured that I may as well give this a shot too.

1.) What do you value most in life?

This is an easy one: my family. And while they all roll their eyes, or do stupid crap to irritate me, they are my most valuable posession.

2.) What do you think is the greatest invention in your lifetime and why?

I'm going to have to say it is the internet, with Facebook being a close second. Knowledge at your fingertips, what can be better than that? Well, maybe getting a friend request from the hot lifeguard you met on a Florida beach back when you were a hot lifeguard yourself and finding out he had remembered your name all these years.

3.) What do you think is the secret to a good life?

Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses. Wait, let me say that again. STOP TRYING TO KEEP UP WITH THE JONESES!! Work for what you have, be happy with what you've got, owe no one.

4.) What would you most like to be remembered for when you’re gone?

For always being forgiving and giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, even those who hurt me.
And being a kick-ass baton twirler.

5.) What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?

Raising my children to be productive citizens, with solid Christian values, a strong sense of self and a good work ethic.  Sound like a  pageant answer? Well, it was. And I still mean it.

6.) If a movie was made about your life, who would you want to play you?

Oh that's easy too: Emma Stone.


Friday, October 19, 2012

We May Lose...But We Will Look Good Doing It!

Okay, I hate "bathroom pictures" and I know that someone will make a crack about the lovely trash can in the background, but I had to share this "tiger wear."  This is the latest in my Football Fabulous wardrobe.

Just because Auburn is loosing (currently 1-5) doesn't mean we can't look good doing it!

It is probably the most expensive thing in it, but I wanted something more dressy than your regular fanwear (i.e. T-Shirt)

While it's really "busy" and it really pushes me out of my comfort zone, I'm getting lots of compliments on it.

The boots, on the other hand, are really putting stress on my broken toe, so I'm gonna have to ditch them soon. I thought that surely there has been enough time go by that it should be healed enough to wear a heel. And while I have it taped securely to it's "buddy," and swaddled in a cushy sock, it appears that my foot is swelling. Since I may not get them back on, I thought I'd better take a picture now.

Whomever said "fashion is pain" must have had a broken toe too.

~En JOY!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

24 Hours: God's Plan for the Day

Someone told me once that God had planned a day out in 24 hour increments for a reason.

Eight Hours to Work; Eight Hours to Play; and Eight Hours to Sleep.

That made a lot of sense to me. Unfortunatley, it's not happening in MY day.

  I'm working more like Twelve Hours, I'm too tired to Play and well, my Sleep is suffering.

When did my life get so hectic? How do I get back on proper balance?

Something is going to have to change soon.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Falling Behind

Sorry, I seem to be falling behind. I'm behind with everything...overwhelmed at my job, exhausted a home, absentee friend. The change of the weather has me sore a;ll over(expecially my @$#%^&+!!! toe). I am up to my eyeballs in anxiety for a host of different reasons,with no help in sight. Just in need of prayers and rest. thanks

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday....Injured Edition

I think that I broke my toe again. The same toe that I broke two Easter's ago and I had to wear a pants suit to church at the very last minute. I can't really explain how I broke it, but let's just say: 1) it was in the middle of the night 2) it was dark 3) something was in the hall where it shouldn't have been 4) I may one night be murdered in my own home and none of the people asleep there will ever know because they all sleep like the dead From the looks of it later that morning, I can pretty much tell that it's broken.
I decided I would save myself a few hundred dollars and just tape it back to the toe next to it, pretty much like the doctor did. Day Two wasn't much better
Now here I am on Day Three. My socks clinging to all the tape residue on my foot, afraid to look and see what I may find under there.
I keep kicking things and running it into things and somehow bending it back under my foot. There are very few shoes I can wear with all this tape mess on my foot too. Currently I'm wearing a new pair of black clogs I got at Cato for $19.99, but they are a little big, even with socks, so sometimes I stop a little short and it jabs my toes into the front of the shoe. Pleasant sensation, really... Until next time....En-JOY

Friday, September 28, 2012

More Redneck Recycling

Many of you may remember my post last year about how Redneck's were recycling long before it was vogue. One of my friends saw my clever repurposing of a plastic, one quart soup container from the local Chinese restaurant and thought I should share. Behold the Reusable One Quart Drinking Container with Lid:
Punching the hole in the lid was the trickiest part. ~En-JOY!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What I Wore.....Tuesday

I love to read blogs, especially ones that deal with life after 40. A favorite is Fabulous After 40 Today's topic is leggings. How ironic that today I just happened to wear my favorite tunic/leggings combination! I purchased the tunic at the Southern Women's show. The clerk in the booth was wearing it with leggings and cowboy (cowgirl?) boots. Precious!! Thought I'd share it with y'all, just like I shared it with them ~En-JOY

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Football Fashion

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Football Season!

As you know, I am a HUGE Auburn fan. Here in Alabama, football is not a sport, it's a religion. And the two biggest sanctuaries are Jordan-Hare and byrantdenney.

I love sporting my team colors, as I did with the two outfits here.

