Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weekly What I Wore

I'm getting pretty good at pulling together my Weekly What I Wore (formerly known as What I Wore Wednesday) and having one ready to go each week. I'm so far ahead that I posted last weeks outfit twice.  Oopsie!

Today's outfit harken's back to my "classic" seperates phase.

The black/ silver / white striped buttonw down from New York and Co is a favorite that I mentioned here,

The black platform sling-back pumps from Nine West are the second "most expensive shoes" I've ever owned.  I discuss the other pair here.

The Jones New York black crepe skirt is a new piece, well, new in that it still had the tags on it, but the reciept in the bag read "December" so you can make your own assumptions. I had forgotten that I had bought it. It's a basic. I once read that you must buy the best basics that you can afford so that they go the distance and never look dated. I'm sure that is why I purchased this skirt.

We have a great little outlet mall near my hometown that we call The Shops of Grand River. There are many great shops there such as Jones New York, Nine West, Coach, Ann Taylor Loft, Banana Republic, and Kasper, just to name a few. I've never been better dressed in my whole adult life!They have FABULOUS sales, and the reciept proves that I did not pay full price. I only pay full price when I'm desperate for an outfit. 


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