Thursday, July 31, 2014

Global Warming My Foot!!

Here are the current conditions for Birmingham.....on July 31st.....In Alabama...
Mostly Cloudy°F | °C 
Mostly Cloudy
84° / 68°
83° / 68°
85° / 69°
87° / 68°
86° / 67°
Global Warming my foot!!
The climate change has my sinuses in an uproar. I had to take a decongestant just to breath enough to get to sleep. Of course I was finally sleeping like a baby when it time came to get up this morning.
Thankfully I now select the entire week's wardrobe on Saturday as part of my clothes washing ritual.  I set aside five outfits, pants, blouses, accessories, etc... and the only think I have to decide each morning is what, out of those five outfits, do I want to wear.   Simplifies everything and makes getting ready each morning a snap.
But these weather conditions are throwing the kibosh on that stratedy. I'm having to scramble for jackets and sweaters to go with everything. Not an easy task when  they are all two sizes too big for me now! I spend most days at my desk under my heater.
But I can't say that the milder tempatures aren't a nice change.
I wonder what this winter is going to be like!
Well En-JOY your day!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Over the Hump....Woo Hoo!!

What day is it?! What day is it?!
That's right, it's Hump Day!

Despite having a really rough start this week, I am "naming and claiming" right now that this day will be better!

Armed with the advice of some really good friends, I now know how to combat some issues that need addressing. My answer was right in front of me all along. I really don't know why I never thought of it before. It is deceptively simple and for the most part, it is something that I already do.

I have the most amazing group of friends. You never know how God will use the people in your life, especially when you are a teenager and never really live beyond the weekend. But God placed these people in my life way back then, to be trusted allies, with the right advice  for just this moment.

Both W and The Tech Guy have provided some valuable insight, both suggesting a scenario that I have never thought of before. Both also offered nearly the exact same advice. I have decide to follow that advice today.

One friend of those friends I knew from my high school job. The Lord keeps placing him in my life. After graduation, when I married Hubby #1, he had moved out of state. I ran into him again sometime later when he was married to one of my friends, and was among those that D/H played weekend softball.  We lost touch after his wife died and reconnected recently though the miracle that is FB.

Imagine my surprise to learn he became a business consultant and author, who does motivational speaking on the side.   I also sought his advice. He listened to my issue, and gave me his take (which was suprisingly alot like W's and The Tech Guy's....either all guys think alike or I was missing something as plain as the nose on my face).   His most valuable piece of advice: PRAY FIRST.

After chatting for close to four hours, I came away with new eyes, and a fresh perspective.

Things will be better....starting today.

I have already claimed it!

Monday, July 28, 2014


This past weekend was my 29th high school reunion.

It was kinda a coat-tail reunion, as the class of 1984 took pity on us and let us ride the coat-tails of their reunion  It was okay, it would be nice to see some of the other folks what we had shared so much of our high school experience with for a change.

L/G had agreed to attend if something at work didn't call him away. His company had been restructured in the last few weeks. "I'm not even sure who I report to" he had said. I did not find out until Wednesday that he couldn't go. So glad I hadn't paid the cover charge yet, which was a steep $45 a head.

The festivities started Friday night with a pre-party at the local watering hole.  The band featured alumni, but never really identified who they were. How surprised I was that it was  Shy Guy from the class of 84, and his older brother, who is known as "The Tech Guy."

Yes, that name is familiar. He was sorta famous for a few years as the computer guru and minor on-air personality for a popular, nationally syndicated, morning talk show based here in Bham before moving on to greener pastures.  Both are seen here with their band.

The one thing I could not get over was, as shy as Shy Guy had been in high school, he was completely comfortable fronting the band!  And he had a pretty good voice too.  The classmates who made it out to the watering hole, were all also impressed.  My foot was swelling, so I spent most of the night with it propped up in a chair, but still managed to see everyone that came. It was awesome.

But the coolest part of the night came when The Tech Guy told me that he always thought I was a pretty girl, funny and fun to be around and then asked me out. (Date plans pending. )

[UPDATE 07/29/14: I have fielded many concerned emails regarding W's reaction to this date. W and I are, first and foremost, friends, and not pursuing anything mutually exclusive, something we agreed upon right off the bat. Neither of us are looking for a serious relationship. Come to think of it, neither is L/G. None of these folks know about the other, (well W does know about The Tech Guy, quite by accident, and if it bothers him, he hasn't said anything) and none of them read this blog.'s all me.]

