Monday, February 20, 2012

Playing Catch-Up....Again

After not sleeping on Saturday night, I have been playing catch-up. I hate that game, especially when it comes to sleep.

First, Tigger decided that he needed to go to church with his girlfreind, Miss Mac. Had he had his license, that wouldn't have been an issue. But because he has no interest in driving whatsoever, I had to drag myself out of bed and carry him. Then I had to go back home and fight sleep in order to go back and get him. Fun Times.

When I did get back home, my phone starts ringing off the hook. Actually, off the nightstand, but I digress. I wasn't in the greatest of moods. I'm told that I am not at all pleasant to speak with when I am sleep deprived. I thought it best to send those calls to voice mail.

Darling Hubby then started to complain he was hungry. That meant I had to get up and give him my debit card. I don't know how it happens. He gets paid one week and I get paid the next. Somehow he tends to eat the most when it's my week to get paid. This makes me even grouchier because I just want to know what he does with his paycheck. I've seen our bills. Unless he has a boat, or a sports car or another family somewhere, I can't fathom where all his money goes. In the interest of peace, I hand it over.
Now I'm so riled up, I can't get to sleep.

I sit on the couch and sulk. The tv is on pause while he's gone. I am "remote-ly challenged," so I watch the Direct Dish logo bounce around the screen.

Zipper and JB use this as the opportunity to get in my lap.

Zipper, now 14, is thin and somewhat feeble, but will muster up enough energy to occasional have a sprited wrestling match with JB. Younger by 7 years, JB is the fat cat, thanks mostly to overindulgent self-feeding. He outweighs Zipper by a good 10 pounds. He has silky fur and loves being being petted so much, he usually starts without you. He loves to roll over and have his belly scratched, but can't stand this posture for very long. Probably can't breathe.

Recently, one of them yacked on the couch, and Darling Hubby was none too happy about that. He has since started a campaign to keep them off the couch. I don't have the heart, so I make him shoo them from the couch. Besides, I'm not the bad guy, right? But the moment that he leaves the room, both jockey for my attention, and my lap.

I nod off on the couch, only to be awakened by Darling Hubby, who is mad the cats are on the couch with me.

I have to go back to the bedroom, because Darling Hubby is watching something called "Dale and Tucker vs. Evil." It is every bit the cinematic masterpiece the title implies. There I watch David Tutera make over tacky bride after tacky bride. In between I see commercials for "Big Rich Texas" and "Jerseylicious" and wonder, "Where the hell do they find these people?" First there are all the people airing out their dirty laundry Saturday night, now there are all these ladies, (using the term loosely) yelling at one another, while holding guns! Yeah, I know that's ' Jersey for ya, but I expected a little more from the country club set.

I nod off again, and when I wake up, it's almost time for Desperate Housewives. I am hooked on Desperate Housewives. Kit-Kat and I muse what we will do when it finally goes off the air.

There is a new show coming on ABC in March. I, personally, am looking forward to it. It's called "GCB." I later found out that stood for "Good Christian Bitches" but after getting scads of hate mail, ABC changed it to "Good Christian Belles," which to me is just as bad. They finally just called it "GCB." It looks like it's about a bunch of "desperate housewives" from Dallas and centers mainly around the cliques at their church. Oh Boy! (Some of us know how dramatic that can be now don't we?) So we get a whole bunch of new folks and their problems with a dash of religion thrown in for good measure!

Kit-Kat says she doesn't want to "get attached" to any more ensemble shows, but I bet she will.

I wonder if their church will be like the one I grew up in. In my lifetime 2 out of 5 of the pastors that have led our congregation have had an affair with their secretary (and one of them even divorced his beautiful wife to marry the cow! More on that at a later date) so I can just imagine the storylines of a ficticious congregation!


I am fighting sleep during DH. It's really good, so I'm surprised that it isn't keeping me awake. I barely make it to the next week's preview.

I slept until 6:00 a.m., missing my "designated shower time" and wind up taking a cold shower. I am still on time for work, but I am none too happy.

Which leads me to now, my lunch hour, where I am again fighting sleep.


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