Monday, August 13, 2012

I Think I'm a Victim of Alien Abduction

I think that I am a victim of alien abduction.

The most common thread wound through all alien abduction stories is not being able to recall large blocks of time. "Missing Time" is what they call it.  Google that. It explains this phenomenon much better than I can.

In my case, I'm missing the time between Saturday, July 21st, when my husband's class reunion took place, until today, August 13th.  I understand that there are pictures of me, doing all sorts of wild, party-type things, but I do not remember them. There are, of course the photos from the reunion. Then there are photos from the Motley Crue/ KISS concert that I vaguely rememeber. That is followed by a father/son swimming party at D/H's best friend The Doctor's house and lastly a party and a trip this weekend.  I can say with great confidence that I am not drinking, because I do not like how a hangover feels. But you would never guess that from the pictures.

I'm fairly certain, because I DO have chronic obstructive sleep apnea, that I have memory loss due to sleep deprivation.

That would also explain the slightly stoned look on my face in some of these pictures (sleepy does not photograph well)

I have threatened Darling Hubby's life, for I MUST get some rest this weekend.

Don't care what is going on....

Not even a party in my honor.

Well, maybe


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