The class reunion was held in the banquets space of a local country club. It was upstairs and the outdoor patio overlooked the pool and golf course, including the putting green.  One of my clasmates husband, putted until it got too dark to see.

This group went all out to make the evening special, including posting photos from the 80's on presentation boards all over the room.  Each table was decorated with this simple centerpiece, surrounded by clear and green stones. It was later announced that this decorative display was created by none other than one of our biggest, baddest football players.
The photo boards were quite the conversation starters. We all laughed at the photos we found of ourselves around the room.
This is Dave and Fire Marshall Andy, who are recreating the pose (pictured between their heads in the red tee shirts and camo pants) of their return from basic training. They had gone the summer between their Junior and Senior years and when they graduated, off to the military they went. My nephew is in a similar program today.  
It came time to take a group photo of the whole group together. Fire Marshall Andy, sitting on the floor in front of me, went to slide back and planted his hand squarely on my toes, which is why I am not exactly smiling in this photo.

Here is the class of 85 bunch. In case you don't recognize me, I am on the front row on the far left in the black shorts and black and white top.  This is pretty much the same 12 people I see about once a month, give or take a few.

As far as I could tell, everyone had a great time. Especially this little group, who thought it would be funny to fill my purse with the stones from the table.  Somehow I knew Andy would be the ring leader.

I had a great time, reconnected with some fun people and got a date too boot!

I'd say it was a pretty good weekend~

Now, back to the grind


Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday = YEA I made it!

This has been a really long week,

Not sure if it is because not only my boss but the supervisor  are both out and I am in charge all by myself, or if it was because last week I was on such a high before the Def Leppard/ KISS concert, but what ever it was, it has been pretty excruciating.

I am happy to say that I made it to Friday!

Tomorrow night is our 29th high school reunion.  Why the 29th?  The class of 1984 invited us to join their 30th reunion, because the class of 1985 is a bunch of slackers.  Sorry, but it's true.
I am looking forward to it, but I am also not. I will have to go alone. W will have his boys.
But I will get to see a lot of the class of 1984 that I haven't seen in a long time, so that will be fun.

I will post pictures later.

Today I thought I'd post a  side by side comparison shot of my Auburn polo dress.  The picuture on the right was taken last September. I can tell a difference.

I don't usually take photographs with my glasses on, but in the interest of continuity between this year's picture and last, I thought I'd recreate it as exactly as I could.  I can't "pop my toe" (a pageant trick) in this one because I can't stand the weight on my injured foot. Thanks to the ol' broken toes, I am wearing differnt flip flops too, but it's basically the same. 
Well, less 30 pounds.

Well, here is a song for the road. One of my friends, affectionately known as "The Highlander" for reasons that are obvious to all who know him, got this song stuck in my head. I understand that this sond is actually from 1965, by someone named Gloria Jones,  so the Soft Cell from 1981 is NOT the original. But it is the one everyone my age identifies with, so I have included it for old times sake
Tainted Love - Soft Cell 1981
Non-Stop Erotic Caberet -Some Bizzare Records
But this edgier version from Marilyn Manson is my favorite.
Tainted Love - Marilyn Manson- 2002
The Golden Age of Grotesque -Interscope
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pageant Parody

A big shout out to all my pageant buddies competing this week as Mrs United States and Mrs. International.  Good luck to you all!!

On a related note THIS STORY popped up on my home page today.

It's been 15 years since the "mockumentary"  Drop Dead Gorgeous hit the screen.

The dark comedy about the catty, underbelly of the pageant circuit, is a cult classic among us pageant girls. We quote lines from it as if we were quoting the Bible.

One of the most glaring inconsistencies in the movie, is it's depiction of Lincoln, Alabama, supposedly the home of the American Teen Princess Pageant. As the bus rolls past a series of high rise buildings and rolls up to the doors of the pageant office, I could not help but laugh. The real Lincoln, Alabama, just west of the Talledega Super Speedway, actually looks more like "Mayberry. "

Having competed in pageants myself, I can honestly say, I have seen it all. I have witnessed things so amazing and things so heinous, I can not adequately describe them. 

