Thursday, February 28, 2013

Seize The Day....

For Christmas one year, my mother and her husband bought my husband and I footballs.

Not just any footballs: CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALLS

They've pretty much sat in their boxes because we really have no where suitable to display them.

My husband's is signed by none other than now-defunct head football coach Gene Chizik.

But mine is signed by 1971 Heisman Trophy Winner Patrick Joseph Sullivan. Of Auburn.  He is one of three Heisman Trophy winners from Auburn. The others are Vincent Edward "BO" Jackson (1985) and Cameron Jarrell "Cam" Newton (2010).

 Here's a little factoid: The Heisman Trophy is named for John Heisman. He was once a football coach for, guess who, that's right... Auburn.  I'll let that sink in a minute.

Apparently Pat Sullivan and the Chief go way back. He just happened to coach football at Sanford University, at the same time the Chief was over security. He was more than happy to sign a football for the Chief and I was more than happy to recieve it.

In fact, I was thrilled.  I will be leaving this ball to my grandchildren in my will.

Darling Hubby was less impresed with my footbal than with his. I didn't care.  Gene Chizik might never be the head coach at Auburn again, but Pat Sullivan would ALWAYS be the 1971 Heisman Trophy winner.

(Turns out, I was right.)

After we got home from our Christmas festivities that year, I looked at my football.  "How cool would it be if I could get the OTHER TWO Heisman Trophy winners to sign this football." I had quipped.

I knew that I could drive to Charlotte, where Cam Newton currently plays for the Carolina Panthers, and get him to sign it there, but where would I ever meet Bo Jackson? He lives in like, Chicago. I could have tracked him down on his "Bo Bikes Bama" tour back in 2012, but that was highly unlikely.


Now, I have to attend a fund raiser to do it, and probably fork over money,  but this is my chance!  Not only do I know where HE will be, I will be in a room with Bo Jackson! I'm beside myself with the possibility that I might just fulfill my dream to have my football signed by all three winners.

Buying my Sharpie on the way home....

Seize The Day people!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

This is another one of my fun, funky favorites

I bought the blouse from the Metro catalog because it looked so sharp on the model. Don't we always do that? Usually for me, that ends in disaster, but not this time.

I can pair it with my good ole standby black slacks, or with these nice grey ones. I think this summer, I may pair it with my white pants from the thrift store to change things up a bit.

I'm wearing my faithful black flats that I bought from Walmart for just $9. I have gotten my $9 worth of wear out of them the first year and now I'm just skating on borrowed time. I tripped in the lobby this morning and seperated the sole from the toe, so I'm thinking it's time to send them to that shoe-shop in the sky.

Jewelry from Premier...a gift from the boss. She's really the best!

Sorry about the security badge. I'm so used to wearing it on my nifty Brighton badge holder, that it's  sort of like wearing another necklace. It's really sturdy, but comfortable and I forget I have it on.  I wore it to my classmate's dinner last week and was halfway through dinner when I realized I was still wearing it.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dump the Bump

Fergie is tweeting about hers
Photogs around the world are clammoring for a pic for Princess Katherine's
Kourtney K wants "privacy" but still posted pics of hers

Yep....I'm talking about the almighty baby bump.

I may lose friends and readers over this next statement: I'm getting really tired of people and their stupid "baby bump."

I know, I know....I'm being petty and jealous. My infertility issues are well documented here.

My green eyed monster rears it's head more and more the older I get.

 I don't want to see the pictures of someone holding their hands around it  and grinning like an idiot in attempt to make it more obvious, or those gross, bare belly shots that are becoming so popular lately, and I sure has hell don't want to see a naked one, even if it is a celebrity!

Remember the good ol' days when you didn't talk about someone being pregnant? In my life time you couldn't even say the word "pregnant" on t.v. Women were let go from their jobs to take care of the more important job of mothering. It was a private, natural affair, not the multi-media spectacle it is today.

And where the hell did MODESTY go?

Remember when pregnant women used to wear actual maternity clothes? They were  modest and charming and covered all but the most appropriate amounts of naked flesh. I remember being extremely embarrased to be seen in public fully clothed. The thought of showing off my misshappen, discolored belly (that a tiny foot protruded from about 10 times a day for me to rub) was extremely embarassing and  nauseating to me.

 When Jada Pinkett Smith went to some award show "big pregnant" (my term for 5+ months and showing) with Willow in a tube top and an unzipped skirt, suddenly women everywhere thought it was okay to do it too.

GROSS...NO ONE wants to see THAT!

Women no longer wanted to cover  up or even wear clothes that fit! In an average week, I see at least one unfortunate soul a week, slouching around Walmart (yes IN PUBLIC) with her belly hanging out from under a  tee-shirt hem, that doesn't meet her pants.  Must not have any mirrors in her home.  Some don't even bother to get maternity clothes and make do with whatever they have lying around. A former coworker surmised that there was no need to wear actual maternity clothes when  her "husband's clothes fit just fine."  She actually made calls on clients wearing her husband's shirts, ties and pants (yes pants) for the duration of her pregnancy! Very professional looking, I assure you.

