Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Confession Time: Slacker Mom

I love to read different people's blogs. Recently I came across this one called The Slacker Mom.

My name is Joy and I too, am a Slacker Mom.

Right now the victim of my slackerdom is son, Tigger. 

Tigger is a Senior and is graduating 42 days from this moment.  I currently do not know where his announcements are, his cap and gown, when his prom is or what what happened to the cap and gown pictures he took in February.

This morning, while getting breakfast and putting my lunch together the word "YEARBOOK" caught my eye. In that instant, a thought went through me like a knife:  I forgot to buy Tigger's Senior Yearbook.

I was panicked and understandably so....I had paid $250 for a Senior yearbook ad!

After quizzing Tigger, (have you ever tried to speak to a teenaged boy before his breakfast?) and coming up with no solid answer, I decided I would call the school when I got to work.

I tried to not completely freak out of the lady that answered the phone. I can only imagine what she may have been thinking as I explained that Tigger was a Senior and some how between his ADD and my OCD I had managed to miss the memo on buying a yearbook, nervously laughing the whole time. I am not certain if that helped or hurt. She understood my dilema but still told me that I would have to email the teacher in charge of yearbooks to check for certain.  Then she said the words I feared most..."I THINK THEY WERE PRE-ORDERED."

OH >> MY>>WORD!!

I wrote my email, rewrote it, tried to tone down some of the crazy-how-could-I-be-such-a-slacker-to-forget-my-son's-Senior-yearbook, rewrote it again, and then with a short prayer, sent it off.

It came back as "undeliverable" within five minutes.

...and I nearly had a nervous breakdown...

but I realized that I had sent it "(dot) com" instead of "(dot)org".  I copied my original message, pasted it into an email with the corrected "(dot)org" address.

Two, very tense days later I got my answer.

No, we did not PRE_ORDER our yearbook, but she had ordered PLENTY and to send the money on to school.


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