Saturday, August 20, 2016

Moving Day

Today was the day I had been dreading for about 2 months. Moving day.

They are restructuring our office area. They are putting personnel from two other departments into our office space. In order to do that. we are having to clean out our workstations and reduce everything down to fit in a 4 foot work area  with little of any storage.

So, I am loosing my office.

No one in my office is happy. Least of all me. I have been in my office for over 10 years now. That is a lot of crap built up over the years that I have to move. I spent the last 8 hours purging a lot of paperwork and nick-nacks.. It hasn't been easy.

I boxed up the pictures of my children. The ones that reminded me of why I was working so hard. Working hard to make ends meet, while simultaneously being betrayed by the one I loved the most. The little things that people gave me along the way. The countless penguins that those around the office gave me for different occasions, all because they knew that I liked them. The holiday decorations that I had stored away to decorate my little corner of the world.

The paperwork from countless doctors appointments for each of my children, signed and filed away each in a neat little file with their name on it. The copy of the court order granting us custody.  The further I got in my desk, the more stuff I unearthed. The insurance papers from replacing our roof after the tornado. The pictures of the damage. A copy of our marriage certificate that I had provided for the insurance.

Coming across a file filled with the cards from flowers that my seemingly loving husband had sent me over the years, brought everything to a halt. I thumbed through them, remembering how happy each one had made me. Written on the back of each card, all signed "With all my love," was a detailed description of each arrangement. Obviously trying keep me distracted as he cheated his way through our 17 year relationship.  I laughed as I thought about how much better my life is, now that he is gone.

Now just scraps of someone else's life.

I loaded the car with what needed to go home. All my awards and trophies. I made quite a dent, though I am far from finished. What remains is manageable over the next few work days.

Moving forward once again.

After all, life without change is dead.

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