Sunday, July 19, 2009

Adventures at Wally-world

Well, today was quite a day. After not doing anything, and enjoying a relatively lazy day at home yesterday, it was time to venture out for groceries.

It had been 24 hours since my last coffee and even that had not matched my usual java intake. I had a splitting headache and I was very cranky.

I typically park within 10 spaces of the same spot by the grocery side door. No kiding. You can pretty much stand in that first spot closest the side door and count 10 parking spaces in any direction from car will be within that square.Creature of habit? Pretty much...okay... I admit, I'm OCD. Easily forgets where I park? Definately.

So when I noticed a car backing out of a spot in front of the store, I thought, why not grab it? Yeah, it's not where I usually park, but I would still be able to find my way back without much trouble. I should have known better.

As I waited (at a safe distance) for the ancient Cadillac to back out, I paid little attention to the SUV pulling into the empty spot on the other side. Just as the Caddy cleared the spot enough for me to pull in, the SUV pulls all the way through from the other side! WHAT!? SERIOUSLY?!
I just sat there, grill to grill, mouth agape in disbelief.

I begrudingly made my way to my usual spot and parked within my square.

I was seething, wanting to berate the jerk that vacated a perfectly good parking spot to steal mine! As luck would have it, we all reached the buggies at the same time. Despite the overwhelming desire to be nasty, I thought better of it. Instead, I selected one and loooking back, smiled sweetly and said " Wow, great parking space you got there! I guess you didn't see me waiting for it behind the Cadillac, huh?" The slack-jawed fellow shot a look at his wife as I walked into the store, feeling somewhat vindicated.

I managed to shop without running into any former classmates, church members or friends, either mine or those of my children. I counted that as good luck, given my somewhat less than red-carpet-worthy appearance.

I get to the check out and procedeed to check out roughly $130 worth of groceries. When I reach into my wallet, I discover that my bank card is not in it's usual spot. May I remind you, I'm a creature of habit. The fact that my bank card was not where it was supposed to be, for me, was huge. I pawed through my enormous handbag. No luck.

The cashier turns the light off her check stand and begins directing customers elsewhere. She summons the CSR. I offer to check my car, but know that it's not there. I am mortified.

Mentally, I go through the last places I know I've used it. Hard to do as panic is setting in.
On Friday I bought gas and chips and salsa from Chili's ... both in Birmingham. A quick call to the automated telephone banking confirms my last transaction is Chili's.

I call Chili's, and thankfully discover, they have my bank card! Another quick call to the bank confirms that nothing else has been charged on my card.

I make the mad dash to Birmingham to retreive my bank card, squalling all the way.

Enroute back to Walmart, I stop and purchase the largest. strongest coffee I can find. 20 ounces and 20 minutes later, I arrive back at Walmart. retrieve my groceries from the service desk,(Didn't they realize I had dairy products?) and head for home.

I guess the little push of adrenaline and 20oz of coffee was enough to beat back my splitting headache.

So tomorrow, I begin the arduous task of obtaining a new bank card. Yippee!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Questions and Answers

Sorry, I like to keep my blog lighthearted but now that I'm older, I find myself being serious over more and more things.

Thanks to a discussion by local radio personalities Rick and Bubba I've finally heard an explanation of the national debt and our government's current level of spending that I actually understand.

Welcome to the "National Debt Road Trip"

With an explanation like this, I'm sure even Scooter would be able to understand it! The question is, why doesn't everyone else?

The next segment on Rick and Bubba was about czars.
The word "czar" has frightful connotations alone. I, of course, was familiar with the traditional use of the word as the fomer ruling entity of Russia.

But my love for language got the better of me and I had to pull out my trusty dictionary (Webster's II New College Dictionary) and see what else it may mean. I found 3 meanings. The first being the Russian emperor, the second was "autocrat" ( meaning "1.a ruler having absolute or unlimited power 2. person with unrestricted power or authority." !!) and the third, listed as Informal "one in authority:leader"

Apparently, our president has appointed 32 people as "czars" over certain things. (this lists only 28).

Why the president would need these 32 "czars"(persons with absolute, unrestricted power)? I guess a cabinet is not enough. Of course these people will not be able to do it alone, they will need offices and paid staff members and phone bills and lights.

Guess this is what the president meant when he said he'd create jobs.