Friday, December 30, 2016

Words Of Wisdom from Social Media

As we grow older, and hence wiser, we slowly realize that wearing a $300 or a $30.00 watch - - they both tell the same time.

Whether we carry a $300 or a $30.00 wallet/handbag - - the amount of money inside is the same.

Whether we drink a bottle of $300 or $10 wine - - the hangover is the same.

Whether the house we live in is 300 or 3000 sq. ft. - - loneliness is the same.

 You will realize, your true inner happiness does not come from the material things of  this world.

 Therefore, I hope you realize, when you have mates, buddies and old friends, brothers and sisters, who you chat with, laugh with, talk with, have sung songs with, talk about north-south-east-west or heaven and earth - - That is true happiness!!

1. Don't educate your children to be rich. Educate them to be Happy. So when they grow up they will know the value of "things" not the price.

 2: Best awarded words: "Eat your food as your medicines. Otherwise, you have to eat medicines as your food."

 3: The One who loves you will never leave you because even if there are 100 reasons to give up he or she will find one reason to hold on.

 4: There is a big difference between a human being and being human. Only a few really understand it.

 5. You are loved when you are born. You will be loved when you die. In between, You have to manage!

 6: If you just want to Walk Fast, Walk Alone! But if you want to Walk Far, Walk Together!

1. Sunlight
2. Rest
3. Exercise
4. Diet
5. Self Confidence and
6. Friends
Maintain them in all stages of Life and enjoy a healthy life.

 The older we get, the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Birthday Wish

Happy Birthday Tigger,

I miss you terribly, but I know that you will have a great birthday.

It has been a very long time since you asked if you could "just call me Momma," but I fell in love with your sweet little face long before that.  I always told people that I married him because of  his kids.

Now that you are a man, you can make decisions for yourself. What happened between your dad and I should be just that: between him and me. What happened was a big shock to me, and I can only imagine how it ruined your birthday that year. Divorce is ugly enough without using other people to hurt one another.

 Your sisters and I are at a loss as to why you do not want to see us, especially me. I honestly do not know what I could have done. How ever you may feel that I have wronged you, I am sorry.  Whatever the reason, however, I do not deserve to be treated in such a manner.  I raised you.  Not out of any sense of obligation. I raised you out of love.

I did not intend to make you uncomfortable. I just wanted to see your sweet face. You know I had no reason to think things would not go pleasantly. But I was not going to cause a scene, nor was I going to be involved in anyone else's unnecessary drama.  That is why I left quietly. I know there is still a lot of pain there. Everyone continues to tolerate the problem.

All I can say is continue to rise above it.

I will close by saying that I love you very much. I am proud of the man that you have become.
Continue to move forward, strive to be the best that you can be.

Much Love,

Friday, December 23, 2016

A Lesson In Class.

This article has been repeatedly published in the late Ann Landers advise column.

I needed to hear this today.

"Class never runs scared. It is sure-footed and confident in the
knowledge that you can meet life head on and handle whatever comes

"Jacob had it. Esau didn't. Symbolically, we can look to Jacob's
wrestling match with the angel. Those who have class have wrestled
with their own personal angel and won a victory that marks them

"Class never makes excuses. It takes its lumps and learns from past

"Class is considerate of others. It knows that good manners are
nothing more than a series of small sacrifices."

"Class bespeaks an aristocracy that has nothing to do with ancestors
or money. The most affluent blueblood can be totally without class
while the descendant of a Welsh miner may ooze class from every pore."

"Class never tries to build itself up by tearing others down. Class is
already up and need not strive to look better by making others look

"Class can "walk with kings and keep its virtue and talk with crowds
and keep the common touch." Everyone is comfortable with the person
who has class because he is comfortable with himself."

"If you have class you don't need much of anything else. If you don't
have it, no matter what else you have, it doesn't make much


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Got my comfy pants on....LET'S EAT Y'ALL

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

It's Just One Of Those Days

"Sabotage"  Beastie Boys 1994
Ill Communication~Capitol/ Gramd Royal

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween Y'all!

It's Halloween here around the office. As you can see, we all love to dress up.

I am a Star Fleet Communications Officer

(will add individual pictures of the rest of the team later)

Saturday, September 24, 2016




Sunday, September 11, 2016

Never Forget

"Where Were You" ~Alan Jackson (Nov 26, 2001)

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Have You Forgotten?