Don't need a logo to to promote my team. Here I'm wearing a blue swing swearter and orange tee (Cato clearance of course) with my favorite pair of  Chico's white jeans (a thrift store purchase I happened upon while looking for a costume for an 80's themed birthday party). Another cool jewelry purchase, a handcrafted necklace that my Mom and I found in a shop on The Curve.  It's made out of recycled wine bottles!

Another cute outfit that I wore to run errands.

More cute Auburn outfits to follow!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

What I Wore.....Well, Thursday

Okay, who says I can't have two fashion posts back to back? It's my blog, right?
Again, another dreaded bathroom pic but I just wanted to capture this great outfit I threw together on the spur of the moment this morning.
Pink Tie-Front Shrug Sweater = Cato Clearance Rack....I never buy anything at Cato full price, unless I'm desperate. I forget what I paid for it but it would be less thank $10
Pink/Orange Multi Colored Skirt = This one I've literally fro 10 years. I got it at Goody's in Cullman when I was there for a pageant and got caught short one outfit. I bought the pink pull-over sweater that was on the manequin with it (a good idea at the time) but it never really looked like it matched.  Because it was so long ago, I really don't know what I paid for it either, but given my frugality, it had to be $20 or less.
Cheap White Tank = Walmart $3.88
Clear/Silver kitten heels = Quite literally my favorite pair of goes-with-everything shoes. If I had known 15 years ago how much I would love them, I'd have bought both pairs they had in my size. (I revisit that poor decision often)  For acrylic princess shoes, they have been quite sturdy and I will miss them when they are gone, which is why I am piecing them back together now. I just super-glued the heel cap back on and hour before this picture. Hopefully a good shoe shop will help me keep them a little longer, but I'm too chicken to find out.
Pink and Orange Multi-Strand Necklace = Probably my favorite part of this whole outfit. It is actually two necklaces worn together. I have been looking for a statement necklace to wear with the original skirt outfit but never hit on anything that I felt fit the outfit.  Until I found these two necklaces (Cato Clearance, of course) at the end of the season.  They were both marked down considerably, so I figured, what the heck?!  I connected the lobster clasp of each necklace to the chain of the other necklace (that's a lobster claw claps on both sides) and connected the whole thing with a safety pin behind my neck. Nice huh?

I feel really pulled together and trendy, despite the newest piece being the cheap white tank.
I'm also appropriately dressed for the baby shower we are thowing today in my department (it's a girl, can you tell?)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I really hate having to take a pic in the bathroom mirror, but no one was available to help this early.

Today's WIWW features "The Most Expensive Shoes I've Ever Bought... Ever"

Top = Haynes Outlet $5.99
Skirt = Thift store $1
Shoes = Nine West Outlet $65.00
Jewelry = Gift from my awesome boss

And I always forget to link back to The Pleated Poppy, but this morning I remembered!!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Have You Forgotten: Annual Repost of My Own 9/11 Story

This is a repost of my my 9/11 story from last year on the 10th anniversary. In the year that has passed, now I count my brother-in-law, among those keeping our country safe.  Eleven years ago, he was just a kid, much like my children. Now he is a man, doing his duty a world away in the Middle East. He has on his mind, the safety and security of not only himself and his family, but the families of millions that call the Land of the Free home.

Today, this is for him

It is time for the annual repost of my 9/11 story.

The last few days have been somewhat emotional for me, as the tributes have begun playing on t.v. It's hard to believe it's been ten years now.

If you are a regular reader and have read this story before, I urge you not to skip over it. It's going to be a little different than in years past and here is why:

"All You" magazine had wanted to publish it in this month's edition, along with other 9/11 stories from readers across the country. I was very excited, but after working with the editor, it became clear that for me, the story was still too personal. I was not ready to share it in that medium yet. So my Bucket List item of being published will have to wait a little longer.

I also became aware of a problem that may be caused by the disclosure of a few facts about my customer.

I work for a coffee company. It is a coffee importer and distributor based in Birmingham, Alabama. We primarily handle coffees for Food Service (hotels, resorts, restaurants, hospitals, etc...) Office Coffee (that stuff in your breakroom at work) and Convienence Stores (gas stations, truckstops and the like). We even offer the option to purchase it for your home through our home  goods departmentt. But a large part of our business is Private Labeling.

Have you ever looked at a bag of store-brand coffee and read "packaged for This Store in Birmingham, Alabama?" Well, sometimes, Birmingham, Alabama means us. That is "private labeling." Some companies don't take kindly to the source of their private labeled products being revealed, so I've removed the customer store name. The real point of the story is not where the coffee was going, but the person delivering it and my reaction. And, I like my job.

Next February will mark my 21st year there as a customer service professional. Oh, the stories I could tell.

Like this one.

Tomorrow will be September 11th. Patriot Day.

I'll be wearing my yellow ribbon and my American Flag pin.

This year, marking the ten year anniversary, I know that it will be commemorated with the reverence that it should.

Even after ten years, the emotion is nearly as fresh and raw as it was watching the non-stop news footage.

