Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week Of Love...Well That Is What Rick and Bubba Are Calling It

So this is the "week of love." Or at least that is what Rick and Bubba call the week in which Valentine's Day falls.  That is THIS SATURDAY for all you procrastinators.

Usually this week is spent on rating the top love songs of all times, gleaning ideas for creative Valentine's Day gifts for their wives, and playing match-maker, usually between the college-aged interns.

And, on occasion, they will discuss ways that listeners can enrich their own marital lives.

Today, this article on Facebook caught my eye.  It is a list of 10 Ugly Things AWFUL HUSBANDS Do To Their Wives.

 It is no secret, I had an AWFUL HUSBAND and it comes as no surprise that he was guilty of EVERY SINGLE ITEM  on this list.  And given my discussion with Ex Wife Number One, he was guilty of all of them in their marriage too.  Sadly, this is an established habit that will continue to repeat itself.  Though not exactly a Proverbs 31 wife, I had come closer than EWNO, and for nearly three times as long. But I was probably most hurt. I was working to build a life with someone who didn't appreciate anything that I did.

 I could not overcome his issues that were surely formed at a very young age. Just like Tigger and Kit-Kat, D/H's biological mother walked out on him when he was five.  She then went on to a string of short-term marriages (6 now at last count), some of which were abusive. Rather than learning that one must work on thier relationships, she chose the less fulfilling hedonistic part of relationships, and walked when it no longer "felt good." On to the next one.

 John Croyle, a well respected child advocate there in my state, says that a child learns where they stand with a parent by the time they are six.  So despite being raised most of his life with a loving, Christian step-mother, the damage was already done and it manifested itself if the way he treated the women in his life. They were good for the "honeymoon" stage, where it is all sunshine and rainbows.  but when it came time to work, he was ready to move on. Until he learns that ALL relationships eventually require work, namely compromise and sacrifice, he will wind up just like her, bouncing from relationship to relationship.

So, in the interest of nuturing relatonships, please remember, it is not always going to be sunshine and roses. There will be times when you must carry one another. Sometimes you must both crawl. But the point is to get where you are going together.

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