Every year at this time, I repost my own 9/11 story. I would copy the whole thing into a text box and then have to go thru and insert the spaces.

This year, I just don't have the energy to deal with all that so I will just post the link so you can read it HERE.

Never Forget.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

I Am Not Alone

Today this article  popped up on my home page.

 I  knew that I was not the only blogger who has shared  raw and unabashed emotion on their blog regarding being the victim of a lowlife cheater with a porn addiction. Glennon Doyle Melton 's experience with this very painful part of her life is now a book!  From the article it sounds as if she was actually given the chance to heal her marriage, as the article quotes the low life porn addicted cheater as well.  How nice.

 I will have to pick one up.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful Mom a girl could ask for! This her with me and my oldest on "mummy's day"

Once upon a time we didn't quite see eye to eye (read: 15 to 18) but I can't even imagine going one day without speaking to her. She has always had my back, and has always been in my corner.

She also knows when I need a little extra love.

Case in point: I have been having a rough week. I admit I have never handled change well. The restructuring of my office has put me in a tizzy this week.  Then I get THIS surprise!

Needless to say, the rest of my day was sunny!

Happy Birthday Mom. I love you very much!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

They Say At the End of the Rainbow... will find a pot of gold.

Actually, you will find my Mom.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Moving Day

Today was the day I had been dreading for about 2 months. Moving day.

They are restructuring our office area. They are putting personnel from two other departments into our office space. In order to do that. we are having to clean out our workstations and reduce everything down to fit in a 4 foot work area  with little of any storage.

So, I am loosing my office.

No one in my office is happy. Least of all me. I have been in my office for over 10 years now. That is a lot of crap built up over the years that I have to move. I spent the last 8 hours purging a lot of paperwork and nick-nacks.. It hasn't been easy.

I boxed up the pictures of my children. The ones that reminded me of why I was working so hard. Working hard to make ends meet, while simultaneously being betrayed by the one I loved the most. The little things that people gave me along the way. The countless penguins that those around the office gave me for different occasions, all because they knew that I liked them. The holiday decorations that I had stored away to decorate my little corner of the world.

The paperwork from countless doctors appointments for each of my children, signed and filed away each in a neat little file with their name on it. The copy of the court order granting us custody.  The further I got in my desk, the more stuff I unearthed. The insurance papers from replacing our roof after the tornado. The pictures of the damage. A copy of our marriage certificate that I had provided for the insurance.

Coming across a file filled with the cards from flowers that my seemingly loving husband had sent me over the years, brought everything to a halt. I thumbed through them, remembering how happy each one had made me. Written on the back of each card, all signed "With all my love," was a detailed description of each arrangement. Obviously trying keep me distracted as he cheated his way through our 17 year relationship.  I laughed as I thought about how much better my life is, now that he is gone.

Now just scraps of someone else's life.

I loaded the car with what needed to go home. All my awards and trophies. I made quite a dent, though I am far from finished. What remains is manageable over the next few work days.

Moving forward once again.

After all, life without change is dead.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Not gonna be your "Side Chick"

Does she know what you are doing when you are up late at night and she is fast asleep? I bet that she doesn't. I've been there before too.
Remember, I was once El Numero Uno!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Well, well. well...

Guess who is trying to come back into my life?

I am sorry that you are "having problems." Sounds familiar. 
Perhaps you shouldn't rush into relationships without truly knowing who you are dealing with.
Or burn your bridges.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Bleck =P

Apparently the gluten free pancakes I enjoyed at 9:45 pm are not sitting well this morning. I thought the stupid metformin I am on now took care of crap like that. Apparently not.

Stupid meds. I hate them.

Now I just need to hold it together until 4pm without throwing up.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A True Southern Gentleman

Below is the transcript of the speech that former President George W. Bush gave at the memorial service for the slain Dallas officers.  If I can find the link I will post it as well.

Unlike our current joke of a president who I will call O-Crapa, who took this occasion to further pound on his gun control agenda (and in Texas!! What an idiot!) President Bush speaks of truth, honor and loyalty of those who laid down their lives in the protection of ordinary citizens. He also quotes the Apostle Paul and speaks openly about God. So much more comforting than anything O-Crapa had to say.

Here is his speech.

