Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Making the most of second chances

My hometown has one less citizen today.
My classmate, Daryl Barkley passed away.
He was one lucky son of a gun. Not because he is the younger brother of basketball legend, Charles, but because God had given him a second chance at life.
Six years ago, despite putting his body through hell, he got a new start with a heart and lung transplant.
After the transplant, Daryl was a much different person from the one I grew up with. Anti-rejection drups took the place of recreational ones. He ate the right things, he excercised, he won a medal in the Transplant Olympics. He was caring and sincere and funny.
He made the most of his second chance.
We will miss you Daryl.

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Melinda said...

Hi Joy from fellow Alabamian. Found you from My Tiny Kingdom.

I enjoy reading your blog and have added you to my daily "must read".

Looking forward to lots more.

Melinda in Birmingham