I have seen damaged dresses, dictator-like directors, and heard the hiss of malicious gossip. I have helped sew folks into dresses with busted zippers, lent out/borrowed jewelry (sometimes meeting the lendee/borrower back stage to hand them off so she could wear them too), been offered everything from shoes (that I couldn't use because my feet are so big) to spare gowns.

 I have also been voted"Miss Congeniality" twice. This would have been three times but I had tied for it my very first pageant when I was 15. They came around for the tie breaking vote and I humbly voted for the other girl.

That was also the pageant where I was more interested in chatting with my fellow contestants, than "being proper" and removed the enormous centerpiece from our lunch table right in front of the judges. The gasps and the giggles from the snooty pageant pros, who all thought I had just committed pageant suicide, were left with mouths agape.  I guess the centerpiece had been a test. All eight of us at that table made the top 12.

I have had girls, taking advantage of my helpful nature, treat me like their servants just to get into my head.  I'm sorry to say that it worked.

 I have learned some very valuable life lessons from pageantry.  Ambition is good, but can be equally dangerous. Looking for the good in all people can sometimes get you hurt. Sometimes the bad guy (or girl, in this case) wins. Three to five people's opinion that day, is not a direct reflection on who you are. Dressing the part does make a difference. Prepare for every scenario and things will work out fine.

But more often that not, I have walked away with some amazing friendships.  Life long friendships and on more than one occasion, had someone remember me because I had been "that nice girl from Leeds."

 Like the winner of that first big pageant. now a state director to a large national pageant. I went to introduce myself to them after their prelim, but they already knew who I was...30 years later.

Winning might have been cool, but the crown I know that I  have earned in Heaven will be far better than any rhinestone creation I could get here.  And after all, isn't that what it's all about?


Monday, July 21, 2014

"You Wanted The Best...You Got The Best!"

I went on quite the adventure this weekend!

It all started with a call from my friend, who I will call The Divine Lady K, or just K for short.

K was the younger sister of my very best high school chum. She tagged along on many of our adventures. We shared many a  triumph and tragedy over the years and I consider her like a sister.  

"So whatcha doin"?" She asked

I don't really recall what I was doing, but I do know that it probably had something to do with my stupid foot. Doesn't matter. What she said next was the important part.

"Wanna go with me to Atlanta to see Def Leppard and KISS? You don't have to do anything, just go with me" A trip to "Hotlanta" with good company and a free concert to see one of the most legendary rock bands of all time on their 40th anniversary tour to boot? How could I say no?

I said a little prayer that I could get Friday off (which I did...Thanks Boss) and set about trying to decide what I should wear.

In the 80's,dressing for concert going was skirt, a cut-up tee shirt, huge belt,  high topped Reeboks  and video vixen hair.  Some concert looks over the years....

Now that I am "over 40" trying to look "hot" but not look like the ridiculous "biker granny" was much more of a challenge. 
I am a firm believer in the old adage, "just because it comes in your size, doesn't mean you should wear it,"

 I settled on a black halter style top and white shorts. July in Atlanta, right? I had to have something casual enough to wear flip flops with, because there was no way I was getting my foot, still swollen from the accident, into anything else. I still looked pretty hot (or at least I thought that I did) and age appropriate. My children would be so proud. 

I often joke about how surprised I am to have made it out of the 80's with hearing and hair intact. I was a big fan of the heavy metal hair bands and would attend every chance I got. My ears would ring for days after. With this in mind, I purchased a small container of foam earplugs from Wallyworld, The concert would still be loud enough to hear through them, and I would save my hearing. 

Friday finally came, and it was the longest half day of my life. It was at that point that the text came. We were on "the list."  Thanks to a connection that K has, we were "on the list" to be back stage.

I could not breathe.
 Another Bucket List Item: Meet Legendary Rock Band

When my half day was finally over, I dashed home, threw a bunch of crap in a bag, and then paced in my living room, until K called to tell me she was on the way. 

We stopped off for some lunch and were soon on our way.  The drive when quickly, as we caught up on the things going on in our lives.

We knew the moment we crossed the Georgia state line because suddenly, all of the drivers with Georgia tags lost their minds.