Thank you all. Thank you, Senator. I, too, am really pleased that President Obama and Mrs. Obama have come down to Dallas. I also want to welcome Vice President, Mrs. Biden, Mr. Mayor, Chief Brown, elected officials, members of the law enforcement community. Today, the nation grieves, but those of us who love Dallas and call it home have had five deaths in the family. Laura and I see members of law enforcement every day. We count them as our friends. And we know, like for every other American, that their courage is our protection and shield.
We’re proud [of] the men we mourn and the community that has rallied to honor them and support the wounded. Our mayor, and police chief and our police departments have been mighty inspirations for the rest of the nation.
These slain officers were the best among us. Lorne Ahrens, beloved husband to detective Katrina Ahrens and father of two. Michael Krol, caring son, brother, uncle, nephew and friend. Michael Smith, U.S. Army veteran, devoted husband and father of two. Brent Thompson, Marine Corps vet, recently married. Patrick Zamarippa, U.S. Navy Reserve combat veteran, proud father and loyal Texas Rangers fan.
With their deaths, we have lost so much. We are grief-stricken, heartbroken and forever grateful. Every officer has accepted a calling that sets them apart. Most of us imagine if the moment called for, that we would risk our lives to protect a spouse or a child. Those wearing the uniform assume that risk for the safety of strangers. They and their families share the unspoken knowledge that each new day can bring new dangers.
But none of us were prepared, or could be prepared, for an ambush by hatred and malice. The shock of this evil still has not faded. At times, it seems like the forces pulling us apart are stronger than the forces binding us together. Argument turns too easily into animosity. Disagreement escalates too quickly into de-humanization.
Too often, we judge other groups by their worst examples, while judging ourselves by our best intentions. And this is…
And this has strained our bonds of understanding and common purpose. But Americans, I think, have a great advantage. To renew our unity, we only need to remember our values.
We have never been held together by blood or background. We are bound by things of the spirit, by shared commitments to common ideals.
At our best, we practice empathy, imagining ourselves in the lives and circumstances of others. This is the bridge across our nation’s deepest divisions. And it is not merely a matter of tolerance, but of learning from the struggles and stories of our fellow citizens and finding our better selves in the process.
At our best, we honor the image of God we see in one another. We recognize that we are brothers and sisters, sharing the same brief moment on Earth and owing each other the loyalty of our shared humanity. At our best, we know we have one country, one future, one destiny. We do not want the unity of grief, nor do we want the unity of fear. We want the unity of hope, affection and high purpose.
We know that the kind of just, humane country we want to build, that we have seen in our best dreams, is made possible when men and women in uniform stand guard. At their best, when they’re trained and trusted and accountable, they free us from fear.
The Apostle Paul said, “For God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of strength and love and self-control.” Those are the best responses to fear in the life of our country and they’re the code of the peace officer.
Today, all of us feel a sense of loss, but not equally. I’d like to conclude with the word of the families, the spouses, and especially the children of the fallen. Your loved one’s time with you was too short. They did not get a chance to properly say goodbye. But they went where duty called. They defended us, even to the end. They finished well. We will not forget what they did for us.
Your loss is unfair. We cannot explain it. We can stand beside you and share your grief. And we can pray that God will comfort you with a hope deeper than sorrow and stronger than death.
May God bless you.”

Thank you President Bush for your dignity and class.
A true Southern gentleman.

Friday, July 8, 2016

What Has This World Come To??

This morning I am torn. I want to post something positive, but the events of last night in Dallas are weighing heavily on my heart.

As you know, my younger brother is a police officer. My "baby" brother that I promised our mother 45 years ago that  I would protect, now protects me and you.

After serving 20 years in one of the most deadly cities in the South (second only to Atlanta!), he was retired for >>only one day<< before he started his new job in the suburb next door, THAT is how much he loves what he does!

The thought that some lunatic may ambush him simply because he has sworn with his life to protect others terrifies me!

Last night he reaffirmed his desire to continue to Protect and Serve despite current circumstances. He believes that ALL LIVES MATTER! Even those who do not appreciate or deserve his protection.

THAT is why we have law enforcement. Because ordinary people are willing to put on the uniform and willingly step into the gap between good and evil. He could have just as easily been a race car driver, but he chose this instead. Would you have the guts to do it?

My brother protects you along, with many others brothers, sisters, husbands wives, moms and dads, red ,yellow, white and yes, black too, who all love what they do.

Now think about that as your post your opinions today.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is the 20th anniversary of my 29th birthday.
Hard to believe that is has been exactly one week since I had my stroke.
Yes, unfortunately I said stroke.

