Saturday, January 21, 2017

Goodbye Mr S

I just came from the memorial service of the Doc's father, Mr S.  The Doc had been a groomsman in my wedding to D/H. From what limited contact I have had with him over the years. mostly from the Doc's birthday parties, I remember Mr S, as a good man, who loved his family and had a wonderful sense of humor.

I  came in early and found everyone sitting watching the slide show. I was greeted warmly and told I had been missed and how good I looked now. Someone also mentioned that the ex didn't deserve me.  I sat between PB and Officer T, which I later learned were the Doc's two closest friends. Not what I had been led to believe before.  We all chatted as the pictures in the slide show flipped by, laughing at the hairstyles and the clothing and how much everyone had changed.

The box with Mr S's ashes sat on a table down front, on top of the family tartan. His corporate headshot sat on a stand behind it. Mr S  was a very handsome man, and I could see a lot of him in Doc.

When the service began, the Doc's oldest sister read his obituary and shared a funny little story The second oldest sister, the one who was my age, went next. She did a brief reading and also shared a story. The Doc went last. He read a poem entitled “When Tomorrow Starts Without Me." As it was nearing it's climactic point, a picture of Mr. S during his hospital stay, shooting a bird at the camera flashed across the screen. The congregation burst out in laughter. Bewildered, Doc looked up from his paper. Everyone pointed toward the screen, and he exclaimed "Right on Dad" and finished his reading.

Mr S's childhood best friend made the trip from Missouri to be there. He shared some great memories. This started a steady stream of folks who added their memories to those before them. Mr S would have loved his service, filled with laugher and love.

In the end, we stood around outside catching up. Officer T was surprised to hear my brother had retired and was on his second LEO career. PB was up from the coast. I  was invited back to Mrs. S's house, where I am sure the party continues. But with stuff to do back a the house, I chose not to go.

When I go on to my Great Reward, that is what I want. I want funny stories and laughter.

Goodbye Mr S. I hope you enjoyed it.

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