No blinkers for lane changes
No looking back to see if anyone was there
No changing one lane at a time.
Speeding, then slamming on the brakes.
Not exactly what one would want to face without anxiety meds

Being the navigator on this adventure, it was hard to read directions and watch for idiots cutting us off left and right.

There are only a few things in Atlanta that I can get to from memory....Our office in Lithia, Six Flags and Turner Stadium. I'm kinda bummed that the Braves are moving to Cobb County, because I just got used to getting to Turner. Oh Well.

As we exited the interstate to head to our hotel. we had a lovely detour through a rather colorful side of Atlanta. Graffiti and abandoned buildings on both sides.  Not exactly the place we needed to get lost.

The MapQuest directions took us several blocks around the way to get to our hotel, The Glenn Hotel.
Built in 1923 the Glenn started it's existence as an office building. It features a rooftop bar called the SkyLounge with breath taking views of downtown Atlanta, including the adjacent Centennial Olympic Park and Ferris wheel.

Just be warned, if you stay at this hotel, they ONLY VALET PARK. There is a public lot across the street but I didn't see what the cost was.

Our 8th floor room ( gulp....8th floor!!) was cozy and overlooked the park and the Ferris wheel.  We took several pictures before starting to get ready for the concert.

We really didn't have time to do more than change clothes and fluff up our hair.
K was nervous about walking through the lobby in her concert outfit. I am not sure why. She looked amazing!

I told her that 1) I doubt we would ever see any of these people again and 2) we are going to a rock concert!!  It was starting to rain as the little valet guy brought the car around. but we were on our way.  According to the MapQuest direction from the hotel to the Aarons Ampitheatre we were only 2 exits away. A total of 10 minutes.

MapQuest DID NOT factor into account crazy Atlanta drivers, 6:00 p.m. weekend traffice, an Atlanta Braves game, or the 22,000 other fans going to the same event.  The closer we got to the event, the crazier the drivers became. No one used blinkers. They would just pull along side you and then start edging over until you stopped and they got in front of you!  K turned to me and said "This is why I no longer carry a gun."  It took almost an hour to get off the interstate on to the road to the ampitheatre.

An Escalade limo came along side of us. Loud, very possibly drunk, rednecks hung out of every window. They hooted and yelled at every car around.

We followed a line of cars to a neighborhood where a group of residence were parking cars. For $20 we were given a spot on the grassy area of curb, within  a few dozen yards of an off-duty APD officer sitting under an unbrella.  K handed me a disposable rain poncho she had picked up from Wallyworld for 99 cents. We made sure we had our tickets and then we were on our way.

We had to walk an eighth of a mile, which is not bad and not that far on flat ground. But the hills and uneven sidewalks had me longing for sneakers. My foot throbbed. K recieved many whistles and cat calls as we made our way to the venue. It was drizzling just enough to have to wear the poncho. I was getting hot underneath it. Closer to the venue, we passed a man on the sidewalk, selling the exact same poncho we had, out of a Wallyworld bag. He was standing on the corner, shouting, "Rain Ponchos, Five Dollars"  and holding one over his head. Nice profit.

Our first stop, after getting through the gate was the Will Call window. We had gone in through the front gate and located it easily. The helpful gentleman inside took K's license and disappeared into the office. When he came back, he did not have our passes. "You are on the wrong side" he said, shaking his head. "You have to go to the window at the back gate."  He explained how to get there and we made our way through the crowd.

When we finally made it to the OTHER Will Call window, I was sweaty and my hair was droopy.  But we got our wristbands and our passes.

After obtaining some refreshments, we made our way to our seats. I can honestly say these were almost the best seats I had ever had in all of my concert-going life.  We were six rows from the front! The only ones better were the front row Bon Jovi seats I got in college in 1987 for the "Slippery When Wet" Tour. Seats 5 and 6 put us almost in the middle, just off house right.

The roughest part of this was that everyone, coming or going, would  have only a few inches to squeeze by on the way to their seats. I raised my foot like a stork to keep others from stomping on my broken, and very swollen toes. Directly in front of us were two tall gentlemen, flanked by two short women. A short, portly lady to my left, who took up most of my standing space too. But we were under the pavillion, so it was no longer necessary to be wearing the poncho. I was glad to get it off.

