Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Great Mysteries

Today I am writing about a great mystery that occured over the weekend. 

I think that I've broken my nose.

It is swollen and there is a slight bruise across the bridge. I can't for the life of me think of how it happened.

It happened sometime Saturday. I woke up from a nap on the couch and it was sore. I feel  if I had gotten clocked in my sleep, that would have awakened me.  All I know is that today, my nose is sore, swollen and a little blue.

Monday, I sneezed my head off, pretty much most of the day. I had to use great care to wipe my nose, for fear that I would injure it more.

Yesterday was probably the worst. I complained about it all day. I took my glasses off to lessen the pain. Kit-Kat pegged me as soon as I walked in the door.
"Omigosh Mom....what happened to your face?!"

Usually, something like that would put me on the defensive, but I was just glad that someone else, besides me, could see it.

It's hurting again, primarily because I have to wear my glasses to see.

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