Friday, July 8, 2016

What Has This World Come To??

This morning I am torn. I want to post something positive, but the events of last night in Dallas are weighing heavily on my heart.

As you know, my younger brother is a police officer. My "baby" brother that I promised our mother 45 years ago that  I would protect, now protects me and you.

After serving 20 years in one of the most deadly cities in the South (second only to Atlanta!), he was retired for >>only one day<< before he started his new job in the suburb next door, THAT is how much he loves what he does!

The thought that some lunatic may ambush him simply because he has sworn with his life to protect others terrifies me!

Last night he reaffirmed his desire to continue to Protect and Serve despite current circumstances. He believes that ALL LIVES MATTER! Even those who do not appreciate or deserve his protection.

THAT is why we have law enforcement. Because ordinary people are willing to put on the uniform and willingly step into the gap between good and evil. He could have just as easily been a race car driver, but he chose this instead. Would you have the guts to do it?

My brother protects you along, with many others brothers, sisters, husbands wives, moms and dads, red ,yellow, white and yes, black too, who all love what they do.

Now think about that as your post your opinions today.

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