As I did, I turned to see the crowd assembled on the lawn behind me. It was drizzling just enough to be icky and wet. I remembered the Bangles concert, where we had lawn seats. It had rained and I we could not sit down because the ground was so muddy. Thankfully, Oak Mountain remodeled and did away with the "lawn seating" not long after that.

Def Leppard took the stage. The crowd sang along to "Let It Go." It was very loud. For a moment I thought to myself, "Wow, this is loud." For the first time I thought of the earplugs that I had bought, still in my weekend bag, back at the hotel.

I found myself standing there staring, mouth agape. Def Leppard had been my favorite band back in the day. I had gotten to see them in concert,  both immediately before, and close after, Rick Allen's accident. I never noticed any difference in the music.  Lead singer, Joe Elliot, hung the moon and stars as far as I was concerned.  Time had definitely taken it's toll on his signature falsettto and several familiar songs were now an octave lower.

I got to see "Love Bites," arguably one of my favorite DL songs.

Betore their set was done, it was time to meet for the back stage tour.  K and I made our way to the gate. I hated to miss any more of the show, but the music was still loud enough to hear, at a comfortable level I might add, by the gate to the back stage area.  We chatted with the security guard, who took this picture.

Now it was becoming very real. We were just moments away from meeting one of the most famous, legendary rock bands of all time.  Through the gate we could see the back stage area. We were told that we could not take photos with our own devices, but that they would take a souvenier photo for us. That did not stop K from snapping a few shots as we waiting to take our photo.

I mean, why pay attention to the guys (who we were told was the opening act) in front of you when a hot girl in a black corset and boots is taking your picture?
They were freakishly tall in their platform boots. I was really conscious of my injured foot. They were lined up for fan pictures in front of a back drop with the "Decades of Decibels" anniversary logo.
I was so starstruck, all I could do was giggle. I think that I managed a "hello" but really not sure.  They smelled really nice. I heard Paul Stanley tell K that he was "gonna wrap my arms around you" and the next thing I know, Gene Simmons grabs me around the throat, my head caught in the crook of his elbow! I screamed!  I am sure the shock registered on my face. SNAP! Captured for all posterity.

He chuckled. I am sure that he surprised many folks that way, and I could tell by his laugh that he enjoyed catching people off guard.

They were very friendly and down to earth. Not what one would expect from rock legends, 40 years in the business. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley were both very "fan friendly," recognizing that the fans put them where they are. Gene Simmons is a perv. All I could think about was the fact that he shares his birthday with my mother. Dirty old man. Drummer Eric Singer was visibly shorted than the lot, but only after I realized that he was not wearing platform boots. "No one sees my feet" he laughed. We were technically the guests of Tommy Thayer, through K's connection, but he was the one person I didn't get a chance to speak to.

As we mingled with the others back stage, I ran into Angie Ward.  She is a DJ in Atlanta.  I grew up with Angie, and was around her often over the years, mainly because we share a cousin. Though she is not really my blood-relative, we still call each other "cousin".  She was surprised to see me, and later posted our pic on her facebook page.


While there was still time between sets, we bought our souvenir tee-shirts. The road crew was still working feverishly to change out the sets.  The lights were up, so we took the opportunity to snap a few pictures.

Soon the house lights dimmed and we heard the intro

"You wanted the best, You got the best! The hottest band in the world...KISS!"

With that the curtain fell, streamers fell from the sky, and the pyros went off. I was surprised at how hot they were, standing six rows back. I could not imagine standing directly in front of them.  My face tingled like it was sunburned, everytime something went off. Again, I thought of the earplugs back at the hotel.

KISS did not disappoint. This was  the 4th time I have seen them myself, but K's first time to see them in person. She was very excited, her camera phone, snapping pictures constantly. 

They started things off with "Psycho Circus" followed by "Duece" and one of my favorites, "Shout It Out Loud."

I wasn't sure if it was the steady beat of the precussion, or if I had fallen in sync with the music. I could feel every drumbeat in my chest. K and I sang along with every tune. Newer tunes "War Machine"  and "Love it Loud" followed classics "Cold Gin" and "Hide Your Heart."


