Thursday, November 21, 2013

Weekly What I Wore: Fan Wear

Dressed like a winner!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Weekly What I Wore

Today's WWIW is actually a throw-together outfit.

On cold mornings I try to stay in bed for as long as possible, so having a good basics wardrobe helps me throw together an outfit in a flash.

So here I have paired a basic pair of black pants, with my white, "destressed" ribbon tee from Cato  and my pink shortie sweater (also seen here, I cut the ties off)

Next week is Thanksgiving, so I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday full of food, family and friends. Oh and of course, Football!!  Get Stuffed!!


Friday, November 15, 2013

Weekly What I Wore

 So for today's Weekly What I Wore, I'm featuring my Friday Fan Day outfits. I really should have been posting these all along, but there are Friday's  when I'm busy.  I wear something Auburn-related every Friday. So far, I haven't worn the same outfit twice. Not bad for a girl who was a HUGE Auburn fan her whole life but had very few Auburn clothes, save a few tee shirts.

So this is the outfit I put together for today (sorry the pic is so blurry) :

Orange tee: Cato season clearance... $3.99
White jeans: Chico's brand from thrift store (still had Chico's price tag attached) ...$2
Blue jean jacket: Walmart season clearance...$7
Brown leather Earth Spirit clogs: Walmart season clearance....$10

The par that ties it all together is this "AUsome" wooden bead tiger necklace I scored at the Souther Women's Show in Birmingham back in October. This is the first time I've (thought about it) worn it since I bought it and it matches perfectly!

Have a great weekend and War Eagle!!
~En JOY!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Great Mysteries

Today I am writing about a great mystery that occured over the weekend. 

I think that I've broken my nose.

It is swollen and there is a slight bruise across the bridge. I can't for the life of me think of how it happened.

It happened sometime Saturday. I woke up from a nap on the couch and it was sore. I feel  if I had gotten clocked in my sleep, that would have awakened me.  All I know is that today, my nose is sore, swollen and a little blue.

Monday, I sneezed my head off, pretty much most of the day. I had to use great care to wipe my nose, for fear that I would injure it more.

Yesterday was probably the worst. I complained about it all day. I took my glasses off to lessen the pain. Kit-Kat pegged me as soon as I walked in the door.
"Omigosh Mom....what happened to your face?!"

Usually, something like that would put me on the defensive, but I was just glad that someone else, besides me, could see it.

It's hurting again, primarily because I have to wear my glasses to see.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Weekly What I Wore: Black and White

So my "Weekly What I Wore" for this week is my basic black and white with my black boots.  Classic, comfortable, quick.
Then I thought I'd add this year's Halloween costume. I'm a Grande Mochachino with whip. See my straw?  Also quick and easy (the hardest part was making the straw) and if I had to look "official" I could remove the parts and voila'  I'm professional again!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Have You Forgotten: Annual Repost of My Own 9/11 Story

This is the annual repost of my my 9/11 story. This version is from the 10th anniversary.  Every year, friends ask me why I "dwell on the past".  History is written by the survivors, from stories passed down by their elders.  The parts that are insignificant are soon forgotten.

For my children and the generations to come.



It is time for the annual repost of my 9/11 story.

The last few days have been somewhat emotional for me, as the tributes have begun playing on t.v. It's hard to believe it's been ten years now.

If you are a regular reader and have read this story before, I urge you not to skip over it. It's going to be a little different than in years past and here is why:

"All You" magazine had wanted to publish it in this month's edition, along with other 9/11 stories from readers across the country. I was very excited, but after working with the editor, it became clear that for me, the story was still too personal. I was not ready to share it in that medium yet. So my Bucket List item of being published will have to wait a little longer.

I also became aware of a problem that may be caused by the disclosure of a few facts about my customer.

I work for a coffee company. It is a coffee importer and distributor based in Birmingham, Alabama. We primarily handle coffees for Food Service  (hotels  resorts, restaurants, hospitals, etc...) Office Coffee (that stuff in your breakroom at work) and Convienence Stores (gas stations, truckstops and the like). We even offer the option to purchase it for your home through our home goods department.. But a large part of our business is Private Labeling.

Have you ever looked at a bag of store-brand coffee and read "packaged for This Store in Birmingham, Alabama?" Well, sometimes, Birmingham, Alabama means us. That is "private labeling." Some companies don't take kindly to the source of their private labeled products being revealed, so I've removed the customer store name. The real point of the story is not where the coffee was going, but the person delivering it and my reaction. And, I like my job.

Next February will mark my 21st year there as a customer service professional. Oh, the stories I could tell.

Like this one.

Tomorrow will be September 11th. Patriot Day.

I'll be wearing my yellow ribbon and my American Flag pin.

This year, marking the ten year anniversary, I know that it will be commemorated with the reverence that it should.

Even after ten years, the emotion is nearly as fresh and raw as it was watching the non-stop news footage.

And every year since, I have thought about 5 cases of coffee.

I cry when I tell it because the emotions bubble back up, so you are at an advantage reading it, though I am about to cry just typing it.

Every now and again, a private-label customer would request a few cases of coffee be sent directly to one of their stores. On September 10, 2001 they requested that I send five cases of coffee to the store on the basement level of WTC. I am told this is where the food court was. They had requested Next Day Air, Early A.M. delivery, which means it is delivered first thing in the morning. I processed the UPS shipment myself, to ensure it was done in time for pick up.

It stood out to me because the address was simply :

(Store Name)
Basement Suite#
WTC, NY and the zip code.

I remember thinking, "How cool is that?"

At the office the next morning, I arrived early enough to make my coffee, prioritize my "things to do" list for the day, and settle in. My department is a long room, lined in cubicles, with a walkway from our main breakroom to our lobby on the interior side and a wall of windows on the other. The cubicles in the center face outward, creating a large open area in the middle of the room. Between each workstation is a curved countertop and a chair, so in the center there are two that face one another like tables in a cafe. The space is very conducive to lingering and chatting by those passing through to and from the main breakroom. At times it can be very disruptive.

Our purchasing agent at the time, a fellow named Ron, was walking through on his way to the main breakroom, coffee cup in hand. You must know this about Ron. He was a very serious individual, but was also extremely funny. He had the driest sense of humor and could deliver the funniest jokes with an expression so deadpan, that sometimes it was hard to determine if he was being serious or pulling your leg. So when he stopped in the center, and asked "Did you hear a plane crashed into the World Trade Center?" we all paused for the punchline.