And every year since, I have thought about 5 cases of coffee.

I cry when I tell it because the emotions bubble back up, so you are at an advantage reading it, though I am about to cry just typing it.

Every now and again, a private-label customer would request a few cases of coffee be sent directly to one of their stores. On September 10, 2001 they requested that I send five cases of coffee to the store on the basement level of WTC. I am told this is where the food court was. They had requested Next Day Air, Early A.M. delivery, which means it is delivered first thing in the morning. I processed the UPS shipment myself, to ensure it was done in time for pick up.

It stood out to me because the address was simply :

(Store Name)
Basement Suite#
WTC, NY and the zip code.

I remember thinking, "How cool is that?"

At the office the next morning, I arrived early enough to make my coffee, prioritize my "things to do" list for the day, and settle in. My department is a long room, lined in cubicles, with a walkway from our main breakroom to our lobby on the interior side and a wall of windows on the other. The cubicles in the center face outward, creating a large open area in the middle of the room. Between each workstation is a curved countertop and a chair, so in the center there are two that face one another like tables in a cafe. The space is very conducive to lingering and chatting by those passing through to and from the main breakroom. At times it can be very disruptive.

Our purchasing agent at the time, a fellow named Ron, was walking through on his way to the main breakroom, coffee cup in hand. You must know this about Ron. He was a very serious individual, but was also extremely funny. He had the driest sense of humor and could deliver the funniest jokes with an expression so deadpan, that sometimes it was hard to determine if he was being serious or pulling your leg. So when he stopped in the center, and asked "Did you hear a plane crashed into the World Trade Center?" we all paused for the punchline.

After convincing us that he was serious, I raced to the breakroom to see the breaking news on t.v. The address of my previous day's shipment suddenly came to mind and it dawned on me, the UPS driver could very well be there at that very moment. I was standing there watching, when the second plane hit.

As the events of the day unfolded, I thought more and more of those five boxes of coffee and the unsuspecting UPS driver I'd sent to his death. I prayed for a lot of people that day, but I prayed specifically for him.

Over the next several days, I began to think about him quite a bit. Was he married, did he have children, what kind of person would he have been....? Because I would never really know his fate, it started to be too much for me. Every time I saw footage of the dust & debris, I imagined a UPS truck buried beneath it.

Though it may sound strange, I felt really guilty, like somehow I was responsible. I cried uncontrollably, nearly daily, over this person I'd never met.

Two weeks went by. My best friend told me that I was going to give it to God and let it go. So I finally prayed that God would give me some peace over it and release me from this guilt I was feeling. I prayed once more for him and his family and "laid it down."

The very next day, our local UPS driver returned those five boxes of coffee stamped "UNDELIVERABLE." They looked as good as the day I sent them out. I took their pristine condition as my sign from God that the driver I prayed so diligently over, was okay too.

Looking back, I can't explain why I was so upset over this person that I didn't know, when there were those who I did know right in the heart of the events.

  • My cousin, Amanda, pregnant with her middle daughter, on a courier run in New York. Her company had called her back to the office, just shy of reaching WTC, where her deliveries were to be made. She was one of hundreds of thousands who fled Manhattan on foot across the George Washington Bridge.

  • One of our DC route reps had just left from making his Pentagon delivery, watched as that plane passed overhead. He called in, shaken but okay, and told one of the CSR's "I think I just saw a plane crash."

  • Moments later friend Penny Huggins Bailey, stationed there as a protocol officer, would be saved from the direct hit by an overwhelming surge of mother's intuition.

There was a resurgence of hospitality, patriotism, and faith. People were kinder, gentler, more caring, more forgiving. More were proud to be American and began to relish what was good about our country, rather than harping on what was wrong. And everyone began to rexamine their faith.

Ten years later, my emotions still overwhelm me, and the tears come as easily now as they did then.

Alan Jackson's "Where Were You" effortlessly captured everything I had felt about the events surrounding 9/11. Thursday, I had posted the video of it from the live performance to my Facebook page. I watched the full five minute video to make sure it was complete and not compromised in any way before I posted it. Half way through, I realized that I was crying.

I know, when I tell this story to my grandchildren some day, I will fight back a tear even then.

I realize that to some extent, as a nation we should "move on." But I was raised that the first part of getting where you are going, is knowing where you've been.

Never Forget

(As always, dedicated to those who unsuspectingly gave their lives Sept 11, 2001, the people who knew & loved them, and all our military hereos keeping us safe ever since.)

Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm Just Wild About Harry.....

I don't think that I have ever written of my extreme adoration for Prince Henry Charles Albert David of England. That's Prince Harry for the rest of you.

From the start, I knew that Prince William ( i.e. William Authur Philip Louis) would be the King of England, but Prince Harry would be the King of Hearts.

Prince William was certainly cute growing up, but I've always had a soft spot for that frisky little red-head. From the top of his carrot-topped head to the flush of his freckled cheeks, he has an air of "devil may care, wearing an expression of mischeiviousness, like a big secret lurking just under the surface. I guess it's easy  to be cavelier when you are known as "The Spare." No one takes you too seriously.  What can I say... I've always liked bad boys.