About midway through the set, Paul Stanley comes to center stage. He kneeled down on his knees and openly thanked God for the blessings He has bestowed on him and the band. The other members all nodded in agreement.  K turned to me, "Wow! How awesome was that?!"  I just smiled, "He is giving credit where credit is due. Why do you think they have been so successful?"  I think that "Lick It Up" came next.

There were fire breathing. blood spewing, a "mechanical spider", some flying, some sing-alongs,  and of course, lots and lots of pyro.  "Hotter Than Hell" featured a little fire breathing.  Gene played my favorite absolute favorite KISS song, "God of Thunder" from high a top the mechancal spider rigging, but not until after his blood-drenched bass solo. Pau did a little flying of his own and flew over the crowd to a platform during "Love Gun" and flew back after he initiated a audience sing-along during the intro to "Black Diamond."

Crowd favorite "Detroit Rock City"  was next and nearly brought the house down.

Now usually, there is a true encore, where they stop playing and then the crowd cheers and they come back out and play "Rock and Roll All Night"  but Paul explained that because Atlanta had a curfew, they were not going to waste any time and launched right into the song.  The crowd went wild!

K and I sang along,  her phone in the air, recording everything around us.

Cannons sprayed confetti over the crowd. It was so heavy in our section that it was hard to see.  At the end, as we were leaving, it looked like snowfall.

(Comically enough K even had confetti in her underwear when we got back to the hotel)

The pyrotechnic finale left us both blinking and seeing spots. The evening ended with this sign, and the recorded version of "God Gave Rock and Roll To You"

We had someone sitting nearby get this closing shot.

The walk back to the car was worse than the walk to the venue. It was up hill. My foot was throbbing and the wet tape was unraveling from my uber-tender toes.  The car was just as we had left it and it's placement made leaving super easy. We were on the interstate in no time.
Driving back to the hotel was not as simple as following our directions in reverse. Though we were successful in getting on the interstate, there was not a corresponding exit on the opposite side of the interstate. The exit we did decide to use took us several blocks out of our way.  We knew that we were across from Olympic Park and followed every sign we saw that listed it. At 11:00 p.m/ in downtown Atlanta. Great.
It started to be comical. We thought about stopping for directions but each person we approached seemed a little skeevy. "Oh, look, let's ask this fellow walking his two pit bulls who is holding up his pants with the other hand!"
 We found ourselves on one of many streets named Peachtree in the city. We knew that a round, high rise was just to right of our hotel. We spotted the Westin, a round building and tried to maneuver around it but there were one way streets and dead ends all around.  We still had not spotted the Ferris wheel, our main landmark, or  our secondary landmark, the CNN building across the street.
I'm not sure how we finally found them, but we both cheered once we saw them.
We had less than an hour to check out the Skylounge before it closed at 1:00 a.m. The view of the city was breath taking, despite the rain and increasing fog.  We took a few pictures.

Red wine for K and a vodka cranberry for me. It was a little too cold to sit on the open patio, but too crowded to sit in the bar.  We did find a seat on one of the couches in the dry part of the patio. The fog rolled in and the tops of the buildings were no longer visible.  We shared a glass of rum punch at last call. both wishing that we had not gotten lost.

Exhausted, we both practically fell into bed, but not before I got a pic of my swollen feet.
Saturday morning we decide to leave for Alabama not long after we got up. A stop off at Shoney's  in Oxford for an all you can eat brunch rounded out our adventure.
Sunday was spent catching up on my Saturday chores and sitting around with my still swollen foot propped up on pillows.
Whew!! What a weekend!
~En JOY!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Is This My Life Flashing Before My Eyes?!

This week I have had several people bring to mind songs that I love, from various times in my life.

Today, it is this one.

Rockin' and Rollin'


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Musings After One Week

I am one week out from the accident in which I broke my toes.  I think that I am healing fine. Since I have broken them before (twice now to be exact) I am pretty confident with my "buddy-taping".

But THIS is new

See that lovely, large bruise in the middle of my foot?
Yeah, didn't have a bruise there last time.
I also don't remember it still swelling a week out. I am having to put my foot up every night so the swelling will go down. I am still awfully stuborn about going to the doctor. I mean, the last time it cost me upwards of $500 in co-pays. I've complained about it for the past few nights to W.
He has no sympathy for me because I refused to go have it X-rayed.
W isn't paying for my doctor visist, so he can just kiss my foot, if you will.
Another strange phenomon is that it is July 17th and it is 60 degrees outside this morning. In July.
Global warming my behind! I hate summers like this because it will be 75 at Christmas and snow sometimes next April, just like it did in 1986.
Oh well

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Goodby Mr. November

Derek Sanderson Jeter played in his last All Star game at the Minnesota Twins home stadium. He has announced that he will be retiring after this season.