After convincing us that he was serious, I raced to the breakroom to see the breaking news on t.v. The address of my previous day's shipment suddenly came to mind and it dawned on me, the UPS driver could very well be there at that very moment. I was standing there watching, when the second plane hit.

As the events of the day unfolded, I thought more and more of those five boxes of coffee and the unsuspecting UPS driver I'd sent to his death. I prayed for a lot of people that day, but I prayed specifically for him.

Over the next several days, I began to think about him quite a bit. Was he married, did he have children, what kind of person would he have been....? Because I would never really know his fate, it started to be too much for me. Every time I saw footage of the dust & debris, I imagined a UPS truck buried beneath it.

Though it may sound strange, I felt really guilty, like somehow I was responsible. I cried uncontrollably, nearly daily, over this person I'd never met.

Two weeks went by. My best friend told me that I was going to give it to God and let it go. So I finally prayed that God would give me some peace over it and release me from this guilt I was feeling. I prayed once more for him and his family and "laid it down."

The very next day, our local UPS driver returned those five boxes of coffee stamped "UNDELIVERABLE." They looked as good as the day I sent them out. I took their pristine condition as my sign from God that the driver I prayed so diligently over, was okay too.

Looking back, I can't explain why I was so upset over this person that I didn't know, when there were those who I did know right in the heart of the events.

  • My cousin, Amanda, pregnant with her middle daughter, on a courier run in New York. Her company had called her back to the office, just shy of reaching WTC, where her deliveries were to be made. She was one of hundreds of thousands who fled Manhattan on foot across the George Washington Bridge.

  • One of our DC route reps had just left from making his Pentagon delivery, watched as that plane passed overhead. He called in, shaken but okay, and told one of the CSR's "I think I just saw a plane crash."

  • Moments later friend Penny Huggins Bailey, stationed there as a protocol officer, would be saved from the direct hit by an overwhelming surge of mother's intuition.

There was a resurgence of hospitality, patriotism, and faith. People were kinder, gentler, more caring, more forgiving. More were proud to be American and began to relish what was good about our country, rather than harping on what was wrong. And everyone began to rexamine their faith.

Ten years later, my emotions still overwhelm me, and the tears come as easily now as they did then.

Alan Jackson's "Where Were You" effortlessly captured everything I had felt about the events surrounding 9/11. Thursday, I had posted the video of it from the live performance to my Facebook page. I watched the full five minute video to make sure it was complete and not compromised in any way before I posted it. Half way through, I realized that I was crying.

I know, when I tell this story to my grandchildren some day, I will fight back a tear even then.

I realize that to some extent, as a nation we should "move on." But I was raised that the first part of getting where you are going, is knowing where you've been.

Never Forget

(As always, dedicated to those who unsuspectingly gave their lives Sept 11, 2001, the people who knew & loved them, and all our military heroes keeping us safe ever since.)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekly What I Wore: Fanwear Friday

(I so have to get me a new phone)

Here is my new Auburn shirt-dress that I wore for Fanwear Friday.  Paired with my neutral Volitile sandals it's easy and comfy, but still pulled together.

I was in such a hurry to snap this selfie, that I not only forgot to remove my security pass,  but I also forgot to take off my glasses.

War Eagle and

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weekly What I Wore: Funeral Edition

This week's Weekly What I Wore I am calling "The Funeral Editon" because I'm going to a funeral today. 

The mother of a friend from my old neighborhood  had passed away on Monday and the service is today.

Mrs. Isbell was always warm and welcoming. Her oldest child went to school with my mother. Her youngest child was my first love. Her house was always filled with friends and she would always cook a little extra because she never knew who may be coming to dinner.  I have many fond memories of her.

I had worn my "funeral dress," a simple black crepe sheath dress from Kasper, on Tuesday in anticipation of  attending visitation that night, but plans later changed.

This dress, that I purchased from Dress Barn, I consider more of a Winter dress because of the thicker jersey fabric. The diagonal stripes, in varying shades of gray and black, whittled my wide waistline and gave the illusion of shape.

While it was comfortable to wear at work all day, it was a little thicker than I would have wanted to wear in an Alabama August. But it was a black dress, and it was clean, so it fulfilled my rules for "proper funeral attire" that it was both dark and respectable.

And Mrs. Isbell deserved my best.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Confession Time: Evil Thoughts

Is it just me, or do you stand a little straighter when you realize that you are better looking than your exes new sweetie? Really, I shouldn't care but it's kinda funny

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weekly What I Wore: The one with the hubby

This week's edition of the WWIW features Darling Hubby and this fabulous dress I got at Ross for ....wait for it......FIFTEEN NINETY-NINE!

The daughter of an old school chum is getting married this week in Georgia. So her parents threw a party here so that all her Alabama folks could meet the future husband and wish them luck.

What a great occasion for a new dress...right?

And this flattering number filled the bill, at a steal! I still can't believe I got this for $15.99!

The colorful design down the front and the black sides trick the eye and shave off ten pounds. Pair with the natural-toned MOST EXPENSIVE SHOES EVER lends to the illusion of a longer leg.

Since me and Darling Hubby rarely get dressed up for any occasion, I thought I'd snap a quick pic. 