But that is a story for another day.

Today, I will EnJOY my birthday!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

What Happens ....

when your sister has possession of all the embarrassing old family photos? She posts them on your birthday!

Happy birthday Dooder!!

Friday, June 10, 2016

~*~ Thought for the Day ~*~

“To a brave man, good and bad luck are like his left and right hand. He uses both.”
– St Catherine of Siena



Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sunday, May 22, 2016

And She Lived Happily Ever After

Once upon a time, ( today actually)a beautiful bride, dressed all in white, walked down the aisle to meet her adoring prince.

That's right: 17 years ago I became part of a real life fairy tale.

Oh, not one  the sweet ones, sanitized by Hollywood and all the p.c. bullcrap, where the prince sweeps in and kisses the princess and they ride off into the sunset, accompanied by animated woodland creatures and an Grammy award winning sound track

I am talking about the original gruesome fairy tales, popularized by the Brother's Grimm, written to scare children with a valuable morale at the end. You know, where the prince  wasn't really a prince after all and he runs off with the crone.

This day went over better than last year, which was better than the first, so I guess time does indeed heal all wounds. Well that, and the attentions of  much younger man, not yet 30, who is infatuated with me at the moment, but that is a story for another time.

I spent yesterday in South Alabama for the birthday of a life long friend, who I had know since I was four. I rode down with another life long friend and her husband.  Joined by her neighbors from down the road,  her handsome young cousin and a young friend she had hoped to fix him up with, we enjoyed a great day, great food (from a completely gluten-free home, no less!) and great laughs. 

My friend and her husband of four years, have a mini-farm in a tiny dot on the map, just North of Dothan. Their little patch of Heaven includes a fixer-upper and a shed that they got for less than a song. They are both very handy around the house and are completing projects as time and resources allow. It is coming together quite nicely.

There is also quite a menagerie in residence, that includes a rooster, several chickens, five ducks, about ten bunnies, two cats, and a 200 pound pig, that was supposed to only grow to ten. His name is Optimus Swine and he has a taste for raw peanuts, that he eats whole, shell included.

We played with baby bunnies (!!!!), broke up a dog fight, dug potatoes from her garden, and were inadvertently witnesses to duck rape. Don't Ask.

As we had neared our destination, about the time my cell service dropped off, I noticed the leaves of the oaks had begun to curl over, revealing their light green bottoms to the sky. A sure sign of rain: a fact I had shared with the couple I was riding with. When the sudden  shower blew up about an hour later, I was the only one not surprised. The wind picked up suddenly, uprooting the tent in yard and left everyone diving for the cover of the kitchen, but not before drenching everyone to the bone. Everyone , looked back at me, I threw up my hands, in a gesture of surrender. "Just reading the signs!" I protested.

Like any sudden summer shower, it was over in ten minutes, and in another ten, everything was already dry. As the menfolk went out to right the tent and restake it, and the women went out to supervise,  she pulled me aside and told me that she needed to tell me something that she had been dreading for years.

Several years earlier, when my class had a get together that she had attended, my husband had brazenly propositioned her at a point in the evening when I was helping attend to a drunk friend who was puking in the bathroom. Thankfully, she told him where he could stick his proposition.  She had been troubled by that exchange for years and even after learning of our divorce, really felt like she needed to tell me face to face rather than an email. She nearly cried as she told me, but seemed very relieved to be free of her secret,

I remember the incident, and the awkwardness, and always wondered, especially after the divorce, what might have happened then. One of the few glimpses into a double life that my husband was increasingly skilled at hiding. The other was when the jilted girlfriend busted the window of the truck in our driveway. (And the Oscar for Best Performance by A Liar Feigning Shock Surprise and Anger goes to....) Other than those very bizarre incidents, stupid me trusted the lying, cheating bastard completely.

I told her that I didn't blame her, and that there was nothing to forgive her for, that I figured as much, and to put it out of her mind.  She hugged me tightly, thanking me for my forgiveness, and promising that the universe would reward me with someone who was truly worthy of my love.

