Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Putting A Friend To Rest

This was my cat Zipper

Zipper was my buddy for the past 17 years.
And yesterday, I had to have him put to sleep.
I am told that it was for the best, but my heart does not think so.
 I think JB misses him the most, due in great part that I can not tell him where Zipper went in terms that  he will understand.  He wandered around the house "calling" for him.
They may have gotten on each other's nerves, but they were true companions and looked out for one another.
The vet put him in this lovely bag.  So much nicer than anything I could have used for him.
Dooder helped me bury him, on our family's farm, where all our other pets are laid to rest. My grandfather knew the exact locations, so we did the best we could.  We picked a spot under this lovely maple, with a view of Bald Rock Mountain.  Our cows watched with great curiosity.
It took Dooder a long time to dig the grave. As he dug, I selected stones to cover his grave so the coyotes or other critters would not dig him up.
March 1997 - Sept 2014,  
King of the Kingdom, Master of Hiding. Stealer of Shoes,
Eater of Straws & Twist Ties, Proprietor of the Living Room Sunny Spot. 
You stole my heart the minute I saw you and you take a piece of it now to Kitty Heaven.
I will miss our afternoon cuddles. JB will too.
Rest in peace buddy

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