Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday....Injured Edition

I think that I broke my toe again. The same toe that I broke two Easter's ago and I had to wear a pants suit to church at the very last minute. I can't really explain how I broke it, but let's just say: 1) it was in the middle of the night 2) it was dark 3) something was in the hall where it shouldn't have been 4) I may one night be murdered in my own home and none of the people asleep there will ever know because they all sleep like the dead From the looks of it later that morning, I can pretty much tell that it's broken.
I decided I would save myself a few hundred dollars and just tape it back to the toe next to it, pretty much like the doctor did. Day Two wasn't much better
Now here I am on Day Three. My socks clinging to all the tape residue on my foot, afraid to look and see what I may find under there.
I keep kicking things and running it into things and somehow bending it back under my foot. There are very few shoes I can wear with all this tape mess on my foot too. Currently I'm wearing a new pair of black clogs I got at Cato for $19.99, but they are a little big, even with socks, so sometimes I stop a little short and it jabs my toes into the front of the shoe. Pleasant sensation, really... Until next time....En-JOY

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mary said...

Oh gush I hope you feel better now. But I so like the color of your nail polish ^_^ Thanks for the visit.