Thursday, April 2, 2015

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates.....

unless you retire....then it is a box of chocolates from Fleming's.

Happy Retirement Little Brother

After 20 years and 4 months (thank you motorcycle accident) my brother has retired from the police force. We celebrated with dinner at Flemings.
We had a great time, despite the fact Brother would not let me take his photo
I did get a nice one of Mother and the Chief talking

And this one of Julz studying at the table.  By the time the night was over nearly every server came by our table to see the pretty young college student.
Friday the TAC unit hosted a lovely retirement party.  There were several great speakers

They presented him with his retirement badge, a commemorative coin and a plaque. They called the Chief, a former TAC officer, to present it. 
Mother also got to speak. And I did too, though he would not let me tell any stories.

Then we had barbeque and this delightful cake (that I didn't get to have any of)

After a glorious two day retirement, he was in his new uniform.

Protecting and serving once again.

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