Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm Just Wild About Harry.....

I don't think that I have ever written of my extreme adoration for Prince Henry Charles Albert David of England. That's Prince Harry for the rest of you.

From the start, I knew that Prince William ( i.e. William Authur Philip Louis) would be the King of England, but Prince Harry would be the King of Hearts.

Prince William was certainly cute growing up, but I've always had a soft spot for that frisky little red-head. From the top of his carrot-topped head to the flush of his freckled cheeks, he has an air of "devil may care, wearing an expression of mischeiviousness, like a big secret lurking just under the surface. I guess it's easy  to be cavelier when you are known as "The Spare." No one takes you too seriously.  What can I say... I've always liked bad boys.

 He also shares his birthday with my dad, which is a cool little factoid.

Many think my obsession er..ah...addoration, odd at best, given he is young enough to be my son.

Is it wrong to say I think that he's hot? Not so much now that he's officially an adult I suppose.

I was excited to learn that he was shipping to the Middle East about the same time as my brother-in-law. How cool would it be if they met?  Highly unlikely, but cool just the same.

Now, I read that the Taliban has posted a viable threat against my precious Prince Harry.

I admire him for stepping up and allowing himself to be put on the front. Personally, I think I'd be a little more selfish. I'd be "I'm freakin' ROYALTY here folks. Let some other poor schlub hunker down on the front. I'm too valuable."

But he is a man of honor....even if he was photographed running "randy" around Las Vegas.

A "spokesperson" for the Taliban has telephoned in the threat from an "undisclosed location."
How does one become the "spokesperson" without putting himself in line for serious harm?  I mean, we know who this guy is!

Better yet, what the hell are we waiting for?!

Now, please don't take this the wrong way. But if we can get the Google Earth satellite to zone in on our pool parties whenever we please, we can't tell where a telephone call, placed on the Afgani two-cans-and-a-string telephone system is coming from? Come On!

The media reporting all the "tricks" that they use to keep the prince safe, are also not helping.

"Captain Wales"?  Really?  How many of those do you think there are?

Prince Harry, I will tell you like I told my BIL....KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN!

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Oh - I have a Prince Harry crush too!

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