Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Movie Night: "He's Just Not That Into You"

A group of us from work had a girl's nite and went to see the new movie "He's Just Not That Into You" last night. Very interesting movie. I was surprised that it was rated PG-13, given the subject matter, it could have been much more.

I had a hard time paying attention to the movie, because I kept getting distracted by my own thoughts. I could "see" people that I know in each of the characters (myself included) and I'd think "oh, that reminds me of so-and-so," or "hey, that happened to such-and-such" or the most telling, "well. I'VE been THERE!"

Writers/Stand-up comedians Liz Tuccillo and Greg Behrendt (who makes a small cameo) hit the nail on the head with this one.

According to my husband, I am not the best person to go to the movies with, because I'm a talker. You know, the person who talks throughout the movie about "oh, I like that sweater" or "isn't that the guy that was in that show with the girl that did that thing..." or " NO STUPID, DON'T OPEN THAT DOOR!" I also like to figure out plots and subplots and invent my own dialouge. ( never seemed like much to me, but here, written out, I can see where it might be annoying.) Because of this, when I go to the movies, I try to sit next to the other "talkers" and let the 'non-talkers" sit on the ends.

When I'm with other "talkers" it's okay, because we talk to each other. My mother and I, for example, do quite well together. We sit together and share information throughout the movie, and still enjoy ourselves. My brother is another. Guess that was just the way we grew up, going to movies with Mother.

My husband, however, hates to take me to/watch a movie with me, simply because, he wants to watch the movie in silence. It's very annoying to have something to say, but no one with which to share it.

While discussing the movie, one of my co-workers told me about a theater in Huntsville, the Monaco, that offers an upscale viewing experience for those over 21. Apparently for a few dollars more, you can sit in a large, reclining seat, eat, drink, and socialize, all while enjoying the movie. It sounds like it might be worth the drive to Huntsville.

Here's the blurb from their website:

ELEVATE YOUR EXPERIENCE AT PRIVE' A private glass elevator awaits the Prive' guest, taking them to the exclusive 21 and over Prive' level of Monaco. Prive' guests will enjoy an elevated lounge featuring a Wine Tasting Bar, appetizer dining, and upscale concessions. Enjoy a glass of wine while watching the show along with reserved seating in our custom-designed high back leather recliners. Prive' VIP delivers the ultimate luxurious experience.

Of course, I could also wait for the movie to come out on video and do the same thing at home.
The floor won't be sticky and there's no line for the bathroom.

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