Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another Month Slips By

Wow....where are my manners?!  I've nearly let another month slip by without posting!

I'm not sure if it's a matter of not having any time to blog or not having anything to say.

My brother is still under the care of my mother (bless their hearts = on both counts) and eagerly awaiting the day when he will be quasi-self-sufficient.  In the weeks that followed his release from the hospital, he has returned for surgery twice: once for an aneurysm in his hand (that could have killed him as quickly as if in his brain!) and to clear the scar tissue that began blocking his airway. It was at 75% when they decided to check it.

The Girls (aka his cats) seem to be adjusting to life at the vet's office. I go by at least once a week to love on them. Casey has gained nearly a pound, so the time seems to be beneficial to her. Probably because she's not fighting Shelby for her food.  Shelby(as in "big as a Shelby Mustang"), on the other hand, does not appear to have lost an ounce. The vet seems astonished by her voracious appetite.  I go by and let them love all over me and let them know it won't be much longer.  The Parents have taken Brother over a few times to see them also. He said that seem indifferent to his presence. Secretly I know they are thrilled to have him there.

I've been very busy at work, working all hours to cover for vacationing CSR's. Despite having one CSR resign, we elected to honor all vacations that had been scheduled prior to her departure. But when one has only so many pegs to fill all the holes, sometimes one must fill them up herself.

I'm frustrated by the sudden slate of expensive "problems" that have cropped up in the past few weeks.

Kit-Kat's accident, followed by some yahoo throwing a rock through her window
Darling Hubby going out to move the truck, only to discover that window busted as well
The dryer is dying
Darling Hubby's alternator going out.

And nothing has happened on the week that Darling Hubby gets paid. Oh yes, I understand that is not something he can control, but it is irratatingly coincidental.

On a happy note, D/H remembered our anniversary with this lovely bouquet! He really knows how to make me feel special when he wants to.

Kit-Kat has NAM coming up this weekend. If I can just get through that wallet-buster, we may be okay.

(to be continued)

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