Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tweedley Deedley Dee, Tweet, Tweet, Tweet-Tweet!

I have just learned that I am, once again, behind the times as far as technology is concerned.
I don't Twitter.

Or is that Tweet?

I never really thought it'd matter, but over the past few months, weird little emails have been coming to my inbox telling me that a more technically savy friend wants to "follow" me.
Funny thing is, these same friends know how "technically challenged" that I am, so they should know I can't "tweet."

I had a similar situation with Facebook. While I was able to Myspace with some proficiency, it became time consuming. I had set up a Facebook account, only to find I didn't have enough time to manage it too. Daily, I receive messages that friends and acquaintances are adding me to their Facebook Friends. Unfortunately, I don't remember the password, so I can't do anything about it. Right now, I have a ton of people waiting for me to befriend them, probably thinking I'm a snob. Sorry y'all...just challenged.

I will say this, I at least know what Twitter is.

I had to laugh at Sunday's "Desperate Housewives" episode when characher Tom Scavo laments on not knowing what Twitter was. My mother and I view DH together and call one another during commercial breaks to discuss. I held my phone in my hand in the upcoming commercial break, eagerly anticipating her call to ask me about Twitter, but that call didnt come. I forgot...she watches Oprah.

I just signed up for Plinky about a month seems to be kinda like Twitter. Someone posts a question every day (or prompt) and you go on the site and answer it. I'm "JoyInAL" there. People "follow" you there too.

The whole "following" thing kinda creeps me out a bit. But I guess it would, having dealt with a stalker. (THAT is a story for another day). I understand that your actual friends wanting to follow you, but people that don't know you? That's just odd to me. Why would anyone that doesn't know me care what I was doing?

So I went to Twitter, signed up and sent my first "tweet." I'm Joy_in_AL there too.

Tweet me!

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Ang said...

If it makes you feel better. I don't tweak either. i can't do it all and can barely keep up wtih facebook. My myspace is totally neglected and will likely stay that way... So tweating can wait.
Let's face it we'll never be able to keep up with it all.