Saturday, January 31, 2015

One Step Closer

The past few weeks have been pretty average, with the possible exception of the large tire tracks through my front yard.

I discovered them a couple of weekends back. My mother had  called to tell me that it was sleeting in nearby TrussVegas. I opened the front door to see if it was sleeting here at home and there they were. I know they could not have been there the day before.  They could not have been more clear had they been outlined in red.  Disturbingly, they went around my house and stopped next to my patio.
Even more disturbingly, they also ran smack over my septic tank. The easy-access lid, slightly off kilter.

Nothing was missing, except my push mower.

After filing a police report. I set about making plans for a new fence.  I priced fencing at a few places and called The Chief to ask if he thought we could tackle that sort of project.

Ever the researcher, it was not long before he had weighed the pros and cons  and all of the ups and downs of doing it ourselves and having the pro's do it. By sundown, I was on the schedule to get a new, professionally installed fence.

Now initially I just wanted this side to close the gap caused by the tornado a few years back. Actually, the trees also damaged the drive through  gate on the other side as well. The top bar was damaged and it no longer closed properly.

 We never had enough money to both fix the rood and replace the fence. As a matter of fact, we didn't have enough to adequately replace the roof. I am stuck with half a Raggedy Ann patch work roof job. Finally I am in a position to close the gap and stop thieving interlopers from driving their cars around my house.

 I wanted to move it back to the back side of the house so that all the utilities were accessible without going through the fence.

The stick, marks my septic tank, just in case any one else tries to run over my septic tank.

Not only did I finally get the gap closed up, the parentals surprised me with a brand new gate!

A chain and lock makes it all complete.
They are small steps and may not mean much to some, but for me, they are important steps.
And each step brings me closer

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