Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday: Easter Edition

I'm a little early with my WIWW post.  Thought I'd get the jump on the other WIWW posters by posting a day ahead.  This weeks post is my Easter suit, but most importantly, my Easter bonnet.

This is my Easter Bonnet
Suit: Burlington Coat Factory $39.99
Hat: Burington Coat Factory $15.99
Tank: Ashley Stewart $9.99
Shoes (not pictured): Cato $15.99
Flower Pin : Cato Clearance $3.99
I've always enjoyed wearing a hat at Easter. Except for the 80's when my hair was too big.
I credit my grandmother Clara for my love of hats. My earliest memories of Easter involve a floppy, white lace hat. Somewhere, there is a picture of me, standing next to Clara in her front yard, in front of her azalea bushes, wearing our Easter finest....hats, hose and gloves.
She loved a good "dress up" occasion and would dress to the hilt. She enjoyed dressing up for the little mundane things too.  I often think of her as I dash the mall with whatever I have on. How she would just die because I had gone in whatever I might have on, rather than dressing for the occasion.
I think she would have enjoyed my outfit.

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