Tuesday, October 20, 2015


"But to you who are listening, I say: LOVE your enemies, DO GOOD to those who hate you, BLESS those who curse you, and PRAY for those who mistreat you."
                                                   Luke 6:27-28

This week's message was probably the most powerful and eye opening message I've heard so far. It unlocked something that my life has been lacking for a long time


I need to stop holding on to the bitterness and resentment.  I need to forgive D/H and the ho for what they did to me. In the end God WILL punish them (and He may be already) but that is not my concern. But that also does not mean I should not be praying for them to seek His Truth before it's too late.

I am to RELEASE those who have offended me. Not to wait for the apology to forgive. It is the only way to move forward, and trust someone again.  Dare I let myself love again. When things in my life (finances, career, relational, spiritual, overall health) got better IMMEDIATELY after he left, I missed the sign. Never again.

With that said....D/H... I release you.

 The hurt you caused me.
The pain, bitterness, and resentment I have harbored in my heart.
Making you better in my mind than you really were.
Thinking I could not go on with out you.

Because you are the one who has to live with what you did. Not me.
You are the one who has to live with someone willing to cheat on someone.  Who thinks so little of the sanctity of a holy union, that they will never trust you or be trustworthy themselves. Not me.
You are the one who everyone said would not amount to much, and in the end you are proving them right. Not me.

I forgive you
And now I can forget you

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