The 63 second standing ovation he recieved walking to his first at bat says it all.

This is a good guy and he deserves respect.

Best of luck to a great player and an even better man (even if he is a Yankee).

Hat's off to ya Derek!


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Day Four

Well, since they are no longer black, I should count that as a good sign, huh?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Thank God for the Weekend

Thank God the weekend is here.  Now to just get through the next eigth hours.

Yesterday I did wind up going home, propping my foot up, taking some pretty serious pain meds and sleeping the rest of the day away.  Cyn, BFF and partner in crime, a nurse in another life, checked my taping, brought me shrimp soup for lunch (and eventually dinner),  meds and a cane to use.

By the time I had reached the house, one could not tell where my foot ended and my leg began. I propped my feet up on pillows, and the meds put me to sleep. When I awoke at 7:00 p.m., the swelling had gone down and I felt much better.  I had missed calls from my boss, the LifeGuard, Cyn and W, all calling to check on me.

Heaven knows what I may get done this weekend, but I can at least stay still.

Speaking of Heaven Knows, I had no idea when I posted earlier this week about "Cindy Lou Who," that the rockin' song that I have come to LOVE playing lately on local radio, "Heaven Knows" was ALSO by Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless!

What a coincidence!

 I couldn't find a YouTub link but you can check it out with the link below
(Parental Advisory: There is a point where this girl is practically naked)

The Pretty Reckless – Heaven Knows - Video Dailymotion


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Here We Go Again

Well, here we go again,

I have broken all the toes on my right foot once again.

I was eating dinner last night (roasted veggies = yum!) while watching a movie on my laptop through an internet-based movie provide, who shall remain nameless because it sucks really bad.  "Popular Movies" should be popular in THIS country and at least be movies that you've heard of, right?!

I had plugged my dying laptop in to the wall charger and kicked back to watch a movie with Matthew Lilliard (you know, from "Scream" and the live-action "Scooby Doo") that had pretty much the same premise as "Risky Business."

Getting up to go into the kitchen for the last of my veggies, I managed to snag a toe on the charging cord. Everything else was a blur, but when I regained my faculties, I was crumpled in a heap in the floor, in the doorway to the kitchen. My bowl and glass were in the chair (Thank goodness! That could have been so much worse!). My left knee was burning and all my toes were bent under my right foot. I was instantly nauseated and suddenly freezing, despite the thermostat being set at 73.

I managed to pull myself up by the chair.  My left knee, sporting a healthy strawberry mark, had begun to weep little bloody drops. I couldn't put any weight on it my right foot.

I hobbled to the bathroom, where I sat on the stool to doctor my weepy knee.
I once read that the sooner you attend to a cut or a scrape the better it heals. It was so large it took my last two band-aids to cover it.

My foot did not look bruised at that point, so I thought it might be okay. But it hurt like #$%^&*, and as the night wore on, the bruises began to appear.  I remained queasy for the rest of the night  (and am still a little sick now. )

By the time I decided to go to bed,  this is what it looked like.

9:30 p.m.

Around 2:00 a.m., after a torturous trip to the bathroom, followd by tossing and turning and not being able to get comforatable, I decided to go ahead and prepare everything for my morning ritual. I would be moving much slower, obviously, and couldn't put any weight down on my foot, not even my heel.

Last time this happened, I spent $200 at the urgent care, and another $300 at the orthopedist, only for them to "buddy tape" all my toes together (and then I had to do it myself for the remaining six weeks). I decided that this would be my course of action. That is when I discovered that there was no tape in the house.

Thank the Lord for the 24 Hour Establishment that is Wallyworld!

I did not care what I looked like, I threw on some pajama pants, my blue house shoes, grabbed my purse, and headed out.

Wallyworld is a very different place in the middle of the night. The Floor Guys, trying to refinish sections of the store; the Stock Team, dropping pallets all along the aisles; the Coupon Queens with their binders, pushing one buggy while pulling another; and those like me, obviously in the midst of some emergency. 

