Monday, April 27, 2009

It's here! It's here!

It is finally here! The May edition of All You magazine (available exclusively at Walmart) that features my recipe!

I was so excited when I got it that I wanted to show someone. Usually our Walmart is crawling with folks I know, and the worse I look the more of them there seems to be. I practically had a class reunion over on the cold & flu aisle last winter when I arrived at Wallyworld in my pj's at 1:00am to purchase the coughing-sneezing-stuffy-head medicine.

Would you believe, at this time I did not know a soul ?! So I shared my happy news with my cashier who seemed somewhat impressed.

At any rate, you can see me at the bottom of page 26. They "flipped" my picture (meaning the right-facing photo was reveresed so it appears I am facing left instead) and it looks funny. ...well I think it looks funny.

Kat was kinda undone because she is the one who loves to cook this recipe and they of course called it "Joy's pasta bake." My little chef has gone on strike.

I thought I'd try some of the other reader-submitted recipes and I can recommend the "Taco Soup" on page 25 but it makes a lot. I swapped from my largest sauce pan to my stock pot before I was done. I was looking at the "Pizzadillas" too...they look fun and easy.

Bon Apetite' ! or as I like to say


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Ang said...

CONGRATULATIONS Woman!! I'll look for it at Wal-mart when I head that way.