Friday, November 15, 2013

Weekly What I Wore

 So for today's Weekly What I Wore, I'm featuring my Friday Fan Day outfits. I really should have been posting these all along, but there are Friday's  when I'm busy.  I wear something Auburn-related every Friday. So far, I haven't worn the same outfit twice. Not bad for a girl who was a HUGE Auburn fan her whole life but had very few Auburn clothes, save a few tee shirts.

So this is the outfit I put together for today (sorry the pic is so blurry) :

Orange tee: Cato season clearance... $3.99
White jeans: Chico's brand from thrift store (still had Chico's price tag attached) ...$2
Blue jean jacket: Walmart season clearance...$7
Brown leather Earth Spirit clogs: Walmart season clearance....$10

The par that ties it all together is this "AUsome" wooden bead tiger necklace I scored at the Souther Women's Show in Birmingham back in October. This is the first time I've (thought about it) worn it since I bought it and it matches perfectly!

Have a great weekend and War Eagle!!
~En JOY!

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