Thursday, September 13, 2012

What I Wore.....Well, Thursday

Okay, who says I can't have two fashion posts back to back? It's my blog, right?
Again, another dreaded bathroom pic but I just wanted to capture this great outfit I threw together on the spur of the moment this morning.
Pink Tie-Front Shrug Sweater = Cato Clearance Rack....I never buy anything at Cato full price, unless I'm desperate. I forget what I paid for it but it would be less thank $10
Pink/Orange Multi Colored Skirt = This one I've literally fro 10 years. I got it at Goody's in Cullman when I was there for a pageant and got caught short one outfit. I bought the pink pull-over sweater that was on the manequin with it (a good idea at the time) but it never really looked like it matched.  Because it was so long ago, I really don't know what I paid for it either, but given my frugality, it had to be $20 or less.
Cheap White Tank = Walmart $3.88
Clear/Silver kitten heels = Quite literally my favorite pair of goes-with-everything shoes. If I had known 15 years ago how much I would love them, I'd have bought both pairs they had in my size. (I revisit that poor decision often)  For acrylic princess shoes, they have been quite sturdy and I will miss them when they are gone, which is why I am piecing them back together now. I just super-glued the heel cap back on and hour before this picture. Hopefully a good shoe shop will help me keep them a little longer, but I'm too chicken to find out.
Pink and Orange Multi-Strand Necklace = Probably my favorite part of this whole outfit. It is actually two necklaces worn together. I have been looking for a statement necklace to wear with the original skirt outfit but never hit on anything that I felt fit the outfit.  Until I found these two necklaces (Cato Clearance, of course) at the end of the season.  They were both marked down considerably, so I figured, what the heck?!  I connected the lobster clasp of each necklace to the chain of the other necklace (that's a lobster claw claps on both sides) and connected the whole thing with a safety pin behind my neck. Nice huh?

I feel really pulled together and trendy, despite the newest piece being the cheap white tank.
I'm also appropriately dressed for the baby shower we are thowing today in my department (it's a girl, can you tell?)

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Daisy Nguyen said...

LOVe the color pallet, and the necklace is quite GORG!

-Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog: