Thursday, June 28, 2012

Magic Mike: A Few Thoughts Before The Movie

Matthew McConaughey is, hands down, my favorite actor. And it's not just from his rugged good looks. (Though they don't hurt the situation)

I can honestly say that everything that he has been in, I've enjoyed watching. Comedy, Romance, Drama, Horror (yes....horror....remember  Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation?)

He hedged out John Cusack, who recently held the title as my Favorite Actor, largely because of his role as the antihero in many of the movies I grew up with.
 Those characters are the ones I would have like in school.  Cute, but  not in the way he would have known it. A little flawed, a little screwy, but loving and totally devoted. And funny. I've always loved a healthy sense of humor.

...........sorry........where was I???

Oh yeah, The "Magic Mike" opening.

Being billed as an OFFICIAL Girls Night Out event!  I have to admit, I'm understandably excited.
I went on line today and bought my ticket. I have at least one girlfriend to watch the show with me (go Steph!)

 I am a little nervous, because I have a tendency to be embarrased whenever there is a scene with scantily clad/less than scantily clad actor(s) on the screen. I guess that was my good,Christian, Southern girl upbringing.  But somehow I will muddle through.

I hope that there is a good storyline. Nothing is worse than a bad story line in a movie, and even a bullpen of buff bods can't save it.

I do know something about the business of "male entertainment" from a friend who was a Chippendale-style dancer in the late 80's. Most of the dancers are gay. The rest are married.
At the time he was neither, which must have been great for him.  Of course, you still have to be careful or you will wind up with something Ajax won't wash off.

So far, all the trailers are showing the dancing, so the plot remains to be seen. I'm hoping that there is more to it than what is shown. Don't you hate going to the movies only to find that all the good stuff was in the trailer and you have another 87 boring minutes to sit through.

But then again, they are mostly naked...

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