Saturday, July 25, 2015

500 POSTS!

Woo Hoo!! I am now up to 500 posts!  Seems like this should be more exciting.

Sorry I haven't written in a while. Huck and I have been pretty busy and I just hadn't had time to post
since our July 4th weekend. Really, Mother, (my biggest fan), texted me to remind me to post an apology to all my readers.

Since then we have (in no particular order)

1) Went to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant, where the Mariachi band played "Sweet Home Alabama."  They attempted to add the  agregeious"rtr" that has become so popular with the bammers, but Huck (who bleeds Orange and Blue as much as I do) and I quickly shut that down with a little "War Eagle" of our own. It fits the song just as well.

2) Went to see the new "Terminator" movie. Nice tie-in to the original and the actress picked to play the young 'Sara Conner" bears an eerie resemblance to a young Linda Hamilton.

3)  Watched an entire season of "Ray Donovan" in one sitting (actually, camped out on a pallet in his floor like children, complete with snacks), so that I can be caught up enough to watch this season.

4) Took the scenic driving tour of his hometown. We drove all over, looking at the architecture, him sharing anecdotes from his childhood.  He attempted to show me the house he grew up  in, only to find the lot vacant.  Progress.....gotta love it.

5) Survived the "Wallet Incident," where Huck lost his wallet. On the day he finally decided to cancel both his personal card and his business card, got his new driver's license made, and got new insurance cards issued, he finds it. Isn't that always the way?

6) During that "Wallet Incident" I discovered that my own driver's license expired on my birthday. My BFF's did too. So I had to take a drive to Pell City for that. After tearing the house apart for my divorce decree, having the Chief print off another copy for me, I am told that I CAN NOT change my name back, as I have not had my social security card changed yet AND it will cost me another $30. Great. So I am stuck with the lying cheating scumsucking b@$+ard's name another four years.

7) I received my copy of the much anticipated "Go Set A Watchman" the Harper Lee sequel to "To Kill a Mocking Bird."  I was super excited to get it, but as my friends (and my Mother) began reading it, I quickly found that no one liked it. It was okay for "Scout" to be a selfish brat as a child, but much to my dismay, she never outgrew that. Now I am not so sure that I want to read it.  I am told there is one place where the now 26 year old "Jean Louise" is very, very disrespectful to her father, "Atticus."  I don't know how Yankees raise their children, but no self-respecting Southern girl would EVER disrespect her parents!

8) Huck is teaching me about, gulp, soccer.  A soccer coach for many years, Huck has a great enthusiasm for the sport.  I protested many times, reasoning that I am actually more of a football fan. But his patient nature won me over. He has no problem answering my questions, no matter how mundane (why is the goal keeper in different colors, why does the rest of the team on the side line have to wear those smocks, what is a "yellow card", what are the orange slices for....) even if I ask it in the middle of a fast paced game. He points out things for me, in case I miss something important. Unlike many parents who coach, he stayed on as a coach long after his girls outgrew the sport. He has several, signed team pictures, as well as division trophies, displayed throughout his home. From the signatures on each team photo, it is obvious that he is well liked, and he speaks of each of his players, both former and current, with great pride. He has had several graduate from club level to Division 1 play. I  have a feeling I may be cutting up oranges for a group of energetic 13 year olds this fall.

9) I have signed on for another round of sign language with the parental units. Nothing has made me more insecure (and stupid) than sign language. I have never done anything that I was not pretty good at, even in the most modest attempts. Some signs make perfect sense: "driving", for example, is mimicking two hands on a steering wheel. Other words make no sense, such as "country" (as in out in the...) resembles rubbing a "y" hand over the opposite elbow. Take  look at the online dictionary "Signing Savvy" to see for yourself.  So I am going to take one more stab at it and see if I do better this time.

That is all that I can think of right now.  I know that I still have to post about trip to North Carolina for the Divine Miss M's wedding and all of those adventures and my super fun family trip to Florida for the Masonator's  graduation.  I promise I will get to those soon.

Until then, I have a pool party to attend


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