Monday, August 19, 2013

Club Fashion: Redneck Style

Darling Hubby and I , along with a couple of his buddies went out to a local bar Saturday night to see a favorite cover band called DV8. These guys really know how to rock the house.  
They play hard rock/classic rock/alternative rock, so it's kinda hard to dance to. And it's very LOUD. I usually stuff napkins down in my ears to save my hearing. Hey, I made it out of the 80's with my hearing intact, suprisingly, so don't knock it until you've tried it.
(Several people I went to high school frequent there and let me say, this post does not apply to any of them. )
As I sat there, I started noticing some disturbing fashion trends in the women that frequent this establishment.
I thought I'd take a moment to discuss them here:
 1) If your boobs (or anything else for that matter) is no longer where they used to be, please DO NOT (a) go braless or (b) go strapless. I swear one lady's boobs migrated to under her arms while she was dancing.  Real. Damn. Sexy.
There is a great shop over at the Summit called The Fitting Touch. They sell great bras for girls of all sizes. They support them and lift them back up where they belong, but they don't work if you don't wear them.  Google it then make a visit. Its well worth the money!
2) If you have to ask your friend " does this tube top/mini skirt/ backless shirt/ booty shorts /etc...make me look fat?" it usually does and you already know that it does. You dont need to be wearing it.  Period
3) If you are 40 and over, do not raid your teenaged daughter's closet for an outfit. Ever. I knowthat you think it's sexy, but you would be wrong. You will not be pulling anything over on anyone. I had more compliments thank you and I was wearing a tshirt and jeans. I had two folks tell me that they just don't meet any "classy women like you (i.e. me!) anymore."  Oh. And you look rrreeeeaaaaalllllyyyy stupid.
4) If you bleach your hair to the point it is falling out, it does not "look pretty " no matter what you do to it. That should be self explainatory.
5) If you can't handle dancing in heels, DO NOT wear them. Why? Because this will cause you to take them off and run around, in a public forum, barefooted. My "Lady McBeth" OCD-self  does not need to  find you washing your nasty, bare feet in the sink in the bathroom.  Ladies put their hands in there! Wearing heels is a skill. I learned how to wear mine 8 hours at a time. Nowd I can actually lift and carry heavy objects while wearing them.
7) Know how to hold your liquor. If you cant, please stay home. Even if it's your birthday and all your friends want to get you drunk and keep buying you free drinks. I'd rather you not vomit on my heels.
I just wanted to run up and grab the lady in the spandes tubetop and booty shorts, and tell her that her outfit should have stayed back in the disco era ,back when it probably looked hot on her, but it was now time to retire it.
Trust me. Next time you go out
Step Away from that mini skirt

Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekly What I Wore

Okay, so this posting before Wednesday is working out really great! I seem to be getting in on the Weekly What I Wore (formerly known as What I Wore Wednesday)  earlier and earlier.

Today, I wore this great black skirt from the Kasper outlet at my local outlet mall. I found it in a bag, tags still attached. The  receipt included says that I purchased it in December and that it had been marked down 40%.  My Chadwick's of Boston motled tank,  Jones New York sweater and my second pair of "MOST EXPENSIVE SHOES EVER."

I also realized today that I did not tell the story of  my MOST EXPENSIVE SHOES EVER, so I decided to tell it here.

A little over a year ago, wandering around said outlet mall and decided on a whim to go into the Nine West shop.  I usually try to avoid shoe stores because of the obvious problem with my feet.  I breezed through but a large "SIZE 11" sticker on the end of a box near the door stopped me in my tracks.  THEY HAVE MY SIZE!!!  I couldn't believe it!

But the price sticker right under that beautiful,  little round size sticker made me realize, they may have shoes in my size, but I will never be able to afford them.

Dejected, I started to walk out, then the ever helpful sales staff told me that there was a sale on and the price marked was not necessarily the price I would pay.  Hope renewed, I started looking at shoes that came in my size.

THE MOST EXPENSIVE SHOES EVER were tan slingback platforms, with a stacked wooden heel. They felt like butter. They blended seamlessly into my legs.   Sale Price:$65

The only time I felt love like this, well pretty darn close to this, was when my daughter was born. I had to have them. But $65.  My entire shoe wardrobe probably didn't cost that much. I paced back in forth by the window, trying to talk myself out of them. 

A dear friend, Janine, worked in the shop next door. I had just "visited" her, so I knew I could go to her for advice. 

"You never buy anything for yourself! Buy them!" she cajoled. 

"I know, but the moment I buy them, I'm going to find out that there is some medical bill I haven't paid, or the lights are about to be cut off or something."

Even the shop manager, a large fellow that could have been an "alternative lifestyler" got into the sale. "They are comfortable, they are cute, they are leather, they go with anything, them!"

So I worked up the courage, walked next door, and plunked down my d e b i t card.

I immediately felt guilty. Whenever I spend a lot of money on something, it always comes back to bite me in the behind. There is always some new bill, or hidden school fee, or last minute field trip or something that rears it's ugly head right after I make a big purchse.

I carried my new shoes home, but wouldn't wear them for weeks.  I couldn't even enjoy them. They sat at the end of my bed for close to a month.

Finally, I did wear them, but only out of necessity.  (Have you ever lost just one shoe in the bottom of your closet? )

I got lots of compliments on them, but I quantified every compliment with "Well, they should. They are the MOST EXPENSIVE SHOES EVER."

Fast forward to April of this year.

After an off-site meeting, my boss and I found ourselves with a little time to kill. Enter the mall.  Because it is a store that I frequently go in, drool over shoes I can't afford then leave, I insisted that we stop in.  I showed her the other versions of THE MOST EXPENSIVE SHOE EVER in black and black mock croc. My boss was trying on another pair from down the way.

The saleslady sidled up behind us, "you know that we are having a buy-one-get-one-half-off sale."  The boss and I looked at each other. Then the saleslady said something that made my whole shoe shopping experience different. "You could combine your purchse, split the difference, and save. AND we can do it on two credit cards, so you each get a reciept"


We each got a great pair of shoes at an even better price!


I hope to stumble upon that deal again!


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Why I Hate Cutesey Pregnant Pictures

Because I just do!

 I think that p r e g n a n c y should be private.  Like Princess Katherine's. Do you know why you never saw Kate with her hand on her crotch, pulling her shirt down (or Lord Jesus, up ...shuddder...) so you could see the royal baby bump? Because Kate has CLASS.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weekly What I Wore

I'm getting pretty good at pulling together my Weekly What I Wore (formerly known as What I Wore Wednesday) and having one ready to go each week. I'm so far ahead that I posted last weeks outfit twice.  Oopsie!

Today's outfit harken's back to my "classic" seperates phase.

The black/ silver / white striped buttonw down from New York and Co is a favorite that I mentioned here,

The black platform sling-back pumps from Nine West are the second "most expensive shoes" I've ever owned.  I discuss the other pair here.

The Jones New York black crepe skirt is a new piece, well, new in that it still had the tags on it, but the reciept in the bag read "December" so you can make your own assumptions. I had forgotten that I had bought it. It's a basic. I once read that you must buy the best basics that you can afford so that they go the distance and never look dated. I'm sure that is why I purchased this skirt.

