Monday, April 6, 2015

Changing Your Perspective

Life is much more positive these days.  Most likely because I am reminding myself of something I had forgotten over the years.
In the early years I didn't have to remind myself of this fact. But slowly, as I became more and more involved in others lives, I somewhere lost my own.  It was almost as if I lost my identity. Then there was the constant barrage of negative energy;
One can only bear so much negativity before they crack. 
 The passive-aggressiveness, the "well let me tell you how bad MY day was because it is so much worse than yours," the feelings of being unappreciated regardless of the sacrifices, the snide comments, belittling, or picking on ones insecurities, the constant stress of having to be the responsible one, the mystery illnesses and freak accidents, never owning up to anything, making excuses for everything, the constant disappointment of broken promises,  the lies and deceit.  
But not anymore
I choose to be amazing.

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