Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Post For My Mother

My mother reminded me that I didn't make a post about Mother's Day.

This year, I was pretty much out of ideas as far as gifts go. The movie basket worked well on Father's Day so I thought I'd try that again. 

The week of Easter, my mother mentioned the movie The Ten Commandments. Growing up, every Easter weekend there were two movies that were pretty much appointment television for my family. The Wizard of Oz and The Ten Commandments. Burning bushes, flying monkeys, the Angel of Death. Good stuff. Regardless of what I might have going on, I always cleared my calendar to watch these movies with my mom and little brother. It is among my most cherished childhood memories.

 Since I have an addiction to the discount movie bin at just about every big box retail store there is, it was pretty easy to come across a sweet double feature DVD. TTC along with another Charlton Heston epic period piece, Ben Hur.  I chose some goodies to nosh on while watching and dropped it all in a sweet little basket.

The first of the repairs were completed during the week, so Saturday I helped Daddy plant roses in front of the new porch and put down the new walkway. It turned out pretty nice.  I got a card from Julz, who was at the beach for the weekend.

On Mother's Day morning, I went to the 8:00 a.m. service at church. They were handing out roses to all the moms. I got a hot pink one. I came home to put it in a bud vase. The only one I could find had been a wedding present from a guy d/h had worked with.The guy told him that he should always make sure it was full. I wonder if he ever knew that d/h didn't keep that promise either.

i got to Mother's by 10. The Chief took us to Pappadeaux's. I had my taster set for steak but a picture of the specials changed my mind.  I had the salmon with shrimp and crawfish hash in butter sauce.  We  made it just in the nick of time, as the place quickly filled up. It was soon standing room only outside. Over our entrees, we mulled over color choices for the house, so I can paint once all the repairs are completed. Our waitress visited our table a little too often. We split Crème' Brule with fresh fruit garnish and handmade whipped cream, then we cruised through Mountain Brook to scope out possible color combinations.

We had fun, cruising through neighborhoods in The Tiny Kingdom, discussing various combinations, shutter patterns, and landscaping. The streets were filled with Sunday afternoon walkers, with their  jogging strollers and froufy dogs on leashes. We ended the tour with a stop off at the local paint store to pick up chips for my final selections to match with the brick.

I wrapped up the day with baby girl, KitKat, who brought me a charm bracelet she had put together for me. We had a nice chat, sitting on the patio set Dad put on the porch to show me how I could stage it,  She helped me with my paint chips, choosing the lighter of the two selections.

I closed out the day watching my favorite Sunday night television.

And now a word about my mother. I am not sure I can do this justice. I do not know how people survive without their mothers. Being just shy of 18 when I was born, we essentially grew up together. She has always been my harshest critic, but just because she wanted me to do my best, She is the measuring stick that I measure everyone else by. Not many people measure up.  I do not do a lot of things simply because of how I know my mother would feel about them. Silly? Probably, but in the end, I do not want to disappoint her anymore than I already have.

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