We have a great little outlet mall near my hometown that we call The Shops of Grand River. There are many great shops there such as Jones New York, Nine West, Coach, Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic, and Kasper, just to name a few. I've never been better dressed in my whole adult life!They have FABULOUS sales, and the reciept proves that I did not pay full price. I only pay full price when I'm desperate for an outfit. 


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Today I wore this great new dress from Ross ($14.99!) with my natural-toned "most expensive shoes ever" from Nine West. I love how the black sides on the dress, combined with the bright stripes down the front,  whittle my middle.  I had TONS of compliments on it.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weekly What I Wore

Yesterday I went to see my cardiologist.

Yes, I have a cardiologist, because I am "of sufficient age" to have one.

I learned some disturbing things about my blood pressure (it's WAY too high) and some even more disturbing things that could possibly wrong with my kidneys.

I have the double whammy: I am also diabetic.

Did you know that your KIDNEYS control your blood pressure? I was as shocked as you were when I first learned that little jewel.  One would think that would be more of the heart's job.

If the meds don't control my blood pressure, he wants to scan my kidneys for some really long, weird sounding, medica condition where the arteries and veins to my kidneys developed a scar-tissue like formation that narrrowed them down. He said that would be "an easy fix" but he used the "S" word (surgery) to correct that if it should come to that.

Then they took several vials of blood, that I had to talk through. It was not "a good stick" and bled a lot when she was done. So I got this great little bandage.

Then last night, I picked up my prescriptions at the pharmacy. I guess I didn't understand when he was explaining the meds because I thought he said that I would take one 3 times a day and then changed it for one I would take twice a day.  But I walked out with a prescription of each. Yep, that is right, I'm taking FIVE PILLS every day. And one is a huge, horse pill. I hope I don't choke on it because I know that I will have a heart attack. 

I took this photo this morning, not long after I took my new medicine. I'm kinda glad I did because right nowI am so groggy and dizzy,  I'm not sure that I could stand up straight and aim the phone in the right direction.  But my blood pressure seems pretty good.

This is my thrift-store skirt. I got it on the shopping trip that turned out to be "Half Price Day" at the new thrift store I visited.  It only cost me 75 cents!  It is Cato brand, but even with the great clearance that Cato has, could not get it that cheap. I paired it with a white sleeveless shell from Ashley Stewart and the pink shrug ( another Cato clearance find) and finished the outfit off with my Volitile sandals and Premier jewelry (thanks boss!)
So, now that I've gotten this out of the way, I'm going to lay down for a few.
I swear, I felt better when my blood pressure was trying to kill me.
~En JOY!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekly What I Wore

You will have to excuse today's post. I'm really not feeling that great. I just kinda threw something on. Luckily I have the great Banana Republic dress that's wash and wear and I paired it with my Nine West mock-croc pumps.

I'm sure you will recognize this dress.  I wore it back in December with tights and boots.
I call this the "Winter Version"
Here is the "Summer Version"
I'm cutting my head off of this pic because it's humid today and m y    h a i r wouldn't cooperate.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Fine Dining

It is a rare occasion when I get to eat dinner out, and even rarer when it is just me and my son Tigger.

But we found ourselves alone at home, as Darling Hubby was moonlighting as security at a local concert venue.

So Tigger and I took the opportunity to visit a new Chines buffet in our area.

Tigger and I have "Chinese Buffet" down to a science. Because I had my big purse (usually I wear a cross-body bag so I am totally hands free, but tonite I didn't take it) one of us had to stay at the table with it. We are pro's at maximizing our trips to the buffet so that the other has to spend as little as possible alone at the table. We cruise the buffet area, taking in all that is prepared. Then we go back for the specific items that we want, usually in one trip. Anything that is deemed worthy warramts a second visit.

 It had once been a popuar local steakhouse that went belly-up when the economy tanked. It featured a rustic decor with steer skulls and tin stars and a variety of stuffed critters, perched upon a faux tin-roof facade that ran along the outside edges of the seating area. They mad the transition from steakhouse to Chinese buffet quite nicely, leaving the tin-roof awning in place.

Usually we are seated in the back, but the hostess seated us right up front under this awning.

The section was full with families seated both behind Tigger to the front of the restaurant and behind me toward the back. I did not notice the family seated in the booth behind Tigger when we sat down but I do not know how I did not. For the record, it was a man, a woman (who I lager realized was a double amputee) and two children, approximately 6 and 10.

I went to the buffet first and quickly returned with my plates and Tigger did as well. We were settling in for a nice dinner, when we first noticed the dinner conversation of our neighbors. The six year old piped up and told everyone at the table how extremely careful he was getting his plate back the table.
In his best OUTSIDE voice.

Tigger looked up from his soup, raising his eyebrows at me as if to say "Wow Mom, do you believe that?"

His mother exclaimed to EVERYONE IN THE RESTAURANT how proud she was of him.

My mouth hung open in response and disbelief. Dinners around us chuckled.

The woman began discussing her doctor's visit, VERY LOUDLY. I heard all about how her feet were "off" but the doctor could adjust them. And that she was walking very well but he asked if she was running yet and she had said no, and that he had said, "Well you will be."

This had to be a trick of the acoustics, a unpleasant side-effect of sitting under the tin awning, ampligfying the sound. The dinner behind me sighed loudly. "Good Lord, can she hear herself?" he muttered.

The six year old gave a play-by-play of why he could not eat the vegatables that his mother had made him put on his plate  ("BECAUSE THEY MAKE ME FART MAMA, YOU KNOW THAT")
causing the dinners across from us, seat on the opposite edge of our section to giggle. Okay, maybe it wasn't just the awning. Tigger nearly choked.

I got up to got back for a second helping of salmon and stuff shimp.

(to be continued...)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

So I guess the secret of getting an early post on What I Wore Wednesday is posting on Tuesday. So I have. Yes, another pic in the bathroom.

This is my Tuesday outfit.

Navy blouse and white denim skirt: New York and Company
I bought them all right before our annual sales meeting two or three years ago. Not real proud of what I paid for it. Whenever I'm in a pinch, I tend ot overspend.

 I bought this combo to go wth my Favorite stripped wedges from Cato.

