Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Today's "What I Wore Wednesday" is kind of an example of what I'm trying to get away from doing.

 This is my "uniform" of sorts: plain tee with dress pants.  Mostly black.

Oh, for the record:

Tee-shirt = Walmart $4.88 (Can you tell I love Wallyworld?!)
Gray Dress slacks = Belk's $19.99
Jewelry = Premier Designs (gift from my friend/Boss)

Yes, I know that it's comfortable, professional, and easy, but it's, well, black.  I'm trying to remember to step it up a little. To step out of the comfort zone and wear more color. I'm fading in the background a bit in my "uniform."

 I recently wore a new a new wrap dress I had gotten from Kohl's ( under $20!). The fabric, a wrinkle-free knit,  is a mix of rich blues and greens and has a great geometric pattern.  It is hemmed just above my knee and really shows off my legs (which I feel is my best feature). It's very professional, with just the right amount of femininity and a dash of sass. I got tons of compliments and I felt like a million bucks. All the compliments made me feel really good too.  If I can remember, I will get a pic next time I wear it.

Until next time....

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