Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

I really love this outfit. But especially THE SHOES!

The navy pants were the bottom of my Easter suit that I purchased at the Burlington Coat Factory. Suggested retail was nearly triple digits, but I only paid $39.99.  I don't usually buy an outfit unless I am certain that I can break it up and wear the componets with other pieces in my wardrobe. I knew that I could wear the navy slacks again.

If you remember, the neckline of the jacket was a bit low, so I went in search of a white shell to wear underneath it. That is when I found this great navy and white stripped sweater at Cato, on the clearance rack for just $9.99.  That instantly made one outfit into two.

I was a little stressed because there are NEVER any navy shoes (or at least in my size) but I can always count on Cato to carry cute, trendy shoes, in a wide variety of sizes and was doubly surprised to find this great pair of navy and white dressy heels! The heel heighth was a bit intimidating but the platform made them comfortable.  At just $15.99 all I needed were a pair of Dr Scholls Ball-of-Foot cushions (which I wear in all of my shoes) and I was in business!


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