Monday, June 22, 2015

JB Approved!

Huck came to my house for the first time last night. 

I was nervous because I feel like the house is never clean enough. I warned him several times as he drove over that the house was a wreck and I do not have the Neat Freak Ninja Cleaning Skills that he possesses.

"I just want to meet this cat I keep hearing about"  In that he meant JB.  When I am on the phone J thinks that I am talking to him and "answers" me in a series of weak mews. Sometimes he will get right in my face, like he is trying to talk too.

"I doubt you will ever see him. He is really skittish. He hid from my mom when I went to North Carolina and he hid from Cyn the whole time I was in Florida.  Really, he doesn't do new people well at all"

When Huck gets to the house,  JB slinks along the wall to make his usual dive for the "The Chair" the moment he walks in the door.  "See, I told you"  that's as much as you will ever see of him"

Huck calls to him and JB sits up to see who is calling his name. I could not believe it. Slowly, and with little hesitation,  he creeps back to us. Amazing! Huck crouches and offers his hand for inspection. J stretches his neck out to smell the tips of his fingers, front paw poised in midair. Then he relaxed, presenting the top of his head to be petted. I could not believe my eyes!

J runs from the kids when they visit and he grew up with them! And here he was letting a stranger touch him!

He purred loudly as Huck stroked his back several times. Then what actually happened next was nothing short of miraculous.  J turned in a little circle then flopped over, presenting his vulnerable belly to be petted as well.

Huck grinned and looked over at me, all the while stroking the soft white fur of J's belly.

"I think I'm approved" he chuckled.

Really......You have no idea.

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