Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weekly What I Wore

Yesterday I went to see my cardiologist.

Yes, I have a cardiologist, because I am "of sufficient age" to have one.

I learned some disturbing things about my blood pressure (it's WAY too high) and some even more disturbing things that could possibly wrong with my kidneys.

I have the double whammy: I am also diabetic.

Did you know that your KIDNEYS control your blood pressure? I was as shocked as you were when I first learned that little jewel.  One would think that would be more of the heart's job.

If the meds don't control my blood pressure, he wants to scan my kidneys for some really long, weird sounding, medica condition where the arteries and veins to my kidneys developed a scar-tissue like formation that narrrowed them down. He said that would be "an easy fix" but he used the "S" word (surgery) to correct that if it should come to that.

Then they took several vials of blood, that I had to talk through. It was not "a good stick" and bled a lot when she was done. So I got this great little bandage.

Then last night, I picked up my prescriptions at the pharmacy. I guess I didn't understand when he was explaining the meds because I thought he said that I would take one 3 times a day and then changed it for one I would take twice a day.  But I walked out with a prescription of each. Yep, that is right, I'm taking FIVE PILLS every day. And one is a huge, horse pill. I hope I don't choke on it because I know that I will have a heart attack. 

I took this photo this morning, not long after I took my new medicine. I'm kinda glad I did because right nowI am so groggy and dizzy,  I'm not sure that I could stand up straight and aim the phone in the right direction.  But my blood pressure seems pretty good.

This is my thrift-store skirt. I got it on the shopping trip that turned out to be "Half Price Day" at the new thrift store I visited.  It only cost me 75 cents!  It is Cato brand, but even with the great clearance that Cato has, could not get it that cheap. I paired it with a white sleeveless shell from Ashley Stewart and the pink shrug ( another Cato clearance find) and finished the outfit off with my Volitile sandals and Premier jewelry (thanks boss!)
So, now that I've gotten this out of the way, I'm going to lay down for a few.
I swear, I felt better when my blood pressure was trying to kill me.
~En JOY!

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