 He also shares his birthday with my dad, which is a cool little factoid.

Many think my obsession er..ah...addoration, odd at best, given he is young enough to be my son.

Is it wrong to say I think that he's hot? Not so much now that he's officially an adult I suppose.

I was excited to learn that he was shipping to the Middle East about the same time as my brother-in-law. How cool would it be if they met?  Highly unlikely, but cool just the same.

Now, I read that the Taliban has posted a viable threat against my precious Prince Harry.

I admire him for stepping up and allowing himself to be put on the front. Personally, I think I'd be a little more selfish. I'd be "I'm freakin' ROYALTY here folks. Let some other poor schlub hunker down on the front. I'm too valuable."

But he is a man of honor....even if he was photographed running "randy" around Las Vegas.

A "spokesperson" for the Taliban has telephoned in the threat from an "undisclosed location."
How does one become the "spokesperson" without putting himself in line for serious harm?  I mean, we know who this guy is!

Better yet, what the hell are we waiting for?!

Now, please don't take this the wrong way. But if we can get the Google Earth satellite to zone in on our pool parties whenever we please, we can't tell where a telephone call, placed on the Afgani two-cans-and-a-string telephone system is coming from? Come On!

The media reporting all the "tricks" that they use to keep the prince safe, are also not helping.

"Captain Wales"?  Really?  How many of those do you think there are?

Prince Harry, I will tell you like I told my BIL....KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Truth in Adverstising

I wonder what angle they took this picture from? That's a pretty small patty doncha think?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday: Sick And Tired Edition

Usually I post what I'm wearing today, whether it's boring or not. But today I am sidelined by some illness that started Sunday as a fever and a tummy ache. (Actually, I've run fever for three nights in a row but the tummy ache stopped yesterday around lunch) The dose of Nyquil last night that broke my fever, caused me to oversleep considerably. Luckily, the kids don't have to be at school until 9:00 a.m or I might have been really late.

Today, you will just have to use your imagination. After 2 mornings of having to be here at 7:00 a.m. I am lucky to be clean and dressed, much less dressed in anything that might be considered chic or stylish.  I am wearing a tee shirt and black pants. I'm not wearing make up. What's the point? All the eye-watering and nose blowing will just run it off. My hair is in a pony tail.  That was the best I could muster, given that I had 10 minutes to get showered and dressed and out the door.

But I am here, and that's all that counts

Really hard to en-JOY right now

Friday, August 31, 2012

I Think I Just Got Punk'd

I don't talk about my work a lot, with good reason.

I am the assistant manager of a call center.

I have done what I do now for 21 years. 

That's 21 years for being yelled at, cussed out, and English and several foreign languages. 21 years of being treated like I'm stupid because I have a Southern accent. 21 years of being hit-on, because I have a Southern accent. There is not much to be said that I have not heard, to one extent or another, over 21 years. That includes conversations during the first 6 months of a new 1-900 number that is alarmingly close to my work number.

Well, I can go on to Glory now, because I have heard it ALL!

I am helping answer the phones today because we have several people on vacation. I like answering calls because, for the most part, they are the same. You listen, record the information, share the confirmation number and move on to the next one. There are no life or death decisions, like trying to make 450 cases of coffee ordered at 4:54 pm yesterday appear out of thin air for a delivery picking up the Tuesday after a holiday. Listen, be pleasant, record info, enter.  Simple

 This call comes in about 11:45 a.m from a lady who asks where she is calling. That happens a lot. All of our publicly listed telephone lines  from all over the country, ring here at headquarters in Birmingham. We do have some regional offices that have an admin that answers, but they are forwarded here for their lunch hour. The variety of Southern accents that answer here usually cues the caller in to the fact that we ain't local.

I explain that I am in the headquarters office and asked how could I help her.

I knew I was in trouble when she said that I could pray for her.

I know that I've shared here that I am a true, washed in the Blood, Southern Baptist. So when someone asks me to pray for them, I do just that, without question. And boy, will I be praying for this lady.

She said that she found our number in the phone book and thought it was odd that I wasn't nearby. Very soon I was glad that I wasn't nearby.

wasnopausesorbeginingsorendingsjustaneverendingstreamthatleadmetobelieve thatshehadreachedher
coffeequotaforthedayandwasworkingon severalotherpeoplesquotaaswell.

The next 10 minutes, the only time she paused from her spiel was to ask me a question and await my answer. She asked about the history of Labor Day, which threw me,but I later realized that the history of Labor Day is currently on our hold music recording. She asked about the company. I gave her my best "published company history" answers. 

She told me that she was  " insert popular female super hero here" and that she was currently working to push a budget proposal through Washington, even though all of our money was Chinese. She said that she was going to save the country with coffee and that she needed our help. She told me that her father was "insert long deceased undesputed genius here" and that she was his greates accomplishment. She told me that she was very excited because coffee would save the country, unless she was in England, and then it'd be tea. Because she was a princess, like Diana, who had died 15 years ago today.

As I sat listening, I thought, our Tampa admin would have gotten a kick out of this call. I doubt she would have put up with it very long, but I was too stunned to hang up.

THEN...she prayed for our company, and Chinese money, and coffee. A true Southern Baptist doesn't interupt a prayer and when she reached "...and all God's people said..." I replied with a hearty Amen.

I swear, I better see Ashton Kutcher soon...


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Dress = Banana Republic Outlet (clearance) Marked $70...scored it for $20 !!
Shoes = Cato (also clearance) ...$7.99
Belt = Walmart $9.99
Earrings = Cato $3.99
I thought that I would wear these cool little aquare silver earrings rather than my usual hoops. Here they are close up.
And I ALWAYS forget to link back to everyone else who does What I Wore Wednesday
Sorry Y'all

Friday, August 24, 2012

Making Your Own Fun

My parents (both pair) are nuts.

My Dad and his wife are big Facebook fans. So much so, that I now have to ask myself, What Would Dad Think. I rush to remind my friends, who often enjoy posting moderately suggestive things on my wall, that my dad can read them!  One particularly embarassing exchange took place on my anniversary, when the "if the house is a'rockin', don't come a knockin'" comment was made. Red-faced, I rushed to post that my DADDY could read that. My dad, then posted  that he knew it was a school night and that I'd be in bed early.  I was so embarassed! Like I said in an earlier post, there are just somethings that a daddy should not know.

My Mother and her husband, The Chief,  have this quasi-feral cat that they have been feeding for the better part of three years. They have named him "Oreo" because of his black and white coloring. They have NEVER been able to put their hands on him. He will nearly kill himself to escape even the mildest hint of human contact. But every day, Oreo makes his way to my Mother's back door for his twice-daily meals. She frets over him when doesn't show up for a few days, They bring him treats. They made him a house when it snowed. But they have never touched him.
At any rate, Mother noticed that something was going on with his food a few weeks back. She would feed him, his bowl would be empty, but he would always seem hungry.  Then one night, on a late-night kitchen trip, she discovered the culprit. A large racoon was busy helping himself to Oreo's food. On the deck, two stories off the ground.  Oreo looked on from the corner of the deck, obviously annoyed but visibly helpless.

And with that, "Operation Raccoon Roundup" began.

The Chief purchased a large critter trap and set it up on the deck. Then they waited

I recieved this recent thread of emails from my Mother. It was forwarded from The Chief

           From: The Chief
           To: Everyone Important in Address Book 
           Sent: Fri, August 17, 2012 8:12:15 AM
            Subject: Dum-da- dum-dum (Dragnet Theme)

It was warm in Irondale, I was working the night watch stake out detail out of robbery. I had been assigned to the late shift in the hopes of capturing an elusive thief who had been pilfering food from a Mr. Oreo.

Mr. Oreo described the suspect as short and fat, wearing a brown coat with stripes. He was also described as wearing a mask.

We had set up a sophisticated closed circuit TV feed to monitor the sites of the previous thefts, but as with all city equipment, the battery began to die on the equipment after about four hours. Totally unreliable.

My partner has already gone 10-42 but, being the dedicated person I was, decided to give it another 15 minutes. It was 00:20 when my well trained ears detected the metallic "clank" of the door on the trap spring shut.

I jumped into action and saw that the suspect had fallen into our trap. There, frantically running back and forth, was the culprit, trapped like a rat in the temporary holding cell.

I immediately ran and awakened my partner and we took mug shots of the suspect while still inside the cell.

I advised him of his rights but he remained silent. Since we could not locate Mr. Oreo to sign a warrant, we were forced to release the suspect without any further action.

We decided to do some old fashion "cross boundary" policing. We transported the suspect to Leeds, AL near the Bass Pro shop just across the city limits.

We sternly admonished the suspect not to return to Irondale or he may suffer a more grievous fate.

We released the suspect and he hurried across the pavement toward the wood line. At the last minute he turned and looked at my partner and I as if to say, "You haven't seen the last of me copper," when I made a threatening move toward him so as to let him know who was boss and he scurried off into the brush, coward that he was.

Thus ends the case of the "Masked Bandit." 

Or, so they thought.

The next night, my mother spotted another racoon on the deck! She ran to alert the sleeping chief, who was less than amused at the time. The next afternoon, he set up the trap again.

The next morning, the food was gone, but the trap was empty!
 Apparently, this racoon was really smart. And big enough to reach thru the trap. So my parents devised a little plan where they placed a garbage bag around the food so that it was not easily reached.  The next morning, they found the trap, again empty, save the shredded garbage bag!

So the Chief, not to be outdone, set the trap on the most sensitive setting. The wind would have set it off (and they worried that might happen).
This morning, I recieve this:
BREAKING NEWS......................

From the Total Action News Watch Plus news desk comes breaking news. Irondale authorities are reporting the capture of the second member of the notorious gang of marauding creatures know as "Rockies Gang." Authorities report that at approximately 2 a.m. Friday morning, Rockette Racoon, known female associate of previously apprehended Rocky Racoon, was captured without incident at the same location where Rocky was captured last week. An unnamed source reported that Rockette Racoon was transported and successfully released in the vicinity where Rocky Racoon was banished last week. There are rumored to be pictures of Rockette taken just after her capture but this report has not been confirmed. Stay tuned for further news updates.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

So it's time for What I Wore Wednesday.  Today's outfit is THE UNIFORM that I am always harping about. 

We don't have a uniform here at work, persay, but I seem to have a closet full of single color button downs and black pants.....five pairs of the same black pants to be exact.  Well, if I'm going to get technical, I have three, plain white button downs.

It is quick and easy to throw on, and with  my favorite silver accessories, I  always look pulled together, but rather dull. 

White Shirt = Walmart clearance!! Regularly $12.88 I picked this up at end of season for just $2
(so I bought ALL they had in my size!)

Black Pants = New York & Company, Regularly $46.95 sale $29.99....more than I ever pay for pants!

Silver multichain necklace with tulle flower = New York & Company, another splurge at $19.99 (but Buy One Get One Free on jewelry that day, so it was worth it)

Black Cage Booties = Cato, $19.99....and worth every penny

That is why I'm trying to step it up a little and try out new things.

Oh, and my hair.

I let my hair grow out to the point that I can't stand it and want it cut. Then I get it cut and suddenly remember why I don't like it short.  I LIKE LOW MAINTENANCE HAIR!
After having to style it this morning, I was beginning to remember what I liked about the long hair.  While I did take the time to blow it dry properly, I didn't have enough time to flat-iron it, so it is left to "do what it do." My bangs started to bother me about 10:00am. Not having enough in the back for a pony tail, I resorted to wearing my problem bangs in a clippee. I look like a 12 year old.

It's a process....
Oh yeah.....I keep forgetting to link back to a whole bunch of other folks that WIWW too...


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Got My Haircut On the Spur of the Moment my haircut on a whim. She cut about 6 inches off of it.

Monday, August 20, 2012

School Day, School Day, Good Ol' Golden Rule Day...

Today is my next-to-last First Day of School!

I'm elated, yet a little sad just the same.

I remember Julz first day of school. She was so excited and she loved learning. That was up until 4th or 5th grade when one of her teachers called her "lazy." Then she never loved learning like she did in those early years. And that teacher never taught again at MMS. Today, she is in her second semester at nursing school.  Not far off the dream of being a doctor that she had once held so dear. She was like a little sponge, though learning at her own pace. I think back to the time when  her educational boat was blown off course for a short period of time and I want to punch that teacher in the mouth.

I remember Tigger's first day of school the year that him and Kit-Kat came to live with us. He was very excited and loved to read. As a matter of fact, all he did was read and play with his Pokemon cards and doodle on ever scrap of paper he could find. He starts his Senior year today. Where did my little boy go?

Kit-Kat was still a little standoffish that year. She wasn't really sure what to make of the whole situation. I remember one of her first projects was to make a collage to help the teacher get to know her better. I remember it showed her dressed as Snow White, it showed her playing in the yard with her Barbies, she showed off all of her play shoes.  Those were the days.  I still have that poster, and look at it every now and again and wonder where the time went.

I spent the weekend trying to round up the summer reading books. Tigger read both of his in two days, "Dracula" and "War of the Worlds."  Kit-Kat had still not started hers, but I was fascinated by the subject matter. I should finish it tomorrow. =)

Today, I stood in the hall and sang out loud for one of the last two times I will do it:  "School Days, School Days, Good Ol' Golden Rule Days!"  That's all I've ever known of the song, but it was enough.

It was a tradition started by my mother. We would be eating breakfast and she would breeze through and sing this verse to us. She didn't know the rest of the song either. Even though we really didn't want to hear it, no First Day of School was ever complete without it. 

I carried on that tradition myself, though no one at my house wants to hear it either these days.

I wonder if they will miss it when they are grown?
I wonder if they will sing it themselves when their little ones start school?


Friday, August 17, 2012

Welcome New Reader!!

I finally figured out how to link my "What I Wore Wednesday" posts back to the others and it netted me a new reader!!

Welcome Daisy from PS Bananas!!



Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Julie Newmar!

Happy Birthday Wishes to the Original Catwoman!

You are the yardstick by which I measure all others, including myself....

Girl.....I hope it's PUUUUURRRRRFECT!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Variation on "uniform" look....Brown and White

White Skirt (bought for last year's sales meeting...that's now a little too big!!) = New York & Co
Brown Tee = Walmart $3.88
Asst Bangles = Cato $5.99
Dangle Earrings & Long Bead Necklace = Premeir Jewelry Designs

I'd show off my "great deal" of the  whole outfit, my brown leather slide sandals that I found at a consignment shop for just $2, but the heel broke off!! Well, I guess I got my $2 out of them!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

I Think I'm a Victim of Alien Abduction

I think that I am a victim of alien abduction.

