Saturday, June 30, 2012

Magic Mike: The Aftermath

I think that I can sum up "Magic Mike" in three words:


I was truly speechless.

My day pretty much played out like this:

After several days of chatting back and forth with some girlfriends, we decided to meet at Pablo's at Lee Branch.

Of course, somewhere I got in my head we were meeting at Patton Creek, so I bought my first ticket online for there. Then I couldn't figure out how to change my location (because I later read that refunds were to be made in person) so I had to purchase another ticket for Lee Branch. Then after the longest day at the office to date, I  haul-boogedy over to Patton Creek to get my in-person refund.

After fighting 289 traffic,  I made it to Pablo's about 6:15. More than enough time for the 7:45 show.  I decided to go ahead and get my ticket before heading over to the restaurant, because there wasn't much of a line. I knew that would not be the case closer to show time, When I reached the window, I noticed that the 7:45 show was SOLD OUT. I've only  been to a sold out show twice before in my entire life. The opening night of "ET" and the opening night of "Lord of the Rings."

 I purchased my ticket and walked across to the restaurant,  The 102 degree heat had everyone inside and the joint was packed with ladies in groups of  6 to 10. It was not easy to find my friends. I've only seen them in the past few years exclusively on FB and , well, my eyesight isn't quite what it used to be, Lucky for me, their voices haven't changed and I soon identified my group.

Our harried waitress took our drink order, but we had difficulty ordering. She brought us a bean dip, that no one seemed to order. but I decided to take. It looked like no one was really being served, and it was a good thing I did take it, because we  never saw hier again.  Roughly 20 minutes after 7:00  we sought her out and paid our bills. She seemed really flustered, I don't usually tip bad service, but because of the extenuating circumstances, that I figured she couldn't help, I left her a $5 tip on my $9 bill.

When we made it back across the parking lot to the theater, the line waiting for tickets was backed up into the street. I was so glad that I had gone to pick up my tickets first! I could not imagine waiting in that heat!
When we made it to our seats, the last row with enough seats together was three rows from the top, dead center.

Before long the theater filled up and soon there wasn't a seat left open in the place. The room was electric with the excitement of 469 (yes, you read that right) ladies, all ready to have a great time. The dull roar of chatting women and as the lights dimmed, the roar grew.

As the opening scene is the "lawbreakers" scene from the trailer. It was good that I've seen it before, because I did not hear one bit of it, as the cheers of 469 women drowned out every other sound.

The next 110 minutes can only be described as "oh my goodness." It showed the nights and days in stark contrast. And there was a pretty decent storyline., There were more than a few places where I couldn't look directly at the screen, rather peeping through splayed fingers. The shouts of the women around me wer both liberating and exhilarating.

One of the final scenes, Matthew McConaughey danced, and to me, that was well worth the price of admission.

All and all, I was entertained, and that was the point. Though I may have to go see it again to hear the dialogue. =)


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