Thursday, December 17, 2009

* Merry Christmas! *

As we enter this Christmas season, I have to reflect on Christmases past. The photo below our Christmas card photo for 2006 after Auburn beat Alabama for the fifth time in a row. "Fear the thumb" was the war cry that year, so we gave everyone a thumbs up after the win. Little Kat flashes a five just to drive home the point. This photo was actually very easy to take. Everyone was excited about it and discussed what to wear and what to do for a full week before we actually took it. My family never misses the opportunity to take a dig our Bama Fan friends and family. We took a good forty or fifty photos and had so many good ones to pic from, it was hard to settle on just one.
The photo at the top is our Christmas card photo for this year. Much has changed in the three years between photos...Auburn didn't beat Alabama, though we did give it the "ole college try." Julz has started college and moved out on her own; Tigger, now as tall as his dad, will soon be driving; Kat, standing barefoot in this picture, seems to have shot up overnight, now towering over her older sister, who is wearing heels so you can't tell she's the shortest. Trying to get everyone together takes an act of Congress, my attempts to get everyone to match (or at least blend) are met with great resistance, and getting everyone to stand up straight and smile (correctly) are near to impossible. Out of twenty pictures, this was the best we could muster.
When you see your children every day, the incremental changes don't seem so drastic. But side by side, you really see and begin to appreciate how much they are growing up.
Merry Christmas Y'all.

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