The most common thread wound through all alien abduction stories is not being able to recall large blocks of time. "Missing Time" is what they call it.  Google that. It explains this phenomenon much better than I can.

In my case, I'm missing the time between Saturday, July 21st, when my husband's class reunion took place, until today, August 13th.  I understand that there are pictures of me, doing all sorts of wild, party-type things, but I do not remember them. There are, of course the photos from the reunion. Then there are photos from the Motley Crue/ KISS concert that I vaguely rememeber. That is followed by a father/son swimming party at D/H's best friend The Doctor's house and lastly a party and a trip this weekend.  I can say with great confidence that I am not drinking, because I do not like how a hangover feels. But you would never guess that from the pictures.

I'm fairly certain, because I DO have chronic obstructive sleep apnea, that I have memory loss due to sleep deprivation.

That would also explain the slightly stoned look on my face in some of these pictures (sleepy does not photograph well)

I have threatened Darling Hubby's life, for I MUST get some rest this weekend.

Don't care what is going on....

Not even a party in my honor.

Well, maybe


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Well Now....This is a Horse of a Different Color

Still dealing with my moderate depression. A few light points in my week were the Motley Crue/ KISS concert on Tuesday. Of course, taking care of a group of grown men like they are kindergarteners was not very fun for me, but I still had a pretty good time.  The day off yesterday was pretty good too. But it made today like a Monday, and that wasn't cool.

When I got to work, someone had asked me if I had printed an article they found on the printer. It was about work-place bullying. I did not, but now wish that I had.

The attempt to intimidate a co-worker is the definition of work-place bullying!

What I am currently experiencing IS WORK-PLACE BULLYING!!

Now THAT is a horse of a different color.


Friday, July 27, 2012

WTF Friday

Okay, so I missed What I Wore Wednesday. I can assure you that it was pretty much the same "uniform" type outfit I wore last week.

Yesterday was an awful day. I know that I should not take anything anyone says on FB seriously, but it hurts to sit back and read it just the same. I also had a staff meeting, that I thought went pretty well, only to find out this morning that we will need to discuss "complaints."  Great.

So that brings me to today... WTF?! I would post more about today, but I'm really not in a very good mood.

The "sharks" are circling (a Joy-ism for a bout of depression closing in).

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Today's "What I Wore Wednesday" is kind of an example of what I'm trying to get away from doing.

 This is my "uniform" of sorts: plain tee with dress pants.  Mostly black.

Oh, for the record:

Tee-shirt = Walmart $4.88 (Can you tell I love Wallyworld?!)
Gray Dress slacks = Belk's $19.99
Jewelry = Premier Designs (gift from my friend/Boss)

Yes, I know that it's comfortable, professional, and easy, but it's, well, black.  I'm trying to remember to step it up a little. To step out of the comfort zone and wear more color. I'm fading in the background a bit in my "uniform."

 I recently wore a new a new wrap dress I had gotten from Kohl's ( under $20!). The fabric, a wrinkle-free knit,  is a mix of rich blues and greens and has a great geometric pattern.  It is hemmed just above my knee and really shows off my legs (which I feel is my best feature). It's very professional, with just the right amount of femininity and a dash of sass. I got tons of compliments and I felt like a million bucks. All the compliments made me feel really good too.  If I can remember, I will get a pic next time I wear it.

Until next time....

Friday, July 13, 2012

Shoe Shopping, Friday the 13th and Other Disasters

I'm pretty sure that I've established that I am not your average red-blooded American girl.

Did I ever mention that I HATE shoe shopping?

Now I LOVE SHOES...but I can not stand the practice of going from store to store looking for the perfect pair of shoes. Actually, I can't find the perfect pair of shoes, because for me, they don't exist.

Mainly, because I wear a size 11 (that's a 9 for you men-folk). I think they might be a normal size if I didn't have these freakishly long, monkey toes. The longest, my second toe, is two inches long, a full half inch longer than my big toe. You should see them in a "peep toe."  Attractive, I know. And by monkey toes, I mean that they are functional, like a monkey's. I can pick up anything off the floor with them. I can color with them, although not that neatly, They were certainly helpful in my tree climbing days. Once, a dare, I picked up a pen and then wrote my name with them. Monkey Toes.

My attempts at shoe shopping been a life-long struggle, horrors of which are pretty well documented here .

I'm always dismayed as my favorite shoes begin to wear out, because that means that the hunt is now on to replace them. I've become pretty crafty when it comes to repairing my shoes, because they are so hard to replace, but there are times when Gorilla Glue and a Sharpie are no longer effective.

Such is the fate of my favorite pair of kitten-heeled, black, strappy sandals.

I've known this day was coming for quite some time, several months in fact,  but have been unsuccessful in replacing them.  I thought about even stealing a clever idea from another blogger, Lifestyles of the Thrifty and Shameless, and paint some  but I'm afraid of staining my feet (a horrific bridesmaid story for another post).

After glueing my shoes back together, yet again, I decided to try again yesterday in a different area of town to see if I'd have better luck.