Also, now everyone must have a "pregnancy photo."  Now,  I would have loved to have a professional photo of me, big pregnant, in a flowing white nightgown, staring off into the distance. Those are so beautiful and tateful.  But now there seems to be a disturbing "I'm pregnant, I think I'm beautiful and I'm not ashamed to bare it all so the rest of you can be sickened too" photo trend.  I blame Demi Moore.

There exists only ONE PHOTO and it was because my ex wanted to show how my once cute, slit of a belly button had become a swollen, painful bulls-eye in the middle of my stomach, riddled with stretch marks. Far from the photo spreads of the bare-bellied mother smiling whistfully down at the husband/boyfriend lovingly kissing what is surely a stage prop, as no one's pregnant belly is naturally that "pretty." Thank God for photoshop!!

Yeah, pregnancy CAN be beautiful, but usually, it's not.

~En-JOY my opinion.  Save the comments for yourself.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday= Cheater's Editon

Okay, so this week I've cheated.
This is actually a photo of the cool little tee shirt/ sweater combo that I wore last Thursday.
Today, I'm wearing one of my "uniform" outfits because I had to be a work at 7:00 a.m. On those days it is best not to try to use my brain that early in the morning and just put on what ever is nearby, clean and matching. So I am falling back on a pic of a cute outfit that I took for occasions such as this. Sue me.
I got this great little sweater at Old Navy sometime last year. It was embellished with these cute little ribbon rosettes.  When I went to pull it out of the drawer on Thursday, it was caught on one of the rosettes, so as I pulled, it wound up snatching one of my rosettes clean off! 
Not only did it rip off the rosette, it left a gaping HOLE in it's place! So much for doing without it. (frown) I did not have time to fish the stupid thing out from under the dresser (because that is where things go that spill over the back of the damned drawers) or to sew it back on. 
But some quick thinking, and a matching tee shirt made this broach the perfect accessory!

I threw on my good ol' standbyes (read "black pants") and I was out the door with minimal hassle.
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day Y'all

So it's Valentine's Day y'all. The day that everyone suddenly loves each other.

I've been playing it cool this year
In my first marriage I spent this holiday pretty much unappreciated. The cheap bastard wouldn't even get me a card.  I guess I could mention that one year he brought me a heart-shapped box of candy....two days after the fact, from the clearance basket at Walmart.
Darling Hubby, on the other hand, never misses the opportunity.
This year I got this lovely bouquet. They called me to the lobby at 8:05 a.m. sharp.
Nothing like being the FIRST one in the building to get my goodies!
 I texted him a picture and a "thank you"
I get the message back "You are show me the BEAR, BALLOON AND CANDY"
I responded, "there was only this"
to which he responded
"I'll call you right back"
to be followed by
so much for a suprise
Ten minutes later, they call me to the lobby again.
The delivery guy was apologizing profusely.
The balloon, bear and candy, with the tag clearly marked "2 of 2" had gotten lost in the overstuffed delivery van. He found it about the same time he got the call.
I texted the updated picture to Darling Hubby

"Now that is more like it" was the response.
While I always get little goodies for my family, and  I usually get candy for my work peeps (see heart-shaped box in first picture)  I'd never really branched out and given anything to anyone else.
This year, a dear friend was facing this holiday for the very first time, without the love of her life.
He had been killed in an accident, just the week before my brother's accident.
It had been very shocking and her FB posts since have been filled with her sorrow and grief, as she pours out the emotions hemoraging from her broken heart.
My own heart broke for her, all the while wishing there was something more I could do.
She had lamented, a few weeks back, how much she had dreaded this holiday coming. In the past, her beloved had always made sure she got all the trappings. He was a true romantic at heart.
"I will never get roses again"
she had posted on her FB page.
I had never thought about  what it would be like for the goodies to stop.
I vowed that day that  I would do something.
While I could not afford to send her the roses that she was so accustomed, I came across these chocolate roses at a local store. I bought the last five that they had on the display.
 A few aisles over, the little pastel lion caught my eye.
The card was perfect, featurning a coffee cup with a heart on it, surrounded by chocolates.
The verse inside mentioned that one hoped this holiday was filled with love, JOY and a little bit of chocolate.
This collection of items sat in my desk for nearly 2 weeks.
On Tuesday, I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to go ahead and send it.
So I boxed it all up

and I shipped it UPS.
It arrived a day early.
I can not tell you how much JOY this simple gift brought my friend, and though it was not really expensive, the reaction was PRICELESS.
Never underestimate the power of a small gesture.
You might just make someone's day.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Sorry....Another bathroom picture. I swear I'm gonna find someone here this early to help me out.


I love this little dress and when it wears out, I'm gonna be reeeeeeally sad.

I got it for $30 at the Southern Women's Show about 2 years ago. The girl that was wearing it in the booth had paired it with leggings and black cowboy boots.

I can't find my black cowboy boots. =(

So I paired it with tights and these great high heeled boots I scored at Cato (because, they carry the dreated SIZE 11) and two great necklaces that my boss has given me over the course of 2 holidays.

Kinda eclectic and fun and makes me feel hip. The white design down the middle draws the attention forward and the black space creates the illusion that I may have a waist.

Definately a wardrobe favorite.

Happy Wednesday y'all!


pleated poppy