Well, come to think of it, my necklaces are from NY&Co too. They were at least buy one, get one free.

Despite overspending a bit, I can say that I have got my money's worth out of the outfit. Both peices are classic cuts, and I can mix and match them with other items in my wardrobe.

I am happy to admit, they are both a little big =)  so that means that my new "lifestyle" change is working.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday: Birthday Edition

It's my birthday.  I am spending the day trying not to feel old.

This is my great chambray dress from Chico's. I've probably paid more of it than most all of my other clothes.  But because it is a classic style, I should be able to wear it for many years. An investment piece. 

Because I have wide shoulders and small hips, I had to buy for my shoulders. This made the bottom of the dress balloon out. A trip to my tailor, and fifteen dollars worth of alterations later, it is now much more flattering. Though I did have to sacrifice the inset pockets, I considered it a small price to pay.

I usually wear it in the Winter, with tights and boots.

I wore it yesterday with my Volitile wedges and made it a Summer outfit. Pardon the wrinkles. I took the photo at the end of the day.  Yes, here I am in the bathroom again. I have no friends =(

Today, I'm wearing this outfit. I'm sure that you recognize my favorite white "rosette" tank and lime green shrug. I paired it with my polka-dot skirt that I purchased many years ago at Walmart. I didn't realize that you could not see that the dots are all different colors so the lime green shrug really brings out the green ones.  My favorite Nine West faux croc pumps round out the outfit.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

I really love this outfit. But especially THE SHOES!

The navy pants were the bottom of my Easter suit that I purchased at the Burlington Coat Factory. Suggested retail was nearly triple digits, but I only paid $39.99.  I don't usually buy an outfit unless I am certain that I can break it up and wear the componets with other pieces in my wardrobe. I knew that I could wear the navy slacks again.

If you remember, the neckline of the jacket was a bit low, so I went in search of a white shell to wear underneath it. That is when I found this great navy and white stripped sweater at Cato, on the clearance rack for just $9.99.  That instantly made one outfit into two.

I was a little stressed because there are NEVER any navy shoes (or at least in my size) but I can always count on Cato to carry cute, trendy shoes, in a wide variety of sizes and was doubly surprised to find this great pair of navy and white dressy heels! The heel heighth was a bit intimidating but the platform made them comfortable.  At just $15.99 all I needed were a pair of Dr Scholls Ball-of-Foot cushions (which I wear in all of my shoes) and I was in business!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday: Stepping it up

For today's WIWW, I decided to step it up a little bit and wear a skirt and heels.

These are my great Nine West sling back pumps that I got half price at the store at The Shops of Grand River outlet mall.  There is something about wearing heels that makes me walk a little taller (besides the obvious) and I get lots of compliments when I am wearing a good high heeled shoe.

I paired them with my $1 thrift store find black skirt and Cato clearance sweater and tee.
To round out the outfit, I have my hardwire necklace with $3 Walmart pendant and Premier bracelets
(thanks Boss!)

I  ALWAYS forget to link back to The Pleated Poppy, where I share my WIWW with other readers!
Please forgive me.

Here is the link back to The Pleated Poppy

pleated poppy


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday: It's All About The Shoes I know it's Tuesday, but I really love this outfit so I'm posting WIWW early.

And it's all about the SHOES!

In this case, my denim stripped wedges.
I was just telling someone earlier that I loved these shoes so much, that I should have gotten them in black too,

I got them at Cato (of course) and they were so fun and "Spring-y." The are comfortable and make me MUCH taller than my regular 5 foot 7 height.  They go really well with all of my denim/white outfits, like the one I'm wearing here.

These are my favorite Chico's white jeans that I found at the local thrift store (original tag intact) for just $3. I paired them with my favorite  Riders by Lee denim top. A little silver jewelry (thanks Boss!) and I'm good to go.


Friday, May 3, 2013

Surviving "PROMA"

"Proma" = (noun) any and all drama associated with attending one's prom. Usually suffered most by the parents.

Welcome to "prom season"

This year, Kit-Kat will be attending two proms.

The first prom was 2 weeks ago. It was her boyfriend, Cotton's prom. Except she didn't go with Cotton.  She went with Cotton's buddy Rusty. Why? Because Cotton is "anti-prom"

After this experience, I'm surprised that Rusty is not now "anti-prom" too.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Master Reset

18 years ago, my life went through a "master reset."

April 19, 1995 was an odd day.

I had scheduled a vacation day. Usually I look forward to vacation days because I can not wait to be off and doing my own thing. Something about vacation days in the middle of the week make me feel like I'm being bad.

But I went to work anyway. I remember it was a coworker's birthday and I was carrying my famous (well at least famous at my office) bacon wrap hors devors.  Cooking them that morning had run me behind and I asked my (now ex) if he would carry Julz to daycare. 

I should have known something was up when he agreed without complaint.

When my car died as I was getting off 459, all I could think about was being late for work. Calls to my home went unanswered.

 I got permission from the owner of the interstate Chevron that I frequented at that exit, to leave my car there until I could figure out what needed to be done. He was a really sweet man that I had developed a friendly rapport over the past several years, stopping nearly every morning for a soda, or gas, or my weakness, a Zero bar.  He told me to leave it as long as I needed.

I had one of the guys from the shop, who was a known mechanic on the side, to come out and pick me up.  He took a look under the hood. There was sugar on the top of my engine.

Mystified, we went to work.

My coworkers were surprised to see me. I was supposed to be off. But all were glad that I had brought the bacon wraps. I kept trying to reach (my ex) but no one had seen him. Julz had made it to daycare, but that was all I could confirm.

When news reports began circulating that the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building in downtown Oklahoma City, I was distracted by the drama. My whole department began trying to reach the rep working Oklahoma City that day.  This was a pre-cell phone time and only a few of our manager's had "beepers."  We knew that Bob, the regular rep was on vacation and his manager, Hank, was running his route that day.  Tensions were high.

Then the call came that would change my life.

My grandparents called to tell me that (my ex) was at home. "Everything is gone." my grandmother had said "Gone."

After dropping Julz off at daycare, he had returned home and packed up his belongings so that they would be spared. Then he took a sledge hammer to everything left in the house.  Then he preceded to cut up all of my clothes and decorate my house with their remains, like he was throwing confetti at a party.  This went on, uninterupted for a few hours. The shotgun blast, killing our German Shepard, Be'be, alerted my grandparents that something was amiss.

I look back at that day, now 18 years later, and marvel at the things God had put into place. The Grace of God saved my life that day.

Truly a "Master" reset

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

This is my rosette tee-shirt with one of my cropped sweaters. I paired this with my classic black pants. My silver and turquoise earings pulled it all together


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Confession Time: Slacker Mom

I love to read different people's blogs. Recently I came across this one called The Slacker Mom.

My name is Joy and I too, am a Slacker Mom.

Right now the victim of my slackerdom is son, Tigger. 

Tigger is a Senior and is graduating 42 days from this moment.  I currently do not know where his announcements are, his cap and gown, when his prom is or what what happened to the cap and gown pictures he took in February.

This morning, while getting breakfast and putting my lunch together the word "YEARBOOK" caught my eye. In that instant, a thought went through me like a knife:  I forgot to buy Tigger's Senior Yearbook.

I was panicked and understandably so....I had paid $250 for a Senior yearbook ad!

After quizzing Tigger, (have you ever tried to speak to a teenaged boy before his breakfast?) and coming up with no solid answer, I decided I would call the school when I got to work.

I tried to not completely freak out of the lady that answered the phone. I can only imagine what she may have been thinking as I explained that Tigger was a Senior and some how between his ADD and my OCD I had managed to miss the memo on buying a yearbook, nervously laughing the whole time. I am not certain if that helped or hurt. She understood my dilema but still told me that I would have to email the teacher in charge of yearbooks to check for certain.  Then she said the words I feared most..."I THINK THEY WERE PRE-ORDERED."

OH >> MY>>WORD!!

I wrote my email, rewrote it, tried to tone down some of the crazy-how-could-I-be-such-a-slacker-to-forget-my-son's-Senior-yearbook, rewrote it again, and then with a short prayer, sent it off.

It came back as "undeliverable" within five minutes.

...and I nearly had a nervous breakdown...

but I realized that I had sent it "(dot) com" instead of "(dot)org".  I copied my original message, pasted it into an email with the corrected "(dot)org" address.

Two, very tense days later I got my answer.

No, we did not PRE_ORDER our yearbook, but she had ordered PLENTY and to send the money on to school.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday: Easter Edition

I'm a little early with my WIWW post.  Thought I'd get the jump on the other WIWW posters by posting a day ahead.  This weeks post is my Easter suit, but most importantly, my Easter bonnet.

This is my Easter Bonnet
Suit: Burlington Coat Factory $39.99
Hat: Burington Coat Factory $15.99
Tank: Ashley Stewart $9.99
Shoes (not pictured): Cato $15.99
Flower Pin : Cato Clearance $3.99
I've always enjoyed wearing a hat at Easter. Except for the 80's when my hair was too big.
I credit my grandmother Clara for my love of hats. My earliest memories of Easter involve a floppy, white lace hat. Somewhere, there is a picture of me, standing next to Clara in her front yard, in front of her azalea bushes, wearing our Easter finest....hats, hose and gloves.
She loved a good "dress up" occasion and would dress to the hilt. She enjoyed dressing up for the little mundane things too.  I often think of her as I dash the mall with whatever I have on. How she would just die because I had gone in whatever I might have on, rather than dressing for the occasion.
I think she would have enjoyed my outfit.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy 18th Birthday Kit-Kat!

Today is the "baby's" 18th birthday.
From the first time I laid eyes on her, she stole my heart.
From the very first picture I ever took of her the annoying teen aged years, filled with drama and angst....

...through tragedy and triumps...

Thank you for let me me be your mom =)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday ...New Hair Edition I cut my hair this week.

I was kinda getting tired of the "one trick pony-tail" so I went back to an old favorite.

Aside from my new hair, I am also wearing my new rosette tee from Cato and my company logo-ed sweater.  Necklace from New York and Company, earrings are Premier Designs.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thinking about your Professional Appearance

I've been posting outfits most every Wednesday, but I've found that I really need to pay more attention to what I wear to work.  I'm going for comfort, but I also need to think about what looks most professional

I hit upon the video here, and it really got me thinkgin.

Belicve it or not, I do know people here at my office that dress this way (SCREAM!!)


Monday, March 18, 2013

Stick a Needle in Your Eye

Nothing irks me more than having tried and true products suddenly, and without warning, becoming discontinued.

Equally as disappointing is when something has a "new and improved formula" (which usually means that they've added some thick, heady fragrance). That has happened to me more often than I care to discuss, other than what is mentioned HERE.  I am a "creature of habit" (read: OCD) and would rather not have to think about somethings. When something works, it works. Why change, right?  But no, they can't leave well enough alone.

And thus it has happened to my favorite mascara.

This is nothing new. I used "comb on" mascara in high school. The comb was half the size of the typical applicator brush and was easier to manuever around my eye. It reached all of my lashes and I could coat them several times for the perfect eye-framing effect.  Then, sadly, it was discontinued.

When it was discontinued, it was as if I had to learn how to apply mascara all over again. The big, bushy brushes only touched the middle-most lashes. It would clump miserably, despite my best efforts. Forget using the end of the brush to do anything. I usually wound up poking myself in the eye and having to start over from scratch.

The moment I saw the first add for my favorite mascara I rushed right out and bought a tube.  Literally. For this reason, I am thankful that Walmart is a 24 hour establishment.

The small, round, applicator brush was exactly what I was looking for, for many years, to apply product to my blonde eyelashes, ever since "comb on" mascara went the way of the dinosaur.  Standard mascara brushes, and worse, extra thick mascara brushes, tend to make a huge mess of ones eye make up as one tries valiantly to get it on all of their lashes. Every___blonde__lash.

While there was a short learning period, as I adjusted to the tiny, round brush (cocklebur in the eye anyone?) soon I was getting the lash look that I loved once again.

I am a firm believer in only keeping mascara for the optimum three month time period.  I learned that  mascara begin to harbor some nasty bacteria long before I even wore mascara. The "Pink-Eye Episode of  Spring 1982", made me even more skittish when it came to the care and keeping of my eye makeup.  I would not let friends (and later, even my daughters) "borrow" my liners or mascara for fear of rotting my eyes out.  If I even went one day with an itchy eye, I'd throw out my mascara first.

So three months ago, when I bought my last tube of micro-brush mascara, I never dreamed that in just three short months, I'd be scouring the shelves for a new mascara.

Imagine my horror as I viewed the new display of the "new and improved" mascara formulas.
When an OCD person has to make changes, no matter how insignificant, a certain amount of panic sets in.

At first, I wasn't certain I had the correct brand.  I wandered the make up aisles, checking out everyone's mascara. I knew that I could not use the Cover Girls or the Maybelines, but I checked just to be certain. 

I went back to the area that my mascara was supposed to be. Several times. I read each product tag. I pulled several off to make sure someone had not stuck one on top of it. 

 I looked across the aisle at the other big name brand and then returned to the same four-foot section of mascaras I had been disecting. I sat down in the floor to inspect the area closer.


I realized that I was talking to myself...aloud. Where was it, where was it.... A woman next to me commented that it had appeared that they were "resetting" the section. (Store-speak for rearranging the section...a term I was familiar with from my seven years in retail). I looked at her as if she slapped me, (which clued me into the fact I was muttering) but I knew that could very well be the case.

I was making such a spectacle, that suddenly, out of no where, a woman wearing a name tag appeared and asked if I needed help.  I stood up, a little sheepish, but visibly sweating.

 "No, just trying to find my mascara."

 I answered, meanwhile eyeing the "eye-in-the-sky" (not so hidden bubble shaped survellence camera) over her head. As I turned my attention back on the mascaras, I could see another out of the corner of my eye. I was apparently being televised on two monitors. I can only wonder what they thought in the security office as they watched me, walking in circles and squatting.

I settled on the mascara I had used back before this little miracle. I got the only non-waterproof package left. I hate waterproof mascara. By the end of eight hours, it felt like there were needles sticking out of my eyes.

I am sure the "eye-in-the-sky" people were relieved to see me go.

When I got home with my purchase, all I could think was how enormous the brush looked. I went without mascara the next day, and everyone asked if I was okay.  Said I looked tired.

So that option is out.

I'm going to poke my eye out.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

When I was trying to come up with an outfit to wear to work but also for WIWW today,  I had to revisit some great pieces from past WIWW posts

Of course, there are my classic, black slacks, that I paired with this cute tank and my grey sweater with rosette and turquoise pin detail.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Brush with Greatness

Today I was fortunate to attend the Birmingham Area Boy Scout "American Values" luncheon.
The guest speaker was none other than Bo Jackson.
We had FABULOUS seats.
This is the view of Bo Jackson's table from my table. I know it's kinda blury, but directly across from the gentleman in the charcoal suit is Bo.
(and my boss's boss is here at my table, in the grey sweater and pearls)
Well this is a little better view. Bo Jackson is the bald guy in the light grey suit.

We were told "no photographs" so I was trying to sneak and get them on my phone.
It wasn't until I got this posted that I realized a guy at the table in front of us was taking them too.

When Bo got up to speak, he first called a Cub scout, who had been on stage earlier with his mother, back up to the stage. He met him at the edge of the stage, and spoke to him for nearly two full minutes.
Bo is cool like that.  
Then the little boy left the stage and Bo came back to the podium.
"And don't none of you ask him what I's a secret!"
The little boy, seated at a table across from us, smiled and nodded in agreement. Later news reports, confirmed that the boy kept their secret.
The next thing he did, was ask all the ladies in the audience to stand up. Even though it was a Boy Scout luncheon, there were quite a few ladies in the audience. When we all stood, he told the menfolk to "give us a hand" and "appreciate all the beautiful women" that had joined them.
'Cause Bo is cool like that too.
For the next 30 minutes or so, he spoke about how he was one of ten children. How he would have gone farther in the Boy Scouts if his family could have afforded it. How one of his favorite memories was a Boy Scout camp out in the park. How the Boy Scouts and sports had kept him out of trouble.
He joked often.
After being named "ESPN's Greatest Athlete of All Time" he said there was 8 inches of snow on the ground outside his Chicago home. His wife turned to him and said
 "Oh Great One....that snow is not going to move itself."
He told of his children's accomplishments. All were at Auburn (of course). His sons firm in their majors, but his daughter was still on the fence. When asked what his daughter would be when she graduated, he responded
 "About 35...."
He spoke about how his mother was his hero and his role model and that when he had finished his education, it was to fulfill a promise he had made to his mother.
So there he was. The GREATEST ATHLETE OF ALL TIME, but still every bit a Mama's boy.
And Bo was cool with that. 

Dashed Against The Rocks

I was so excited about my luncheon opportunity to meet Bo Jackson today


they sent the directions to the luncheon and "the rules"

which read


and with that, my hopes of getting another Heisman Trophy Winner to sign my Pat Sullivan football (thus making it my Heisman football)

were dashed upon the rocks.



On a related note, Happy birthday to my Numero Uno Favorite Auburn Fan
My Darling Hubby!

I love you very much


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

This is my outfit for today's WIWW. Yes, you have seen this sweater before here.
What you don't see is that I'm not wearing a shirt with it.
A few safety pins and I have a new look!

I was super excited to see all the stripes in today's What I Wore Wednesday over at The Pleated Poppy. So nice to know I am au currant.

~EnJOY!" _mce_href=""> alt="pleated poppy" height="125" width="125" border="0" src="" _mce_src="" />

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Seize The Day....

For Christmas one year, my mother and her husband bought my husband and I footballs.

Not just any footballs: CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALLS

They've pretty much sat in their boxes because we really have no where suitable to display them.

My husband's is signed by none other than now-defunct head football coach Gene Chizik.

But mine is signed by 1971 Heisman Trophy Winner Patrick Joseph Sullivan. Of Auburn.  He is one of three Heisman Trophy winners from Auburn. The others are Vincent Edward "BO" Jackson (1985) and Cameron Jarrell "Cam" Newton (2010).

 Here's a little factoid: The Heisman Trophy is named for John Heisman. He was once a football coach for, guess who, that's right... Auburn.  I'll let that sink in a minute.

Apparently Pat Sullivan and the Chief go way back. He just happened to coach football at Sanford University, at the same time the Chief was over security. He was more than happy to sign a football for the Chief and I was more than happy to recieve it.

In fact, I was thrilled.  I will be leaving this ball to my grandchildren in my will.

Darling Hubby was less impresed with my footbal than with his. I didn't care.  Gene Chizik might never be the head coach at Auburn again, but Pat Sullivan would ALWAYS be the 1971 Heisman Trophy winner.

(Turns out, I was right.)

After we got home from our Christmas festivities that year, I looked at my football.  "How cool would it be if I could get the OTHER TWO Heisman Trophy winners to sign this football." I had quipped.

I knew that I could drive to Charlotte, where Cam Newton currently plays for the Carolina Panthers, and get him to sign it there, but where would I ever meet Bo Jackson? He lives in like, Chicago. I could have tracked him down on his "Bo Bikes Bama" tour back in 2012, but that was highly unlikely.


Now, I have to attend a fund raiser to do it, and probably fork over money,  but this is my chance!  Not only do I know where HE will be, I will be in a room with Bo Jackson! I'm beside myself with the possibility that I might just fulfill my dream to have my football signed by all three winners.

Buying my Sharpie on the way home....

Seize The Day people!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

This is another one of my fun, funky favorites

I bought the blouse from the Metro catalog because it looked so sharp on the model. Don't we always do that? Usually for me, that ends in disaster, but not this time.

I can pair it with my good ole standby black slacks, or with these nice grey ones. I think this summer, I may pair it with my white pants from the thrift store to change things up a bit.

I'm wearing my faithful black flats that I bought from Walmart for just $9. I have gotten my $9 worth of wear out of them the first year and now I'm just skating on borrowed time. I tripped in the lobby this morning and seperated the sole from the toe, so I'm thinking it's time to send them to that shoe-shop in the sky.

Jewelry from Premier...a gift from the boss. She's really the best!

Sorry about the security badge. I'm so used to wearing it on my nifty Brighton badge holder, that it's  sort of like wearing another necklace. It's really sturdy, but comfortable and I forget I have it on.  I wore it to my classmate's dinner last week and was halfway through dinner when I realized I was still wearing it.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dump the Bump

Fergie is tweeting about hers
Photogs around the world are clammoring for a pic for Princess Katherine's
Kourtney K wants "privacy" but still posted pics of hers

Yep....I'm talking about the almighty baby bump.

I may lose friends and readers over this next statement: I'm getting really tired of people and their stupid "baby bump."

I know, I know....I'm being petty and jealous. My infertility issues are well documented here.

My green eyed monster rears it's head more and more the older I get.

 I don't want to see the pictures of someone holding their hands around it  and grinning like an idiot in attempt to make it more obvious, or those gross, bare belly shots that are becoming so popular lately, and I sure has hell don't want to see a naked one, even if it is a celebrity!

Remember the good ol' days when you didn't talk about someone being pregnant? In my life time you couldn't even say the word "pregnant" on t.v. Women were let go from their jobs to take care of the more important job of mothering. It was a private, natural affair, not the multi-media spectacle it is today.

And where the hell did MODESTY go?

Remember when pregnant women used to wear actual maternity clothes? They were  modest and charming and covered all but the most appropriate amounts of naked flesh. I remember being extremely embarrased to be seen in public fully clothed. The thought of showing off my misshappen, discolored belly (that a tiny foot protruded from about 10 times a day for me to rub) was extremely embarassing and  nauseating to me.

 When Jada Pinkett Smith went to some award show "big pregnant" (my term for 5+ months and showing) with Willow in a tube top and an unzipped skirt, suddenly women everywhere thought it was okay to do it too.

GROSS...NO ONE wants to see THAT!

Women no longer wanted to cover  up or even wear clothes that fit! In an average week, I see at least one unfortunate soul a week, slouching around Walmart (yes IN PUBLIC) with her belly hanging out from under a  tee-shirt hem, that doesn't meet her pants.  Must not have any mirrors in her home.  Some don't even bother to get maternity clothes and make do with whatever they have lying around. A former coworker surmised that there was no need to wear actual maternity clothes when  her "husband's clothes fit just fine."  She actually made calls on clients wearing her husband's shirts, ties and pants (yes pants) for the duration of her pregnancy! Very professional looking, I assure you.

Also, now everyone must have a "pregnancy photo."  Now,  I would have loved to have a professional photo of me, big pregnant, in a flowing white nightgown, staring off into the distance. Those are so beautiful and tateful.  But now there seems to be a disturbing "I'm pregnant, I think I'm beautiful and I'm not ashamed to bare it all so the rest of you can be sickened too" photo trend.  I blame Demi Moore.

There exists only ONE PHOTO and it was because my ex wanted to show how my once cute, slit of a belly button had become a swollen, painful bulls-eye in the middle of my stomach, riddled with stretch marks. Far from the photo spreads of the bare-bellied mother smiling whistfully down at the husband/boyfriend lovingly kissing what is surely a stage prop, as no one's pregnant belly is naturally that "pretty." Thank God for photoshop!!

Yeah, pregnancy CAN be beautiful, but usually, it's not.

~En-JOY my opinion.  Save the comments for yourself.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday= Cheater's Editon

Okay, so this week I've cheated.
This is actually a photo of the cool little tee shirt/ sweater combo that I wore last Thursday.
Today, I'm wearing one of my "uniform" outfits because I had to be a work at 7:00 a.m. On those days it is best not to try to use my brain that early in the morning and just put on what ever is nearby, clean and matching. So I am falling back on a pic of a cute outfit that I took for occasions such as this. Sue me.
I got this great little sweater at Old Navy sometime last year. It was embellished with these cute little ribbon rosettes.  When I went to pull it out of the drawer on Thursday, it was caught on one of the rosettes, so as I pulled, it wound up snatching one of my rosettes clean off! 
Not only did it rip off the rosette, it left a gaping HOLE in it's place! So much for doing without it. (frown) I did not have time to fish the stupid thing out from under the dresser (because that is where things go that spill over the back of the damned drawers) or to sew it back on. 
But some quick thinking, and a matching tee shirt made this broach the perfect accessory!

I threw on my good ol' standbyes (read "black pants") and I was out the door with minimal hassle.
Check out other clever fashonistas  at The Pleated Poppy: What I Wore Wednesday