Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Starting again: Another New Blog

I've been mulling it over and decided that I needed to start a blog with a more appropriate title. The title of my previous blog spot was "Good To Be Queen, " but that title has never felt right.

I also decided, since my new friend Darlene Debeen, (the fabulous Mrs. Galaxy 2008) ran a consulting business named "It's Good To Be Queen" that I would do away with that blogspot. (Not that one would ever confuse me & my world with Darlene's...LOL!)

Unfortunately I haven't had the time to post since September and I forgot my blasted password, so I had to go thru the process of obtaining a new one. Funny, I'm so freakin' OCD, I had the 20 or so emails from the last time I forgot it, but not one scrap of paper with the password! I tried all my old standby's but none of them worked. Finally, I hit on one that would work and well, here I am.

Creating a new blog seemed easy enough. Thanks to the handy-dandy prompts. It first asks for a title, then asks you to create your blogspot address, which is subject to availability. I wanted to use "Just Joy," which , as many of you know, has kinda been my "handle" from the day Mr. Al McLaughlin (Lord rest his soul) dubbed me that in ninth grade. But apparently, I'm not the only "just joy" out there. The one I can access has the cutest baby picture on it. It looks as if it hasn't been used since March. I thought about trying to contact her to see if she will relinquish it, but I'm sure that would prove to be a hassle.

Because of our hometown, being "Moody" has become somewhat of a joke. Imagine if you will standing in front of an auditorium full of people wearing a sash reading"Mrs. Moody." Friends and associates alike tease me about being a "Moody Mom" (mostly because I can be). Almost a double entendre! Just plain old "A Moody Mom" was not taken, but I didn't like that one...reminds me of that old movie "12 Angry Men"

So I combined the two and a title was born. ...Just Joy: Confessions of a Moody Mom!

So I'm going to spend my lunch hours for the next few days reposting (again) my blogs from Myspace and the aforementioned doomed "Queen" blog and then I will start new stuff.

Happy Reading Y'all!

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