Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I know that I am good for at least 17 years....

...and then they move on to the next meal ticket.

I had occasion to run into a former relative of mine (read: a relative of D/H) a few days ago, who told me that the whole family thought I would make D/H "respectable and responsible", but he again, had disappointed everyone. All had agreed he had married up. This person went onto say that  I "was (D/H's) only redeeming quality", and now he is "with trash of his own kind"  and how that spoke to his classlessness, not mine.

It's sad when ones own flesh and blood view you as a low life.

 A friend tagged me in this article today. They prefaced it with "Sounds like someone you used to know"  Even my friends recognized it.

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