Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Carboholics Annonymous

Hello, my name is Joy and I'm a Carboholic...

November and December are the hardest months of the year for me. Most people call it "the holiday season" but I call it the "carb-a-day season." Between the football playoff parties and the holiday food, my expanding waistline doesn't stand a chance.

While I enjoy all holiday food, cornbread dressing with cream-of-chicken soup gravy is by far my favorite (followed closely by creamed potatoes and brown gravy). My mother makes the most amazing cornbread dressing, a skill learned from my grandmother Clara. It is always moist and seasoned to perfection. I can't do it (though I've never given it much effort either) and my mother knows this. She always makes an extra pan so that I have one to carry home to enjoy later.

Unfortunately, now that I am diabetic, upsetting my delicate carb/protein balance results in an ailment my family and friends have jokingly begun referring to as a "carb coma." It's extra spoonful of potatoes knocks me out within 30 minutes of consumption. I am usually out for about 2 hours, afterwhich I awake with a blinding headache, an a hankering for more carbs. The fact that I get to eat each holiday meal at least 3 times means I am pretty much in a carb coma from late November to the first of the new year.

If Auburn continues to play like they have been, I may need an extra pan of dressing this year.

You would think that I would know better, and keep my protein in check, but I can't help myself. The carbs call to me and I must consume them. I know how alcoholics must feel, yearning for that next drink.

Is there such a thing as Carboholics Annonymous??

I gotta love my girl Angela! Leave it to her to have some extra fun in blogdom.
I've been tagged. I'm about a month late, but here it is. I, unfortunately, have the same I don't have anyone else to tag, but I will answer the questions just the same.

Here are the rules:
Post rules on your blog.
Answer the six "8" items.
Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving them a comment.

8 Favorite TV Shows:
Holy Crap...can I come up with 8? Okay, no particular order here
1)Law & Order (All of them)
2)The Biggest Loser ( I find myself cheering during the weigh ins)
3)America's Next Top Model (I don't know why...but somehow I'm hooked)
4)Wife Swap (corny yeah I know, but it is nice to see how weird other folks are)
5) Desperate Housewives
6) Stylista (follows ANTM...that's how I got hooked on it)
7) Grey's Anatomy
8) ER

8 Things I did yesterday:
1) showered
2) worked
3) went on an errand with Vicky
4) worked some more
5) drove to the Dollar Tree
6) ate
7) watched Law & Order SVU
8) went to sleep
(boring life huh?)

8 Things I look forward to:

1) Dressing at our Thanksgiving meal at the in-laws
2) Dressing at our Thanksgiving meal at my Mother's
3) Dressing from our Thanksgiving left-overs
4) The Iron Bowl (anyone interested in hosting a party?)
5) Dressing at our Christmas meal at the in-laws
6) Dressing at our Christmas meal at Mothers
7) Dressing balls wrapped in bacon at my Dad's
8) Dressing from our Christmas left-overs
(yes...I love it that much)

8 Favorite Restaurants:
(technically, anywhere I don't have to cook qualifies as a favorite, but here are 8 that I frequent)
1) Olive Garden
2) El Cazador Mexican in Leeds
3) Arby's
4) Waffle House
5) Krystal's
6) Cracker Barrel
7) Chili's
8) Does Dominoes count?

8 Things on my wish list:
1) Dressing
2) for my family to be healthy, & happy
3) for my husband's car to be repaired
4) Dressing
5) For Auburn to win #7
6) for my blog to be picked up for weekly publication (hey..I can dream, right?)
7) for an annonymous benefactor to pay off my car and my house
8) Dressing

8 people I'm tagging:
( I one to tag...)

I'm really looking forward to the holidays..

Let the madness begin!

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