Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday: It's All About The Shoes

Okay....so I know it's Tuesday, but I really love this outfit so I'm posting WIWW early.

And it's all about the SHOES!

In this case, my denim stripped wedges.
I was just telling someone earlier that I loved these shoes so much, that I should have gotten them in black too,

I got them at Cato (of course) and they were so fun and "Spring-y." The are comfortable and make me MUCH taller than my regular 5 foot 7 height.  They go really well with all of my denim/white outfits, like the one I'm wearing here.

These are my favorite Chico's white jeans that I found at the local thrift store (original tag intact) for just $3. I paired them with my favorite  Riders by Lee denim top. A little silver jewelry (thanks Boss!) and I'm good to go.


Friday, May 3, 2013

Surviving "PROMA"

"Proma" = (noun) any and all drama associated with attending one's prom. Usually suffered most by the parents.

Welcome to "prom season"

This year, Kit-Kat will be attending two proms.

The first prom was 2 weeks ago. It was her boyfriend, Cotton's prom. Except she didn't go with Cotton.  She went with Cotton's buddy Rusty. Why? Because Cotton is "anti-prom"

After this experience, I'm surprised that Rusty is not now "anti-prom" too.