After an amazing dinner of grilled chicken, with barbecue fixin's that included homemade barbecue sauce and home made pickles, we sat around the patio watching the sunset. We  told tales from our shared childhoods,, as the light from the tiki torches danced around us. Her cousin and the young lady apparently hit if off,  laughing, heads together at some private joke. They were quick to volunteer to
fetch ice cream for us all, from the quick mart five miles up the road and scampered off giggling,

As with any other event that one is enjoying, time soon flew away from us. We bid everyone adieu and got back on the road to Birmingham. As we passed into the nearest coverage area, my phone began dinging with all my missed messages from the young one.  I smiled as I read and answered each of his sweet texts. "Wow" my travel companions exclaimed, "Someone is trying to find you." We discussed him briefly, how we had become friends,  how he had asked me to dinner and how I did not know what to say . Having a son the same age as this young man, the only advice she gave was that it was just dinner and to approach it as that  and not to overthink it right now.

We stopped at a truck stop near Prattville for a little 'stay awake juice" and were disappointed to only find that of a competitor, that we begrudgingly purchased. "Consider it 'Market Research'." I said to my friend, as I paid for our substandard coffee. We hit the road once again, arriving home just after midnight, Worn out from the trip, I texted the young one a quick goodnight and fell into bed.

Church this morning was a "rebroadcast' of Thursday night once again  We were told that the message would be the same, whether our pastor was live at our service or not. The audio was slightly ahead of the video. The message was from the book of James, written by the half-brother of Jesus

This lesson covered false religion. The verse in the Bible where the Lord will tell those who believe good deeds alone will get to Heaven, "...depart from me, I knew you not."

There are three categories that these people fall in:

The Self-Deceptive : Those who know about God, but do not know God

The Apathetic: Those who know what to do, but will not do it

The Stubborn: Those who fail due to their own pride.

One passage in particular stood out to me, James 1; 23-25

23 Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like someone who looks at his face in a mirror 24 and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like. 25 But whoever looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom, and continues in it—not forgetting what they have heard, but doing it—they will be blessed in what they do.

Afterward, my friend on our Prayer Team, also divorced, and also knowing what today had once been, prayed for me to have a peaceful day.

And her prayer was answered.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Post For My Mother

My mother reminded me that I didn't make a post about Mother's Day.

This year, I was pretty much out of ideas as far as gifts go. The movie basket worked well on Father's Day so I thought I'd try that again. 

The week of Easter, my mother mentioned the movie The Ten Commandments. Growing up, every Easter weekend there were two movies that were pretty much appointment television for my family. The Wizard of Oz and The Ten Commandments. Burning bushes, flying monkeys, the Angel of Death. Good stuff. Regardless of what I might have going on, I always cleared my calendar to watch these movies with my mom and little brother. It is among my most cherished childhood memories.

 Since I have an addiction to the discount movie bin at just about every big box retail store there is, it was pretty easy to come across a sweet double feature DVD. TTC along with another Charlton Heston epic period piece, Ben Hur.  I chose some goodies to nosh on while watching and dropped it all in a sweet little basket.

The first of the repairs were completed during the week, so Saturday I helped Daddy plant roses in front of the new porch and put down the new walkway. It turned out pretty nice.  I got a card from Julz, who was at the beach for the weekend.

On Mother's Day morning, I went to the 8:00 a.m. service at church. They were handing out roses to all the moms. I got a hot pink one. I came home to put it in a bud vase. The only one I could find had been a wedding present from a guy d/h had worked with.The guy told him that he should always make sure it was full. I wonder if he ever knew that d/h didn't keep that promise either.

i got to Mother's by 10. The Chief took us to Pappadeaux's. I had my taster set for steak but a picture of the specials changed my mind.  I had the salmon with shrimp and crawfish hash in butter sauce.  We  made it just in the nick of time, as the place quickly filled up. It was soon standing room only outside. Over our entrees, we mulled over color choices for the house, so I can paint once all the repairs are completed. Our waitress visited our table a little too often. We split Crème' Brule with fresh fruit garnish and handmade whipped cream, then we cruised through Mountain Brook to scope out possible color combinations.

We had fun, cruising through neighborhoods in The Tiny Kingdom, discussing various combinations, shutter patterns, and landscaping. The streets were filled with Sunday afternoon walkers, with their  jogging strollers and froufy dogs on leashes. We ended the tour with a stop off at the local paint store to pick up chips for my final selections to match with the brick.

I wrapped up the day with baby girl, KitKat, who brought me a charm bracelet she had put together for me. We had a nice chat, sitting on the patio set Dad put on the porch to show me how I could stage it,  She helped me with my paint chips, choosing the lighter of the two selections.

I closed out the day watching my favorite Sunday night television.

And now a word about my mother. I am not sure I can do this justice. I do not know how people survive without their mothers. Being just shy of 18 when I was born, we essentially grew up together. She has always been my harshest critic, but just because she wanted me to do my best, She is the measuring stick that I measure everyone else by. Not many people measure up.  I do not do a lot of things simply because of how I know my mother would feel about them. Silly? Probably, but in the end, I do not want to disappoint her anymore than I already have.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Where Is Your Focus?

"An intelligent person aims at wise action, but a fool starts off in many directions."
 ~Proverbs 17:24 (GN)

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Happy Birthday "Baby Girl"

Happy 27th Birthday to the girl who first called me "Mom" I am very proud of the young woman that you have become. Stay scrappy.
Love Mom

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Things That Go Bump In The Night

After two years living by myself, I have finally learned how to get some sleep alone in my house. Don't think it hasn't been hard.

I still sleep "on my side" of the bed (when I sleep in the bed and not fall asleep on the couch). I still sleep with a fan and the t.v. going so I have "noise to sleep by."  I still get up in the middle of the night when I hear something, flipping light switches as I go.

Last night was no exception.

My blood pressure meds are out of sync, thanks to the pharmacy being out of  my heart pill that controls my angina. They gave me a few days worth to get by until their shipment came in.  I went to bed early (8:30p) with a pounding headache and my heart beating clear out of my chest.

I was awakened at 2:00 a.m., by what I thought was someone breaking into my house! And they are NOT being quiet either.

With my already pounding heart,  up way up in my throat, I stomped down the hall, flipping switches as I went. Someone asked me later, as I related this story, had I had the presence of mind to at least carry the shotgun, which thankfully, I had not.

The table between the couch and love seat was overturned, all it's contents on the floor. Things on the coffee table were also on the floor and several books were knocked off a book shelf by the front door. Things definitely looked amiss.

 About that time my cat, JB, whizzed by me. He looked like SuperCat, not because he was practically climbing the walls, but because he had on a little, blue cape.  I know I was not dreaming that, and though he was circling the living room "full tilt boogie." I  leaned against the door facing, trying to focus, and take it all in. Yes, definitely cape-like. I thought about my glasses, back on my bedside table. I squinted as he made another round.  As my groggy, presbyopic eyes started to focus, was clear to see that he was in the clutches of a blue bag from Wallyworld.

 I know that it had once held various items from the old car that I had stashed under the desk. Obviously, he had gotten curious and started sniffing around it. His head, and what looked to be one front leg poked through the bag handle, and the rest trailed off behind him like a cape. He started to howl as he made another lap around the living room.

I was not awake enough to process this scene, nor could I catch him.  He was obviously terrified, yowling as if he were in pain. He was trying hard to escape from his "tormentor|, that was mysteriously, just as fast as he was. He made two more laps around the living room (one almost knee high on the wall), and shot thru the cat door into the garage.

Now everyone knows that, despite changes around my house, the garage is still full of crap. One thing at a time folks.  JB has a favorite hidey-hole that he retreats to when visitors arrive (except Huck: he will come out and love all over Huck, darn it). It's a cardboard box on the far side of the garage on top of  a mountain of stuff. "Kitty, you know I can't help you over there, if I can't get to you!" I whined. He stared out at me, wild-eyed and yowling. Try as I might, I could not reach him.

Knowing that he would eventually seek me out,  I sat down on the couch to wait. The
"Cleveland Show" was on. I watched, trying to stay awake. About 15 min later, I hear the cat door and he came belly crawling into the living room, the bag still in place.

He headed straight for his favorite chair, but his attempt to hide from his "captor" was thwarted. The unforgiving bag, got caught on the corner and tugged back. Only then did he give up, flopping over on his side. His begging eyes met mine. "Please help me" they seemed to say.

 I picked him up, his little heart was yammering in his chest, and his pupils still wide with fear. I freed him from the bag and he relaxed. I hugged him tight, and told him everything would be okay. The expression on his face was one of pure love and immense grattitude for his human.

 I was so amped up after all the hub-bub, I could not go back to bed. I went to work sleep deprived, cranky, with my chest hurting and a lingering head ache. It was a really long day.

 All for saving "the world" from a sinister walmart bag.....

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

God Is So Good!!

Wow...Five years ago today, I was living right in the midst of this storm!