 I tried out Belk's at The Summit. This was actually the only place I went because after I left, I was so discouraged, I left.  I really thought there'd be more shoe shopping at The Summit, but after driving around for about 45 minutes, I guess I was wrong.

After wandering through their shoe section for nearly an hour, a sales associate came to my rescue and asked if she could help me. I pointed to my feet, explained that I needed another pair of shoes, pretty much like the ones I had on my feet....kitten heel, kinda strappy but not too much. She looked down and smiled, nodding along as I spoke. Then I said those dreaded words, "I need an 11."

The smile quickly faded. I've seen that expression before. "Yeah, I know" I quickly added, knowing that she had just agreed to climb the Everest of shoe sales. "Let me see what we have upstairs."

While she went "upstairs" to find my humongous shoes, for my gargantuan feet with my monkey toes, I wandered around some more in the store. It was taking a long time. I had begun to think that she and her coworkers were somewhere deep in the bowels of the store, watching me on the security feed and laughing at me.

It was not much longer after that, that she emerged from the back, panting and sweaty and carrying an armful of shoe boxes. Seven  to be exact. I imagine that where ever they keep the 11's they are a long way from the front, oh, and she did say, upstairs.

"Okay, this is every, black sandal in an 11 that we have in the place. I will hold them up and you just say 'yes' or 'no'....Okay?"

Apparently she already knew I would not be happy and knew this wasn't going to take up any more of her time.

All of them were too casual, though I did like the wedges. But not $95 dollars worth.

Defeated, I left the mall, and drove  home.

Darling Hubby looked up from the game that he is constantly playing on his phone. "I thought you were buying shoes" he said. "I thought I was too" I responded "but my feet made other plans."

I went to bed early, depressed and discouraged and contemplating how hard it would be to walk without my toes.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday, July 11th

My first "What I Wore Wednesday" outfit

White Pants, Chico's by way of the Alabama Thrift Store = $2
Black Tank, Walmart = $3.88
Black and White "Sweater", Charming Charlie = $14

This picture makes my head look dispropotionatly large but the outfit looks good!

Trade-offs man, trade-offs


Saturday, June 30, 2012

Magic Mike: The Aftermath

I think that I can sum up "Magic Mike" in three words:


I was truly speechless.

My day pretty much played out like this:

After several days of chatting back and forth with some girlfriends, we decided to meet at Pablo's at Lee Branch.

Of course, somewhere I got in my head we were meeting at Patton Creek, so I bought my first ticket online for there. Then I couldn't figure out how to change my location (because I later read that refunds were to be made in person) so I had to purchase another ticket for Lee Branch. Then after the longest day at the office to date, I  haul-boogedy over to Patton Creek to get my in-person refund.

After fighting 289 traffic,  I made it to Pablo's about 6:15. More than enough time for the 7:45 show.  I decided to go ahead and get my ticket before heading over to the restaurant, because there wasn't much of a line. I knew that would not be the case closer to show time, When I reached the window, I noticed that the 7:45 show was SOLD OUT. I've only  been to a sold out show twice before in my entire life. The opening night of "ET" and the opening night of "Lord of the Rings."

 I purchased my ticket and walked across to the restaurant,  The 102 degree heat had everyone inside and the joint was packed with ladies in groups of  6 to 10. It was not easy to find my friends. I've only seen them in the past few years exclusively on FB and , well, my eyesight isn't quite what it used to be, Lucky for me, their voices haven't changed and I soon identified my group.

Our harried waitress took our drink order, but we had difficulty ordering. She brought us a bean dip, that no one seemed to order. but I decided to take. It looked like no one was really being served, and it was a good thing I did take it, because we  never saw hier again.  Roughly 20 minutes after 7:00  we sought her out and paid our bills. She seemed really flustered, I don't usually tip bad service, but because of the extenuating circumstances, that I figured she couldn't help, I left her a $5 tip on my $9 bill.

When we made it back across the parking lot to the theater, the line waiting for tickets was backed up into the street. I was so glad that I had gone to pick up my tickets first! I could not imagine waiting in that heat!
When we made it to our seats, the last row with enough seats together was three rows from the top, dead center.

Before long the theater filled up and soon there wasn't a seat left open in the place. The room was electric with the excitement of 469 (yes, you read that right) ladies, all ready to have a great time. The dull roar of chatting women and as the lights dimmed, the roar grew.

As the opening scene is the "lawbreakers" scene from the trailer. It was good that I've seen it before, because I did not hear one bit of it, as the cheers of 469 women drowned out every other sound.

The next 110 minutes can only be described as "oh my goodness." It showed the nights and days in stark contrast. And there was a pretty decent storyline., There were more than a few places where I couldn't look directly at the screen, rather peeping through splayed fingers. The shouts of the women around me wer both liberating and exhilarating.

One of the final scenes, Matthew McConaughey danced, and to me, that was well worth the price of admission.

All and all, I was entertained, and that was the point. Though I may have to go see it again to hear the dialogue. =)