I tried hard to walk "normal," but by the time I reached the first-aid section, I was dragging my foot like Quasimodo.  When I arrived back home, I laid down on the couch, exhausted, and fell asleep.

This morning, my pre-planning helped my day along, as I nearly overslept I took a minute to asses the damage.

What is left of the "strawberry" this morning. I immediately put polysporin on and covered up with two bandaids.  It looks much better this morning and stopped bleeding.

My foot, obviously swollen now.  I set about taping all my toes together, careful to insert cotton pads in between my toes.

I slid my now swollen foot into the most forgiving house shoe I could find and hobbled off to work.
I seriously thought about calling in, and may still.
In a few days, if it is obvious that things are not improving, I will head to the doctor. For now, this will do.
Here we go again. But it's okay, I've been here before.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

All the Whos in Whoville are Shocked!!

All the Whos in Whoville are SHOCKED!

This sweet precious little girl singing "Where Are You Christmas" back in 2000...

Is now the rockin' lead singer of  The Pretty Reckless

Taylor Momsen has done a lot of growing up in the last 14 years.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Take Me Out To the Ball Game

Yesterday the Miracle League was invited to attend the Atlanta Braves game for the second year.

Despite getting a later than promised start ("leaving at 8:00 a.m. SHARP" should mean just that to this OCD girl!) the trip was a huge success!

I was in charge of Bus B. Though Bus B lead the way.  That meant I had to do all the talking. Thankfully Miracle Mary had given me the guy's name before we left. That will factor into the story later.


We had a wonderful brunch at Golden Corral in Douglasville Georgia and this year everyone was seated and eating in record time! I assume GC learned quite a bit about large groups since our last visit.

I had nearly a whole plate of crispy, yummy bacon, but THIS from the desert bar caugh my eye.

Yes, that is yummy, blue raspberry Cotton Candy!
We had a little trouble getting to the stadium this time. The route we took last year was blocked and circling around the are brought us to yet another dead end.  We could see the stadium. It was close but yet too far away for many of our special needs folks to get to.
After dropping the name of  the Head of Braves Security at numerous Sheriff's deputy and Atlanta PD barricades, (including this specimen of Atlanta's "Finest" Officer Rodreguiz)
we were finally  on our way.
Though last year's seats were pretty awesome for free seats, the full sun was too much to take for our group. This year's seats were MUCH better. 

The combination of  being under the balcony and the slight breeze made this year's game much more tolerable.
I had to venture out to find the big baseball that I had my picture with last year. I needed to see if I could tell just how much weight I had lost over the year. I remember that I thought I looked pretty good last year.
You tell me
 2013                                    2014  
Wow, what a difference!
After Pitcher Dan took this, we realized the exact baseball was across the courtyard, so I took this one too.

The Braves rallied several times, I feel in part, due to the excitement of the crowd. We did the Tomahawk Chop several times.
But, alas, it wasn't to be. The Braves lost to the Diamondbacks, 1 to 3.

The Braves loss was disappointing, especially after having the bases loaded on several occasions.
The announcer invited all kids to come run the bases after the game. We were told that our kids could bypass the long line that was forming. Many of our more able kids waiting patiently in the long line while our wheelchair folks were ferried down to another gate to join the group.  The rest of us went back to the buses to wait.
It was well worth the wait as many of our players bragged about running the bases at a Major League Baseball stadium. Each recieved a t-shirt and certificate for the feat.
Our wheelchair folks didn't get to get out on the field at all. They were given their shirts and certificates and sent on their way.
The trip home was was quiet that I fell asleep. We arrived back at the park at 6pm
I had gotten stiff riding the bus and discovered that my left knee was roughly the size of a softball. I made it into the house and onto the couch and did not move for the next 3 hours, when I got up, slightly sunburned, swollen, and sore and put on my nightgown and fell into bed.
No sooner had I drifted off, then the neighbors behind me started shooting very large, very loud fireworks! For the second night in a row, they started shooting them at nearly 10 pm! I felt like I was in the middle of a war zone! Good thing I don't have PTSD!
The barrage went on for an hour before the night went silent.
Thank goodness for work today....things will be "normal" once again!