Thankful to still have a roof over our heads,  albeit a damaged one, and also thankful that the Lord had spared D/H after his (supposed) tumble from our roof.

Today, I am meeting the contractor to begin purchasing supplies for the first of many home improvements!  I am super excited!

Well, not exactly the first. The porch, completed last week, came first.  It is exactly as I had imagined it. I have been enjoying these balmy Spring evenings, just sitting on the steps, breathing in the earthy smell of new wood,  and watching cars whiz by.

God is so good!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Enemy Within

I am seeing this more and more often. Single mothers who find out too late that the charming, romantic, heroic, man of their dreams, is actually a monster.

Sharing Catherine's story.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Living In the End Times

 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.
~2 Timothy 3 :1-5

If we are not living in the End Times now, I shudder to think what it is going to be like.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy 21st Birthday Baby Girl!

Today, this baby girl is 21 years old.

Even though I did not give birth to her, I love her as if I had.

Happy Birthday Kit-Kat! I hope that today is stellar!

~ Love, Mom

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Don't You Know That You're Toxic?

This link popped up on my Facebook news feed  a few weeks back.

It is a "click-thru" on the 7 Toxic Behaviors that Push Other's Away.

 Being Envious
Being Overly Sensitive
Playing the Victim
Constant Negativity
Lacking Self Control
Being Superficial
Being Cruel

It all boils down to simply taking every thought captive and banishing negative influences.

I have noticed that since I vowed this year to cultivate "the attitude of gratitude,"  being thankful for everything, good, bad, and otherwise, how much more my life has improved!
I am enjoying  God's Blessings that He keeps pouring out into my life!

Since (finally) participating in Financial Peace University last Fall, I have learned that God will bless me if I stay faithful to His Word, in my tithing and control of my finances.  Positive proof: my inheritance and my new car!

I have begun thanking everyone on my team for their hard work everyday ( well...most days) to let them know how much I appreciate them.

I try to steer clear of jumping on the "Bash Wagon," posting negativity or spreading gossip.  I've started posting only positive affirmations on that "evil" Facebook  monster.

I have turned up my prayers, careful to always thank the Lord for the amazing things that He is doing around me.

I have also been praying, very diligently, for the salvation of those lost souls who fall into these seven toxic behaviors, I see them in a huge, negative spiral, where actions continue to repeat themselves over and over again.

Food for thought

In all things give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you all. ~1 Thessalonians 5:18

Monday, March 7, 2016

A Bit of Truth

Pastor Matt shared a powerful thought yesterday.

"When you believe a lie, you empower the liar."

How are you empowering the liar?

Food for thought.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

What's On the Menu


Cabbage rolls using THIS RECIPE with a kale and edamame salad.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Twenty Five Years and Counting!

25 years ago today, this fresh faced 23 year old started a job that would become her career and ultimately change her life.

She would gain and lose 70 lbs, meet her best friend, buy her first home, survive not one, but two horrific divorces, raise three children, bury her grandparents, climb the ladder, forget more than she remembers, but still gain a little wisdom along the way.

 Every day brings new challenges, and they are never boring, but she still loves what she does!

Here is to 25 more...Lord willing!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bringing Sexy Back

Not sure who Steven Aitchison is, but he hit the nail on the head.
Thank you for the reminder not only that I AM sexy, I am also


Friday, January 29, 2016

Real Men Cook

One of the great things about dating again is, well let's be honest, eating out!

Everyone knows that I really HATE, I mean H A T E  cooking and,  worse yet, cleaning up after it's done. 

But Lord love a man who can cook.

I  think I mentioned having dinner a few weekends ago at Gun's (high school friend mentioned in this post) . It was pouring rain, yet he braved the elements to grill some pretty yummy chicken.

Last night, he called to invite me to dinner with him and his son again.. Their home is on the way to mine, (only about 10 minutes away) so a slight course correction had me there by six.
 This time it was some pretty tasty burgers topped off with grilled poblano peppers! MMMM!!
Finding out that I have a gluten intolerance (which I had to explain meant no buns for me) meant I got to eat mine on a plate surrounded by yummy vegetables instead. 

He told me that he had taken some culinary courses back during his short time in college, and it had sparked his interest. He has loved to cook ever since,
Gotta love a man who can cook! Sure beats Hamburger Helper!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

30 Years Ago Today....

They say life is a series of "Where Were You?" moments.  Those moments that pinpoint a place in time for  the whole world.  In my lifetime I can say, with certainty,  what I was doing during events such as the attempted assassination on Alabama Governor George Wallace,  the fall of the Berlin wall, Princess Diana's death,  the 911 attack on America,  the fall of the statue of Saddam Hussein.

