Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's An Esteem Thing

Right now I an loving this song.

All About That Bass (single)  - Meghan Trainor - Epic 2014

(ya gotta love the guy in the pink shirt!)

This little ditty is the brain-child of 20 year old rising star (or future one hit wonder...who knows) Meghan Trainor. It's catchy beat, doo-wop undertone and Meghan's baby doll voice has made this song a hit. Throw in the "love your body" message and this one keeps everyone humming.

How much healthier would my self-esteem be today if ths song was around when I was growing up?

Even when I was thin, there was someone pointing out things I shouldn't love about myself. When I became a big girl, I just wanted to hide and become one of those people that you read about when they are cutting the wall out of their house to remove their dead bodies with a forklift.  Now Miss Meghan is far from what I would call "fat." As a matter of fact, the only person in the whole video who would possibly benefit from that description might just be the fella in the pink shirt, and he is getting his groove on like nobody's business.

It took me nearly my whole life to decide to be happy with myself and it took just that action.
Deciding to be happy.

Now don't think that I am going to let myself go or anything. I am having to watch what I eat for my ticker, and to keep my diabetes in check because Lord help me, I will NOT be put on dialasys when I am old.  I am just more forgiving of myself.  The added dilligence has rewarded me with a much smaller pants size and a surprisingly younger-looking, healthier appearance.  Many have commented about how much better I look now than I did ten years ago. And trust me, I am getting no complaints.

Of course, there is a "bass" worthy girl trapped inside, screaming for cake, cookies and bread. She and I dance on a daily basis. She wants to fudge and eat bbq and white cheddar cheese dip every day. I take her Whole Foods and shut her up with steamed kale and grilled portabello mushrooms.

The struggle is real.

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