I also can tell you what I was doing at the time of both catastrophic space shuttle accidents. Today is the anniversary of the Challenger accident.

30 Years ago I was home sick with the flu. I was mad that the news had preempted my soap opera with a space shuttle launch. Big... Fat... Hairy.. Deal. We were always launching something, right? My mother had called to check on me. She worked at a bank in the middle of my hometown. I could hear the hustle and bustle of the people in the bank in the back ground of her call. I was griping about how unimportant I thought this was in the world today, when the space shuttle exploded on the screen in front of my eyes. I said "Uh Mom, I think the space shuttle just blew up" She responded " The Space Shuttle Blew Up?!"  In that moment, you could have heard a pin drop on the other end of the line.

I will never forget that.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

It's D Day

It's D day Inmate Brooks.  Soon, it will be OVER.

May the Lord have mercy on your soul.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

72 MORE HOURS.....

Her name was JoDeann.

She was a huge tomboy as a kid. My brother, her, and Michael from across the street were inseparable when we first moved to Country Club Oaks. I was 12 that year, so my brother was 8. She lived next door.  She quickly became his best friend.

I have a ton of pictures growing up, and JoDeann is in most of them. Birthdays, pool parties, Christmas, prom, and just random pictures of nothing in particular. She was always at my house.  I regarded her as a little sister.

She was an effervescent ray of sunshine, and always went out of her way to make others smile. She was always smiling, laughing, and bubbly. She was fearless and trusting. She would give you the shirt off her back, the shoes from her feet. She believed in second chances and would often smooth things over between feuding friends. She was the peace maker.  I've often wondered what she would be like now.

Her life ended December 31, 1992. She was only 23.

In 72 hours, the worthless piece of crap who ended her life will be put to death for this crime.

Googling her name will bring up his smirking mug. Every time.

Here is the most recent news report. Every time the anchor mispronounces her name it makes me mad.

I know that she would have been embarrassed by all of this fuss. Had he just taken her wallet and nothing else, I know she would have forgiven him. 

But now we will never know, because he never gave her that chance.

In 72 hours, it will all be over.

Monday, January 18, 2016

MLK Day 2016

Make the most of the opportunities you are presented
Volunteer to change someone's life.

Friday, January 8, 2016


Whew! Finally Friday!

Today's post is a little close distance dedication for a good friend, who has apparently made it his mission lately to make sure that I am staying on the positive side.  Since reconnecting, his texts and phone calls keep me smiling. 

Back in the day,  I remember he was always a sweet guy who had no trouble coaxing a smile or laugh out of me, and he always dressed like a rock star.  But in the 80's, who didn't ?  In my mind's eye, he will forever be the kid with spiked hair and parachute pants. I was the Senior and he was one of the underclassmen that I "allowed" to hang out with me and my BFF and partner in crime.  I think it was because I was willing to drive them around. When he was finally driving age, his parents had purchased a 1970's era Trans Am, that he drove throughout high school before finally selling it. He was telling me just the other night that he thinks that he has found it again, and is in negotiations with its current owner to obtain it. Despite needing a little love, it still runs. I hope he gets it. Wouldn't that be cool?

For some reason, he was nicknamed after this song.  Not sure I want to hazard a guess as to why, but it's still a really cool song. 

"Love Gun"  KISS from the album of the same name (Casablanca Records 1977)
Rockin' way to end the week.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The End of an Era

Today marks the official end of my family business.

It's the end of an era, and I'm not certain how I feel.

We raised chickens. Not yard birds. The chickens that become your whole/bone-in/boneless/wings/fingers/ nuggets. My grandparents started this business when they moved back from Michigan when my dad and his sister were young.

Our whole family has grown up around the business, including the grandchildren, even great-grandchildren.  My earliest memories include marveling at the thousands of fuzzy little birds.

A few months back, the supplier told my dad that "because of the age of the equipment and the buildings" they would "not be renewing the contract."  With my dad approaching his 70's, there was really no need to obtain a loan to make the upgrades.

And with that,  we are out of the chicken business.

I'm a little sad right now.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Hello 2016!

Good morning 2016!
I look forward to the promise and new adventure that you hold.
As always,